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The little orphan chapter 16Category: The little orphan story
Tuesday, 5 August 2008
12:19:54 PM (GMT)
when Mana finally slowed down, She was deep in the forest. She was at a pond, It was too small to be considered a lake. It was a peaceful, serene place. A good place to think. Mana went to a large rtee with roots stretching up over her head, creating a good nook. She liked small places. She found them secure. Mana crawled up to the pond's flawless surface, and looked at her reflection. What's happening to me? I'm changing. Mana suddenly couldn't stand looking at herself and angrily swiped at the water with her hand. She sat back in the nook, arms crossed. She could head the forest cruching behind her. She looked by the roots to see Eichiro had caught up with her. She didn't want to talk with anybody. Not even Eichiro. She shimmied back into the nook until she was out of sight. Eichiro searched for a few minutes and soon found her. "Mana?" "Go away." "Mana, I'm not mad at you. None of us are." Mana shuffled out a bit. "Really?" "We're just suprised you didn't tell us." "I didn't know if I should've." "The crest is fine, but why are you bring a sprite?" "She wanted to come." "How can you be sure?" "I talked with her." Eichiro seemed a bit shocked by this responce. "What do you mean? When we tryed to talk to her, We couldn't understand a word she said." "What?!" Mana was greatly disturbed by this. "C'mon, let's head back." Mana got up and followed Eichiro back to Giaga. * It was Mid-afternoon when they got back to Etsuya's hut. A few of the group were still trying to talk with Spirit, but they were having no luck. Spirit noticed Mana's return and smiled. "Hi, Mana! Where'd you go?" "Just...for a walk." Everyone was staring at her with shock. "What?" "You spoke in another language!" Shiki exclaimed. She had? She couldn't tell. "Mana, can you tell me what your lunatic friends are saying? It sounds like gibberish." "Uh...give me a second." Mana hesitated excessivly. What could be happening? She was changing much faster then she would like. She learned another language in less then a day? How is that possible? Then she remembered something. She rolled up her sleeve and looked at the crest on her arm. It was from the sprites, so maybe it had something to do with it. She told then of her suspicions, including Spirit. She said it was probably right. Eichiro said the same thing. The others didn't know what to think, but soon agreed. Mana wondered if the crest did anything else. Eichiro still didn't like the idea of Spirit coming. "The forest is dying. Every sprite is needed to get the forest back." Mana looked at Spirit. Her tiny pupils grew to the size of her eyes, her eyebrows upturned, her hands clasped together. Eichiro seemed to be trying to resist her adorible look, but he soon gave in. "Ahh...Fine. She can come." Spirit jumped with joy when Mana translated. * Mana couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed. She decided to head back to the living room to stay up a bit longer. before she opened the door, she could head voiced. She held her ear to the door. "...There's still something I need to know." Mana heard Eichiro say. "What is it?" Etsuya repied. "Where is Muskinatu? Is she still in Kupia?" Who was Muskinatu? Mana felt anxious. "After you dissapeared, Muskinatu was taken back to her home on The Moon Isles. After a week, she dissapeared. Her sister had kidnapped her, taken the sword of mist and...she is now prisener to it." "What?!" Mana felt sorry for Eichiro, but she wasn't completly sure if she was suppost to. It sounded like Eichiro and this Muskinatu were good friends. Or more. A silence followed before someone spoke. "What about Regada?" "Regada tryed to break through the chains which hold her, but it's enchanted. Only the chosenplayer can get her free now." "So, Regada has grown up?" "Yes. She is the only reason Muskinatu survived as long as she did. I'm not sure if she is still alive." Mana could hear Eichiro panting as if he was hyperventilating. "Should we tell Mana yet?" "No, She has more important things to worry about. She will start training tomorrow." "She doesn't know she's the chosenplayer yet." "Then, tell her. Get some rest. You need it." Mana could hear the footstep walk away before she went back to her bed. Muskinatu? Regada? The Moon Isles? The Sword of Mist? Training? What did it all mean? Mana could only sleep on it and hope she understand the next day. A/n: sorry if this chapter is a little short, but It's jam pakced with new things to think about. enjoy
Last edited: 2 March 2009

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 August 2008   645936  
Ok, so it's a sprite named Spirit? Anyway, awesome chapter.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 August 2008   825865  
Yes, her name is Spirit (if you remember, i got her off a roleplay)
and thanks 
MewMewSugar says:   5 August 2008   522588  
More more! write more!
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   5 August 2008   212313  
Yeah! Muskinatu is finally mentioned! Yeah!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   5 August 2008   776114  
Cool :D i was wondering why it only took a couple days :P awesome
Kirti says:   5 August 2008   182258  
"adorible look"..have you seen Puss in Boots from Shrek? (0) _ (0)
awww so cute!
callie11 says:   5 August 2008   238377  
Oh, that's an awesome chapter. It's short, yes, but you learn a lot
of things, so it's not a bad chapter, just short like you said. Really
a great chapter!
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   6 August 2008   378752  
Why is it in The little Orphan Announcement category?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 August 2008   617291  
mew: I will!
space: Yes she is! Finally!
sara: thank you 
Kirti: I have. Puss is my fav charactor in shrek. :3
space again: OOPS! DX my mushy brain messed me up
Kirti says :   9 May 2009   655212  
... upon reading, my comment is thus-

"omg, parsel-tounge!" *Harry Potter music insues*


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