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The girl who found love part 10Category: hurt
Thursday, 9 October 2008
03:56:04 PM (GMT)

Taylor woke up to her dog alarm clock barking. She hit the snooze button and she
rolled out of bed. She woke up to her dresser and grabbed a long rainbow skirt and a
white long sleeve shirt and she went to take a shower. She finish and comb her long
brown hair and put a clip in her hair and she went to her dresser and she took a pair
of rainbow socks and she put them on and put her pink high tops on. 

She walked down stairs and she grabbed her backpack of the coat rack and she walked
into the kitchen and grabbed a bagel and she put cream cheese on it and she started
to eat. Eddie came down the stairs in a white t-shirt and blue jeans and his backpack
on one shoulder. She got up and hugged him and hand him the other par of the bagel
and said lets go. They said their goodbyes and walked toward the bus stop hand and
hand. Lindsay came beside Taylor and smile.  They sat on the bench and they waited
for the yellow  loser cruiser (school bus) to come. Taylor took out a UNO game and
started to deal the cards.

When they heard the bus they put the cards away. The bus came and they climb aboard.
They drove fast to school and when they got there Eddie and Taylor went to the
office.  The principle gave them there locker number and said good luck. Eddie and
Taylor had the same classes and there locker was next to each other.  Eddie grabbed
Taylor’s hand they  walked to there lockers and they where like this all day to

At lunch Taylor grabbed her lunch and she looked around for a place to sit. She saw
Eddie sitting at the popular table and girls and a couple of guys where crowed around
him and a girl sat in his lap. She went to the trash can and dumped her food in the
trash and walked to the library. She couldn’t believe  Eddie would let a girl sit
on his lap.  She sat at a corner table and she put her head down. She heard the bell
go off. She went to her class and sat at her desk and when Eddie came in she didn’t
say anything to him. 

After class she got up fast and she went to her study hall room and sat at a desk.
When Eddie came in she grabbed her stuff and she told the teacher she is going to the
library.  The teacher nodded and she walked out of the room. She climb the stairs to
the second floor and when she go to the Library she ask if she can take a book out.
The librarian smile and nodded. She went to the a shelf and she started to look at
the tiles. She stop looking when she cam to her favorite book called  The Luckiest
Girl.  She went to the front desk and said.

Taylor: Are we allowed to take out books?

Librarian: Yes dear. What book would you like to take out? 

Taylor handed her the book and the librarian scan it and handed it back. Taylor said
goodbye and she left the Library and she walked down stairs to her locker. She put
her three books in her locker and took out her English book and she shut her locker
and she locked it and she waited for the bell to ring. 

Eddie came up to her and he got a book from hi locker. A picture slip out of the
other  books. She picked it up and she saw it was the girl from the Lunch room she
flip the picture over and read  Hi Eddie. Want to go out with me and here is my
number. Eddie faced her and saw she had tears streaming down her face. Taylor dropped
her books. She picked them up and she walked to the bathroom and she walked into a
stall and she sat on the cold floor crying.  She heard the bell for Study hall to end
and go to the last class. She didn’t move she sat there with her books on the
toilet seat and her on the floor crying. 

She heard someone walk in. She got up and she grabbed her books and she walked over
to the sink.  The girl walked out of the bathroom. Taylor. Took a paper towel from
the shelf and she wet it and she wet her face. She throw the wet paper towel out and
she went to her locker. She put her book in her locker and grabbed her bag and she
took her homework out and put it in her bag. She walked to the guidance counselors
office and she knocked on the door. A plump women open the door and said 

Counselor: Hi can I help you.

Taylor: Can you call my home to ask if I can go home.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   9 October 2008   524519  
I cant believe Eddie would do that! write the next chapter soon, plz!
‹Emma Bear› says:   9 October 2008   132173  
I will when I get back on sunday
missfuzzball says:   9 October 2008   362195  
you must have an asome imagenashon.
‹Emma Bear› says:   9 October 2008   552379  
Ya  I think I do I love to tel lstories that made up   I love to
imagion somethign thats maigical and not real
‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   10 October 2008   232731  
OMG! that was SO unexpected!!!
Poor Taylor D=
Id move in w/ Lindsay :D
‹Emma Bear› says :   12 October 2008   663499  
I know there goiing to be lots of suprises in my storie


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