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Leftovers - Part 1, Chapter 2Category: Uglies fan fiction
Saturday, 20 September 2008
03:58:43 PM (GMT)
The rooftop party is such an overused idea, Lime thought to herself as she and Zo
emerged into the wide-open space. Extras immediately cleared out of the way as Lime
walked by. She was the most famous person on this roof. No, in the city.
"Take that, Emsey," Lime muttered under her breath. 
"Ohmigawsh, Lime-chan!" Emsey herself descended on Lime before she had made it three
steps into the room. The young girl fluttered her short eyelashes that lined her wide
eyes. Her raven-black hair glowed under the light and she kissed Lime on both cheeks.
"Your costume is so bubbly," she gushed. "I love the light."
Lime smiled, tight-lipped. "Hello, Emsey," she said through gritted teeth. "I love
your costume too..."
Emsey squealed. "Aw, thank you, Lime-chan!" She said, taking Lime's hand.
Lime flinched and almost drew back her hand. All her instincts from the Old Days told
her to shake off the tight grip around her wrist.
"Let me show you all my friends," Emsey said, stressing the all part as if to
show how she, too, was popular. Lime rolled her eyes at Zo.
"What does "chan" mean?" Lime whispered in her best friend's ear.
"It means "friend" in Japanese, I think," Zo replied just as quietly. Their voices
were so soft they carried only between the two of them. "Emsey's trying to kick a big
Japanese culture story from the Rusty days. That's where she got her eyes. They're
called Manga Eyes. I heard she took the idea from another city."
Lime nodded. "Thanks, Zo-la."
"No problem." Zo grinned. "If Emsey needs to actually kick something to be famous,
she's nowhere near your level, Li-Li."
Lime held Zo's hand tightly. She could just barely detect the jealousy in Zo's voice.
Lime was famous for a number of things she couldn't help, just like Zo. Both were
ex-Specials, left over from the Old Days. Both were now living among regular people,
pretties and uglies alike. Both were beautiful. But while Lime was famous, remembered
as one of the original assistants of Dr. Cable from Way Back When in the Old Days, Zo
was mostly famous only for being Lime's friend, just like the rest of the Leftover
race in their city. The other Leftovers were newer, younger, less trained, less
imprinted with the impossible-to-escape nature that Lime possessed.
"Don't be like that, Zo-chan," Lime said. Zo smiled at her failed accent.
"Let's go find the others," she suggested. 
Lime perked up. "Icy," she said. "Let's go."
They ditched Emsey, ignoring her pathetic attempts to reel them back, and easily
located their friends.
"Hey, 'Ger," one of the boys said. Lime slapped his head. "Ouch," he snapped, rubbing
the spot. "Calm yourself."
Manager was a term the Specials had called her in the Old Days, because she
was in such a high position. She hated that they still looked at her as a leader
rather than a friend.
"What Lime means to say is "hi," Zo said, her laid-back personality relaxing
Lime looked over her friends. As far as she knew, theirs was the biggest Leftover
society living together. Including her and Zo, there were nine other Specials. Before
her were:
Quincy, with hazy purple-black eyes and platinum hair, playing with the line of rings
pierced through his bottom lip and tugging at the uncomfortable collar of his hairy
animal suit.
Shuuger, his eyes black and his blonde hair lengthened with curly extensions, adorned
in a tight white leotard, pink leggings, elbow length pink gloves, shiny white
platform shoes, and neon pink rabbit ears stuck on his head.
Erma, flipping her orangey hair over her shoulder and swinging her hips to the
pounding beat of the music, ever graceful in a slim cat suit. Her eyes, also black,
glinted in the low light.
Bee, black and yellow from head to toe as some animal Lime didn't recognize, sporting
newly dyed black hair to match the outfit.
Ad, still rubbing his sore temple, brown hair rather plain, dressed in normal human
But there was one missing. Lime squinted but passed it off. She didn't want to look
clingy, anyway.
"You're not an animal, Ad," she said. 
Ad grinned. "Ah, but what you didn't know, 'Ger," he said, ducking out of the
way in case another slap was aimed in his direction, "is that people are animals
Quincy snorted. "You're so bogusly boring," he said in a tone that suggested to Lime
he had said those very words several times that night already.
"Hey," Lime said casually. "Where's-"
"Yo, 'sup?" A voice called. Lime turned and smiled.
The last addition to their clique was sauntering towards them, wearing nothing but
baggy orange and black shorts. His chest, arms, and neck were decorated with a
temporary flash tattoo of a giant cat that roared and snarled, looking like it was
about to burst out of his skin.
"Liamm!" Lime called, running to him and hugging him. She shrieked and giggled when
Liamm's muscle's flexed, causing the animal on his chest to roar. "What are you?" She
"A tiger," Liamm said with a wink. "What are you?"
"A firefly," Lime said, twitching her finger and causing the entire area within
twenty feet to light up in green.
"Icy," Liamm commented. Lime twined her fingers in his and brought him to the group.
"Someone just made 'Ger's day," Ad snickered. Lime shot him a glare and he fell
Shuuger sighed loudly. "Enough about Lime and Liamm," he snapped in a girly voice.
Ad punched his arm.
"Ow," Shuuger whined. "Watch it. I bruise easily and the outfit I'm wearing tomorrow
calls for no sleeves."
Ad rolled his eyes. "Yes, Ma'am," he muttered.

"Liamm," Lime said. The party was slowing quickly as drunk "party animals" stumbled
down the stairs.
Liamm looked up, caught Lime's eye, and grinned. "Yeah?"
"I'm not tired," Lime said. "Wanna go to Cleopatra's Garden?" 
Liamm came over quickly. "You know it," he said. 
Lime looked around. "Maybe I should say goodbye to Emsey..." she said sourly. Then
she felt Liamm's lips on her neck. She moaned. "On the other finger, maybe she can
"Mmm," Liamm mumbled. Somehow they were in the elevator, dropping quickly from the
"Stop," Lime said suddenly, groping for the button control on the elevator and
pressing the red STOP button. 
The elevator slid smoothly to a stop and waited for Lime to direct it.
Lime's finger slid across the buttons until she found the LOCK button and with a
hiss, the elevator stuck to the wall. 
Liamm lifted Lime's chin. "I like it," he murmured around her lips. Lime touched her
fingers to his stomach and crawled them up his chest. The tiger adorning his body
purred, as did Liamm, deep in his throat.
She pulled away slightly, kissing his collarbone and neck softly. Liamm touched the
fabric of her outfit, and whispered "off" to the material, causing it to slip away.
Lime smiled. "I love you," she whispered.

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