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Saturday, 5 July 2008
04:02:51 PM (GMT)
well seeing that i don't have that many good friends, i would like to type a few
words about them.

Danny a.k.a Chip:
have known you sense the very beggining of MY LIFE. You have always been there
for me (even though you live in Port Jervis). It would be nice to see you again,
cause it has been awhile. I hope your life is going well and that you have a great
summer, keep it spontainious, and DON'T spontainiously combust on me!

Jorden a.k.a Jord,J,Man,Hommie:
I have known you for like six years now, and have practicly seen you everyday. We may
have our fights every once in a while but you know whatever i say i don't mean. I am
looking forward to another weird convo about hidden birds of the far east (don't
ask). See ya soon bud.


I know that your my half brother in law, but i still consider you a friend. It's nice
to see you back from Iraq, and still alive. Your hilarious and i hope you and shauna
stay together for a LONG LONG TIME.


Your are one of the most awesome friends a guy could have. Sometimes i might be mean,
or seem..... unresponceive, but thats just me. I love you like a brother (NO HOMO). I
am SO SO happy you introduced me to paige, if you didn't, i REALLY don't know where i
would be right now.

you keep the little kid in me ALIVE. thats all that needs to be said.


You are hilarious!!!! I now have the sudden urge to prank call you again. Playing
follow the kyle is the funnest game EVER. I know you prob don't even care but you
SHOULD pay more attention to your best friend. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY
about the picture of you and kristen with the hearts, but really, you might as well
give it a shot. Peace out, before i get bad vibes man.

Alex a.k.a chibi:

you are very silly and have been there for me when in the worst of times (home and
careers). You always try to snap me out of it when i keep saying how wonderful the
day is gunna be on a bad day. I approve of that.

Hunter a.k.a gay, homo, ASS HOLE, STUPID, MOTHER FUCKING ...... person :D

I still have no idea why i consider you a friend. BUT, im in it for Carl. SOMEDAY, WE

John a.k.a throatwharbler Mangrove:

your someone to talk to at lunch, thats all i can think of.


It's kinda hard to believe were friends. I guess that you and kristen were bored and
me and kyle were there so, we hung out the whole trip to NYSSMA and stuff and yeah.
So, you still consider me your best friend, and i consider you one of mine (we still
gotta work on Kyle). It's nice to talk to you in study hall and make fun of hunter
(no matter what he says,..... he's still gay). You seem to stand up for me, and i
don't know why, but i don't mind all the same. I hope to see you next year.

AND THE VERY VERY VERY BEST girl friend for last

Paige <3 a.k.a cupcake:

I love you more then life and the world itself. You are so amazing and your always
there for me (must remember your always a phone call away). I am sorry if i am silent
when were on the phone, im just speachless, and i love to hear your voice and i miss
it very much ( you didn't call me yesterday -_-). I miss you alot and even if you do
move away, even FAR FAR away, I will still love you as much as if you were here, and
i would miss you very much (you already know that i broke down when you told me). I
can't wait untill i see you again, even if its not untill my birthday.

I made this widget at

:D I hope you know that i love you more then anything. AND i know i haven't told you this, and shouldn't be telling all of kupika but i will anyway. At night before i go to sleep at night i whisper "good night paige, I love you very much". As i said before i can't wait to see you again. 3.31.08 <3, I know it by heart. Photobucket

‹LooneyLizardman› says:   5 July 2008   432195  
well you've been busy haven't you?
‹Q79› says :   6 July 2008   892225  
yes i have

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