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Cheerleading Love Ch.3 LOVE!!!Category: lov stories (i am living one right now)
Tuesday, 5 August 2008
11:19:24 AM (GMT)
Ash:*shocked* Wow.....*silent*



Caleb:so does this mean were a couple

Ash:i guess so..!! *really happy*

Caleb:ok then *kisses ash*

Ash:*blushes* Ok i gotta go to class ill se you at the cheerleading tryouts right?

Caleb:yup! See ya *he walks off and so does ash*

Steph:oh hey ash so anything new in 11th grade



Ash:Me and caleb are goign out

Steph:OO im so happpy for you *hugs ash*

Ash"so your not jealous

Steph:why would i be jealous i have y own bf

Ash:ok well lets get to class


Mrs.Senatore:Hello calss im Mrs.Sentaore and this year is goign to be great *she
talks about everything we will be doing in 11the grade but ah can barely pay
attention because she kept thinking about caleb*

*day passes and now its cheerleading tryouts*

Caleb:Hey ash!

Ash:OH HI!! *kisses him*

Caleb:ok well you better go il be on the bleachers

Ash:ok *walks oer tob where everyone else is*

Coah Nevins:Ok now you all want to be cheerleadrrs right


Coah Nevs:ok show me what you got first is...Ashley Davis

Ash:ok *does a cartwheel 5 backflie 1 frotnflip in the air a handstand jumps in the
air comes back down and does a split*

Coah Nevin:wow girl you got talent

AsH:thanx *everyone else goes*

Nevins:Ok you all have made the team and the captain is...ASHLEY DAVIS!!!!

Ash:thanx so much!

Nevins:my pleasure first practice is tomorrow at 5am and tomorow after school ok

Evryone:ok *they all leave*

Caleb:CONGRATS BABE!!!! *kisses ah passinatly*

Ash:thanx!! *kisses him back*

Caleb:so wan tme to drive you home

Ash:sure and we can tell my rents about us


Ash:ok *we drive to ashs house and tel me parenst*

Fine out what happens!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   5 August 2008   181748  
Ooo cant wait!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   5 August 2008   866291  
me neitherrrrrrrrr!! Woo-hoo!!!!!
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   5 August 2008   432154  


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