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The Tale Of The Uzumaki and The Hazumi Chapter 6 :DCategory: fanfiction
Saturday, 20 September 2008
09:45:33 PM (GMT)
Me:Here is chapter 6! Now I will probably do 2 chapters! :3
Akira:Finally! Me and Naru-kun <3
Me:Me and Kiba-kun!<3 Here we go! 

A random bomb appeared and killed everyone.
Nah! Heres the REAL chapter! XD

Akira recognized it as Naruto. She wanted to
just snap leave me alone,  but she couldn't. She still liked Naruto a lot.
''Akira-hime I'm sorry!'' Naruto cried hugging her. "I don't love Sakura anymore, I

"I-I...'' Naruto couldn't get the words off his chest. 'Tell her! Tell her
already!' his mind yelled. Naruto took a deep breath and blurted out,
"Akira-hime, I love!-'' he was cut off by a loud, "Hey!" The couple looked up to see
Rose ad Kiba running at them. "I didn't know you guys would be here!'' Rose exclaimed
happily. Naruto looked upset. 'Thanks a lot Rose!' he cursed the rose petaled
ninja in his head. But he was secretly happy. Naruto had time to gather up what he
wanted to say to Akira.  Akira looked at how pretty Rose looked. sh She was wearing a
light purple kimono with dark purple Plum Blossoms, her hair had been combed into a
simple side pony-tail, and she had strawberry lipgloss on, and light purple
eyeshadow. "I like that! I had that...I OWN THAT!" Akira said playfully. "Mmmhmm,
well I don't think a certain Plum here has any pink eyeshadow!" Rose said giggling.
Akira smiled and said, "That looks really good on you!'' Rose smiled back and said,
"You look good too.'' Akira smirked, and looked at Kiba. "Hey Kibbles!'' she said.
Rose and Naruto laughed loudly. ''Kibbles! Thats a god one Akira-hime!'' Naruto
laughed not noticing the suffix he chose to add to Akira's name. ''Naruto....did you
just call Akira....'' Rose trailed off. Kiba's eyes widened at what he just figured
out. 'Blackmail.' his mind thought happily. "Hey Naruto, can I talk to you?
Away from Rose-chan, and Akira?.'' he asked. "Um...sure Kibbles!" Naruto said
smiling. Kiba's eye twitched violently. He grabbed Naruto's arm roughly and dragged
him away. Kiba secretly hoped this was hurting Naruto. "Ow!" Naruto cried out when
Kiba dragged him over a large rock. ''You like Akira don't you?" Kiba asked smiling
evilly. "No!" Naruto cried out. "Really? Then why did you call her 'Akira-hime'
then?" Kiba smirked. "It's a game were playing. I call her Akira-hime, she calls me
Naruto-Ouji(1).'' he said lamely. Kiba rolled his eyes. ''Sure it's a game, and
Rose-chan has wings!" he said sarcastically. Naruto pouted and crossed his arms.
''Shut up Dog breath!'' he spat. You shut up bottomless pit!'' Kiba said. "Naru-kun?
Kiba? Whats going on?" Akira's soft sweet voice rang through Naruto's ears. "nothing
Akira-chan!'' Naruto said breaking free from Kiba. Suddenly Akira gasped. "Look
Naru-kun fireflies!" she said excitedly pointing.  Fireflies surrounded Akira, some
landed on her nose, on her shirt, and some landed on her hair. Naruto blushed at how
pretty she looked. Kiba shook his head and walked back to Rose. "Naru-kun, aren't the
fireflies so pretty?" Akira asked. "Your prettier.'' Naruto said sitting down. Akira
sat next to him a small blush on her face. Naruto put his hand down and Akira's blush
grew bigger. He looked down and seen why. His hand was perfectly place over Akira's,
a firefly holding there hands together. Naruto blushed too. The firefly flew away,
but there hands remained together. Naruto scooted closer to Akira, and she did the
same.  They leaned closer until they were inches apart. Then-

Cliffhanger! :P Deal with it XD

This Chapter Contained:

1. Naruto x Akira
2. Kiba x Rose
3. Romance 
4. no Sakura woohoo!

Ouji means prince
Last edited: 20 September 2008

‹Ðark Fox› says:   21 September 2008   816997  
Then...?! What the heck! T_T

be quick writing the rest! Onegaiiiiii!
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   21 September 2008   622225  
I'm o cruel! >:]

okay!!! :D


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