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Kirti's Mind theaterCategory: The little Orphan
Monday, 1 September 2008
12:44:39 PM (GMT)
Hello! This is continued Kirti's mind theater fan fictiony stuff. Everything (plot
charactors setting, everything) is invented by my friend Miss_RolePlay1995, who is
thouroly awesome and writes The Little Orphan story, which is emmensly popular. This
diary is protected so it's likely that's the only one who'll even see this but if you
are one of my other friends... read the real thing!! You know you want to.

Niana's Introduction. (A fanfic by Kirti)

Fishi, Hiki, Shiki, Sera, Mana, Eichiro, Ato, Takuya, Kiri, Kiyomie, and Mikan felt
they were more then a match for any dangers they might face. Mana, Eichiro, Hiki, and
Fishi were all capable of doing magic, all of them had some form of weapons and light
armor, and there was almost a dozen of them, which made them feel very confident
indeed. Conversations and laughter flowed freely as they walked down the road when
suddenly there was the sound of galloping hooves. These were not the hooves of a
farmers cart pulled by an over exited mule either: these were horse hooves. the group
ran to the side of the road to avoid being trampled by the racing duo that passed by:
A young woman with flowing hair chasing after a man on a horse as black as pitch. His
hair was even longer then her and they noticed her trying to grab it.
    "Get back her Gregordo! You killed my mother now here!" Shouted the woman. Just
as they were about to vanish down the road "Gregordo" dissapaired in a cloud of
smoke. The woman came riding back toward the group. "Sorry 'bout that. Hope it didn't
disturb you lot. You can uh, just go about your merry way then. Bye." and she road
down the road the way she came.
     "What was that about?" asked Kiri. "No idea." responded Eichiro. And they
contiued down the road. They had barley travled a half mile when they started to get
the feeling they were being followed. Tension started to build. They stopped for a
rest and heard the bushed behind the rustling. They were all on edge after Gregordo
and walking for an hour feeling like someone was following them. The rustling got
louder and closer and then- a girl feel out of the bushes. She wasn't much older then
twelve and she wasn't armed so they tentativly put they're weapons away. Mana stepped
      The girl looked up at Mana. "Oh thank goodness! I was afraid I'd gone the wrong
way entirley and lost the road!" She said. Shiki helped her up- Shiki liked this
girl. She was as cheerful as Shiki herself. Fishi on the other hand was more
suspencious, and Eichiro shared the feeling.
     "And who exactly are you?" demanded Fishi. Eichiro came to stand beside his
vase. The girl looked stunded then turned to Eichiro "how does you're little fishy
stay up like that?" she asked. Fishi glared having gotten questions like that far to
often. Eichiro mutterd "well at least she got his name right." The girl perked up
again "I did? You're fishy's name is Fishi? That's so cool!"
      Fishi glarded some more then floated his vase so that he could look the girl in
the eye. "I am not 'his fishy'. I am my own being, not somebodies pet. I repeat: Who
are you?" The girl was stunned again. "Wow! great special effects! Are you guys
shooting a movie?" she looked around at they're clothes. Mikan saw what was happening
and asked "where do you live?" 
     The girl smiled and said "Well I'm origanaly from New York, My family lives in
the suburbs of Long Island but I came here looking for my brother. I'm Naina." She
said. She stuck out her hand to shake but everyone was stunned. Sera spoke up first.
"And how did you get here?" Naina scratched her head and said "well it's kinda
a long story." she said
    "We were just about to rest for a bit anyway. Why don't you tell us?" She smiled
again and the whole group plus Naina sat down.
"well it all started when me and my brother were born. My parents didn't have much
money, so they could only afford to keep one of us. I got lucky and they kept me. My
brother was sent to an orphanage in New York City. Dad thought that he'd be more
likey to be adopted in a city with nine thousand people. Mom only agreed to send her
first born baby boy to an orphanage because she had me and the Orphanage promised to
make it an open adoption. Ya'know where my mom would get pictures and stuff. But no
one ever adopted him. When I turned thirteen my mom finally told me about him. My
name had been Janet back then but I changed it. My mom said that during summer
vacation since we had more money now, she would send me over to NYC to meet him and
take him home. But he wasn't there. They said that some of his friends had run away
and that he offerd to go make sure they're okay. I was a week behind but my parents
had given me the money to use for the adoption- Instead I used it to follow him. By
the time I got to the last place he sent the Orpanage an Email it was the next
morning. I saw some tour groups hiking up the moutain and followed one. I saw a bunch
of kids exploring some cave. I joined the group but after going inside I couldn't see
them. I left the cave because I didn't want to get lost in there but this big flash
of light came out of the entrence. I started tumbling down the mountains into the
trees and when I woke up I was here. The forest must've been really big because I
can't even see the mountains now... I've spent the last few daws trying to find the
road again." 
    She smiled. "I'm really glad I heard you guys! I thought I'd be lost in there for
the rest of my life!" Mana looked at the others. "exuse me Naina can we talk privetly
for a second?" she asked. "oh sure go right ahead."
    "What do we do?!" whispered Ato. "She's lost from our world shouldn't we help
her?" aswered Kiri. "She seems awfully nice." Said Hiki. "that's assuming she's
telling the truth." warned Takuya. "Well I don't trust her." announced Eichiro. Then
he turned to Naina and said "Why'd you change your name, huh?" He assumed that it was
to hide froma criminal record.
      "oh right! I changed it so I could be more like my brother. He's older by a few
minutes and the oranage trusted him enough to find Mana..." Mana gapsed. "Naina....
What's your borthers name?" she asked
"Sorry... I can't beleive I left it out! His names Naono. Naono Tushigara."
       This time evryone gasped.

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   1 September 2008   544772  
That is so awesome!! :D
You should write these more often. They're great for ideas :D
Kirti says:   1 September 2008   224152  
wow really?<--worried that you'd be mad that i wrote without
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   2 September 2008   915448  
oh no, go ahead. Any help is greatly appreciated <--getting lots of
her things from books (names, places ECT)
Kirti says :   1 March 2009   755192  
huh. I didn't think of it when I first wrote this, but it kinda sucks
for her. She was so close to finding her brother, but she fell down a


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