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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
03:32:41 PM (GMT)
As my breath sped through my body, I fell to the floor. 
 When i woke up, i was surrounded by anxious faces, but I only saw one, Greg. I
huddled myself into him and wept. When he tried to talk to me, I started to whail. It
was  alittle over dramatic, and I'd recieve some looks for crying so hard for what I
was explianing as a nightmare. But as I tried to sit up, I knew it wouldn't work. The
nightmare story, I mean. I had a horrible headache, my hand flew to the back of my
head and I made a disturbed face as I felt the dried blood. 
  Greg picked me up and carried my into the room. I heard a quick arguement go
through Erin and Seirra.
    "Erin... You know what will happen if you go in there, we'll be exposed. We're
lucky you held yourself that long." I looked back to see Erin stare at the dry blood
on the wall, and couldn't help but feel bad I was putting the vampires in a little
problem. Erin walked away, down the hallway, down wind of it too. Seirra cleaned it
up with bleach, and the hallway smelled too clean.
  Greg lay me down on the small table, my feet dangled of the edge. "Kat.." He said
in his addorable british accent. "Are you alright?"
   "Yes... My head.... it hurts." i told him. It wasn't a lie, but he would take it
was the reason I had been crying so hard. He propped m,e up with some pillows, then
sat behind me and inspected it.
   "It's a long cut, but not too deep, it will heal by itself." Was his diagnosis. I
smield at him weakly. He carried me over to my bed and sat next to me and we talked
for a while. At noon, (apparently the people came around 5 in the morning, and I fell
back asleep, anyway) Ly-Ann and Aubrey came in, and fell to their beds. And i smiled.

   "How was things last night." I asked after Greg left.
   "Horrible!" Ly-Ann shouted, it came out mumbled by her pillow.
   "How's Rick.." I asked.
   "How'd you know?" Aubrey asked.
   "I dunno... I was outside... watching you guys..." Before the questions got more
intricate and I'd have to lie a lot, I decided to chaneg the subject, "Aubrey you are
the really long, slender white wolf." She nodded and smiled, "Ly-Ann your the big,
tall one who's creamy? With brown, correct?" She didn't say anything. For some reason
my mind was impaired and I couldn't think of the correct thing, though maybe I was
right... Yes, cream with brown and golden patches. I thoguth about her jumping
   "And Rick's the really tall one with the ice colored fur, and the black muzzle."
Ly-Ann mumured through her pillow. i realized that she must be feeling so guilty.
   "It's not your fault..." Aubrey said.
   "Then who's was it?!"
   "Peter... calm down... it was Peter... We can't go up to him and hate him, you
know that! He's alpha for crying out loud!" I tried to remeber who Peter was, the big
one, the biggest one, the one who mauled Rick, that one... Black? I really didn't
know. The way that Aubrey clung to her friends, which I thought was pretty awsome how
much they coudl all bear, especially with the difference of species, I wasn't
expecting a touch of pain as they thought of Peter.
   "Who's Peter." I said.
   "Brother." Mumbled Ly-Ann.
   "Yur brother? I thought you were an-"
   "Her brother." She mumbled, cutting me off. Aubrey's brother... that must make
Aubrey feel guilty too. I groaned and got up. My head only felt somewhat bad. Too
much stress in one room. I shrugged it off and walked away, the guilt was weighing me
down, i wanted to feel stuiped and young for once, well, I should say Again. I wanted
to feel stuiped and young, Like I should. I ran into Fawn and then ran back to the
room, where the bickering subject was still werewolves. I warned them then ran back
out. Tripping the graceful fFawn in front of her "boyfirend". ME and Jacob High fived
when no one was looking and I snickered. 
   Suddenly I heard singing... my head felt strange as I slumped down. The voice was
beautiful... perfect. I was sure it was a cd, but it couldn't be... There was no
music, just the voice. I wanted to look, btu I couldn't... The song was Listen To
Your Heart.... I wondered what was wrong that i felt so sad. A piano began to play.
The vice stopped, and I heard a squeel. I peeked over and sighed. The singer, a girl,
a 4th year by the looks of it, was in the arms of a boy, the one playing the piano.
Though the song stopped, I suddenly heard it again... going through my mind, I was
surprised I knew every single line... Why was this going through my mind? I sniffed a
tear... what was my heart saying? Greg? For some reason... no... how could it be
no... who's name was rining in my ears. Well, i didn't know. Brandy's face lit up my
mind and I wanted to scream. Tehre was no one for me here... I sighed and turned back
for the dorm... My life really wanted ot screw me up... I saw over 18 couples
together, including best friends of mine, and my sister and my old secret boyfriend.
I was fuming for an unknown reason... Feelings could be worthless, completly
worthless... first pain, then guilt, love... and for what... just more pain in the
Last edited: 20 August 2008

‹Mad‚ô•Hatter‚ô•Love› says :   20 August 2008   822675  
OMg, you should really write more or your gonna make me cry really
louly. LOve it!


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