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Saturday, 27 September 2008
08:02:58 PM (GMT)
hey people this is a new story i wrote cuz i was bored telll me what u think it not
finished but if u like it ill write more

I woke up to the smell of mmm was it yest it was my favortie choco chip pancakes.My
mom only made them on special accasions.But today was it was my 10th Birthday yay!!!!
I scrambled down the stairs to find my brothers watching tv,my dad reading the paper,
and my mom making the pancakes. Happy Birthday she said and hugged me.Happy Birthday
nut he said (he always callel me nut haha) Thanks I said and sat down at the table as
I did the phone rang I GOT IT!! I screamed and answered it.Hello i said.HAPPY
BIRTHDAY screamed my 2 best friends Abbie and Avril. Thanks you guys I said with a
smile on my face.So where going out to eat and sleeping over right? asked my Abbie.Ya
I said its going to be awesome but im so anxious my mom won't let me open present
until dinner because my Grandma and her Boyfriend Bob willl be there.Ok said Avril
then you will have to wait to open our presents.Ya I said alright well im going to
get dressed and you guys will be here right?I asked.Yup said Abbie.Bye they said in
unison.Bye i said and hung up.I ran up the stairs and got out my Black tights,Blue
striped shirt,Black skirt with ruffles and my black dress shoes.I took and shower and
came out to see my friends sitting on my bed waiting for me.Hey guys i said.Hey they
said.Abbie handed me a pink gift bag with flowers and white tissue paper.Avril handed
me a soemthing square wrapped in wraping paper thta had 10's all over it.Thanks I
said but i have to wait till tonight.I know abbie said.Do you guys want some
pancakes? I asked them.Ya they said and ran down the stairs before i could even say
ok.I ran after them.We sat down at the table and my mom served us.Hey girl she
said.Hi Mrs.Anderson Abbie said with her mouth food. I laughed and put a piece of my
pancake in my mouth.About 20 minutes later we finished.My mom,dad,and brother took a
shower and by thta time it was 4 becuase my mom has to do her hair and makeup and
everything.Ok you guys ready she asked everyone.Yup we all said and ran out to the
car.My mom and dad have a Black Elantra.When we got there (Red Robin)my grandma and
Bob were already there seated.Hi I said to them dn gave them a hug Happy Birthday my
grandma said and handed me a square gift wrapped in pink wrapping.You can open your
present after we order she said holding what i though was like 5 gift bags from other
relatives that gave them to my mom to give to me and about 4 presents that were
wrapped up.Ok I said.What are you getting? my friend Abbie asked me.The Buffalo
clucks i said there just buffalo tenders.Oh cool thta what im getting she said so is
Avril i think.Ya i am she said.Cool i said.The waiter came over and we all took our
orders.So can i open them now?? I asked.Yes she said.Ok I said Ill open Abbie and
Avril's first.I opend abbies and puuled out the new Bottlenosed dolphin webkinz!
OMG!! I said and hugged abbie Thanks so much i really wanted this one.Welcome she
said.Next I opened avrils present and unwrapped the Imagine Teachers Game for my
nintecndo ds.Thanks so much i said hugging her i really wanted this game.Next I
opened my grandmas gift.I unwraped it to see the new My Secret Life yet another ds
game.Thanks so much i said to my grandma and hugged her.Your mom told me you wanted
it she said.Ya I did.I said.My mom handed me a present form my aunt i opend it and
pulled out a pink shirt that read:Everyone loves a brown eyed girl.I Luv it I
said.Tell Aunt Nancy I said thanks when you talk to her.Mymom said ok.Then I opened
one from my other Nana.I unwrapped it to see The New Eagle webkinz.Awww i squealed
its so cute.Finally my mom said to open her gift.Ok I said i unwrapped it to
see...OMG!!!!! I screamed.It was the Julie American girl doll! It was my first
american girl doll.I hugged my mom an dad and said Thank you.It came with all the
accsesories and my mom even got me matchign pajamas i woudl wear those for the
sleepover tonight.The food came we ate and stayed there till about 8 then we left and
went home.On the way my dad stopped at a pet shop.We have another surprise my mom
said as we walked in.What is it I asked. We are leting you pick out a puupy of your
choice and you will bring him or her home tonight.I screamed so did my friends.Ok you
have to help me pick on out i asked them as we walked over to the kennels.I saw the
most cutest puppy pug ever it was tan and had brown eyes.Aww said me and my
friends.Can i take him out i asked my mom.Sire she siad and asked one od the
employees.we went to on of the little rooms and i got to hold her.OMG said my friend
Avril you have to gte her.I know I said Mom and dad i want this one.Ok said my dad
and we walked out of the room and checked out.When we got in the car she was ina
little cage on my lap.What are you going to name her aksed my friends.Hmm how
about......Carmela becuase she looks liek thta color.Thats a cute name my mom said.So
thta was thta her name was Carmela.We got in the house and there was a pink dog bed
in the living room.I let Carmel out of her cage and she ran around the house

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   27 September 2008   413155  
Cool :]]]]]
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   28 September 2008   915433  
Thnx im continuing right noow its gonn be cool and a long story


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