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Low carb Diet FRENZY!!!!Category: Diary Entries
Friday, 27 June 2008
10:34:29 AM (GMT)
Guess what?! Im updating this thing for the first time in a very long time! So this
weekend is fireworks...no clue what day this weekend but i know its this weekend.
Gonna have to try to quell my sister's annoyance with my younger cousin by keeping
them seperated as much as possible, but ya know, John tends to stick more to me than
her anyway, so it should be fine. Lets see....my brother wont be there, no clue why
he doesnt wanna spend time with us...but whatever. 
OMG, we just bought a Wii, its actually really fun, but all we have right now is Wii
sports which is the game it comes with and that can only be satisfying for so long! 
Also, me and my brother decided to start this diet where you eat little to no carbs.
And you know what you can eat that has no carbs? Fruit and veggies. Thats it,
everything else has tons of carbs, and not to mention that fruits and veggies probly
have some carbs too. My brother is freaking out cause he cant eat pasta, but i havent
been all too hungry for like...a month now...i dunno why but i still eat cause i like
the taste of things, which is bad. I eat as a habit i guess? Im not fat i supose i
just have excess blubber in places that i would really rather not have excess
My mom doesnt think we will last more than a week. We started on monday so we will
see. To be honest I have been cheating a bit, but a few carbs arent bad. I mean, I
had some peices of brownies the other day cause my sister made fresh ones. And let me
tell you, nothing gives you more random cravings than not being able to eat anything.
I went to the store looking in the frozen dinner isle and omg...stupid lean cuisine
and stuff had like..30g of carbs per serving and this whole per serving thing kinda
ticks me off cause you will have an already small box of food, and then it says
something ridiculous like 30g of carbs per serving, then your like...uhhh...well this
should be one serving right? WRONG!!! OH SO VERY WRONG! it actually says something
like 4 servings. And its like, this box is made for one person to have dinner with,
why are there so many carbs?
Anywho, the way this diet works, is you slow or ceise all together, the intake of
carbs which causes your body to pull the carbs it needs to be able to funtion out of
your bodies fat. My brother says its suposed to work rather quickly. and im gonna let
you in on how much i weigh people...
I weighed 145 when i weighed myself sunday before we started, but then again we both
shoved ourselves full of food that night since it was the last time we would be able
to eat tons of carbs for a long time!
So i usually weigh 143 when i weigh myself in the mornings. And then tuesday i
weighed myelf and i was 141.5 then wednesday was 140 and the past two mornings has
been 139.5

but keep in mind that im eating less so that sudden drop in weight is probly just
because im not eating so much for dinner. 
And lemme tell you, this diet has been me think that things look good that never
looked good to me before. When i was walking in the frozen food isle the other day i
was wanting every single thing i saw. when usually, before i started this diet, i
would take hours to find something that looked good. lol 
so needless to say, i have been eating lots and lots of fruit. delicious yummy fruit.

wow, i spent more time talking about my diet than i meant to but thats all thats
really going on with me lately so yea!!!
maybe we should start a kupika-wide low carb diet! lol one HUGE support group! yay!
Last edited: 28 August 2008

saralyn247 says:   28 June 2008   648814  
I'll join the support group. Lol. My mom wants me to GAIN weight...
because, I don't know why. O____o
Namina says:   28 June 2008   285956  
haha, its funny when moms say that
saralyn247 says:   14 July 2008   734962  
And the only reason she says that is because I'm taller than her and
weigh less. (Which is apparently saying something. Lol, she's like not
even 100 lbs. xD)
Namina says :   16 July 2008   365517  
hahahah. my mom tells me i dont need to lose weight but still is
alright with me dieting. cause she is bigger than me, so she thinks im
not fat. Which im not, im just a little chub chub. haha


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