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Fire's Ice. Part 18Category: Stories
Wednesday, 9 July 2008
11:44:54 PM (GMT)
Ezra did as she asked.Quietly he in forward in a crouch.The wolves didnt see him
untill the last second and it was to late then.Zora came flying out of the cave and
tackled the second and it was oved in seconds.The two wolves brushed against each
other and with a flick of their tails ran from the enemy camp.

Zora was bursting with excitment.She was running with Ezra and her body was full of
energy.She didnt kno why but soon her smaller stride matched Ezra's longer on.She
ran right beside him moveing quicker to keep pace.Ezra didnt say anything just kept
running.Soon they reached their own border.But they didnt stop.Zora let Ezra take
the lead and followed.She smelled them befor she saw them.With a few happy barks she
rushing into the small clearing and glanced around at everyone.They had been asleep
moment befor but now everyone was up and gatherd around her.Ezra stood back some.
"Zora!!" her mother exclamed.She begain to bath her face.She stoped when she tasted
the dried blood by her eye."Poor baby."She said and nuzzled her daughter.Ike was
running his muzzle all over her like he was makeing sure that she was atully ok.The
others were standing back some.Zora caught the look that passed between her brother
and Ira and she thought with some relief.Finaly.She heard Ezra snort behind
her.She glanced back and he could see that he had simaler feelings.
"Ok ok ok."She said and licked bother her mothers and father cheeks."Im fine i
promise.Jay looked a lot worse."She said and felt her energy suddenly deflate.With a
groan she sank to the ground."I think i need to sleep for a few hours."
  "Im sorry Zora but we have to get back to camp.I dont want to be here if they
dicide to come after you."Ike said nudging her to her paws.She winced but followed
the rest of the pack as they begain the long trek back to the Camp.Ezra joined her
in the back and his tail twined with hers.
"Hay you did a good job back there."
"Well i had a great mentor."She blocked his probing mind knowing she wouldn't be
able to hold him off for mucth longer.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   10 July 2008   571133  
awesome! LUVZ IT> Yoour a great writer!


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