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The Weirdest Day....Category: skool
Wednesday, 15 October 2008
06:07:52 PM (GMT)
Okay this is about the WEIRDEST day at school today.

It happened like this:

Well, when he had SFA (some retarded reading thing) some dude named Dominique was
looking at our table. (my group has 3 other girls it) and he kept saying things like,
"Baby hey baby, I love you.'' to us and some other girls. Well we dont like him, we
HATE him! And guess what, 90% of the time he's talking to ME!!!1 I'm like "WTF?!" and
some other girls feel bad for me :C Then at lunch, he said to my BFF Kiara, "Hey
baby, your supposed to sit next to me.'' Hes a freak!!! Then when I REFUSED to hold
his hand, he put some lettuce in my hair. I had a Strong STRONG urge to kick his
balls. But I didnt now I regret it XD. 

You think thats weird? Things got weirder.

So after lunch when we were going to homeroom, he was all like to my friend LaTrice,
and Dawnisha,''Hey, your pregnant with my baby. Did your water break yet?" So we did
the best thing, ignored him. So then these dudes named Hollywood (yes Hollywood! XD)
Jhondeaux, and Jerry (I cant spell it! XD) were asking us PRIVATE question
about......girl stuff >.> (I wot say for the sake of some young eyes) so, I punched
Hollywood, Dawnisha almost stabbed Jhondeaux, and LaTrice kicked Jerry :D. But guess
what? They were talking about us ''shaking them.'' (if you know what I mean.) Then
remember our good friend Dominique? Lets see the grossest thing he did!

When me and me friends went to the bathroom, he followed us, and came inside.
Luckily, we were just fixing our hair. But STILL! But Dawnisha was eating some candy,
and he said, "Give me some.'' and she said,"You have to get it out my mouth!" (she
wasnt trying 2 b gross!) so then Dominique grabbed her face, and actually tried to
get the candy out her mouth!!! So she backed away, and pucnched him in the stomach. I
almost fell down laughing. serves him right!:D

Now you see why Its titled "The Weirdest Day..."

xxlifesucksxx says:   15 October 2008   488844  
dfjakdn dlkfnavl assdfnasdfnksf dklffjaflf fucksdfnsdfndfafsafd
Naono says:   15 October 2008   844938  
what? O.o
ebpeanut shouts:   15 October 2008   399851  
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rqeoa;xnf saqxnctrqo tfciqjx hi
‹Ðark Fox› says:   15 October 2008   851634  
more than weird, I'd say annoying guys day XD damn what's wrong with

Hollywood XD what kind of name is that? can spell a name like: Jhondeaux 
and can't Jerry? O.o
Naono says:   15 October 2008   789583  
I dont know. :/

XD Hollywood California!!!

‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says :   25 April 2010   850768  
It could be worse...


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