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63%? HA.Category: Quiz !
Wednesday, 6 August 2008
08:40:30 PM (GMT)
Taken from: falloutrocker.

[x] gotten detention

[ ] gotten your phone taken away in class

[ ] gotten suspended

[x] gotten caught chewing gum

[ ] gotten caught cheating on a test

Total So Far: 2

[ ] arrived late to class more than 5 times

[x] didn't do homework over 5 times (xDDD)

[ ] turned in at least 3 projects in late

[ ] missed school just because you felt like it

[x] laughed so loud you got kicked out of class

total so far: 4

[x] got your mom,dad,etc to get you out of school

[x] talked to people during class

[x] passed notes

[x] threw stuff across the room

[x] laughed at the teacher

Total So Far: 9

[x] been in a fight at school (fist or verbal) - (for me it was verbal D:< )

[x] took pictures during school hours

[x] called someone during school hours (xDD)

[x] listened to ipod,cd,etc during school hours

Total So Far : 13

[ ] threw something at the teacher

[x] went outside the classroom without permission

[ ] broke the dress code

[ ] failed a class

[x] threw food during class (Everyone was..seriously. xD)

total so far: 15

[x] gotten a call from school (25 people did at the same time..it was crazy D: )

[ ] couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly

[ ] didn't take your stuff to school

[ ] stuck up your middle finger at the teacher when they were not looking 

[x] cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear you ( .... :D )

Total So Far: 17

[ ] faked your parents signature

[x] slept in class

[ ] cursed at a teacher

[x] copied homework (xDD)

[x] got in trouble with the principal (He was "dispointed" because I forgot my note
to go on a feildtrip >.> )

[x] called a teacher or sub a vulgar name  (if bitch counts? xD)

Total So Far? 21.

NOW. Multiply by 3.

Total: 63%
Last edited: 6 August 2008

‹krista ♥› says:   6 August 2008   481767  
damn i got like..26..is that bad?
‹DasAtem› says :   6 August 2008   735844  
No, I only got 21.
I suppose it's bad xD
We're both over 50%


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