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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
11:33:57 PM (GMT)
About You
Eye Color: hazel/brown/green ( it changes)
Hair Color: dark brown red highlights
Height: 5'2
Favorite Color:black,red 
Screen Name:
Favorite Band:Toy Box, Aqua, Jonas Brothers, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy,
Bowling for Soup
Favorite Movie:Haunting Hour
Favorite Show: The latest buzz
Your Car: n/a
Your Hometown: Comox BC ( hahahahah! Don't live there no more suckers!) 
Your Present Town: someplace
Your Crushes First Name: Nolan
Your Grade: 7th going on 8th
Your Style: different

- Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop: once to clean the gutters....
Kissed someone in the rain: nope but I've wanted to try
Danced in a public place: duh! called school dance
Smiled for no reason: always... lock thy true self inside
Laughed so hard you cried: nope havn't seen anything funny enough
Peed your pants after age 8: not once
Written a song: not a full song yet but it's really good so far
Sang to someone for no reason: yes... I do all the time
Performed on a stage: school play duh!
Talked to someone you don't know: well I don't know anybody on here so
Gone out of your way to befriend someone: no never really tried
Made out in a theatre: um... nope
Gone roller skating since 5th grade: sorta.. I can't really roller skate well but I
Been in love: not really true love
what do you think the answer is? what's the question? 

- Who was the last person to...
Say HI to you: my dad
On phone: my dad
Tell you, I love you: my dad
Kiss you: these lips are scared and not touched
More 'kiss' Kiss: Get away you perv!
Hug you: dad
Tell you BYE: cousin
Write you a note: secret admirer
Take your photo: some kid named Austin.. he's a creeper
Call your cell phone: rogers... need to pay
Buy you something: mom
Go with you to the movies: my class today
Sing to you: ? nobody yet
Write a poem about you: kid named Tyler.. but we were forced to write a poem about a
person we pulled out of a hat
Text message you: Nolan ♥
Touch you: what way? sickly-Russell........ Normal-dad

- What's the last...
Time you laughed: yesterday during cadets with some of my friends
Time you cried: yesterday when my mom wouldn't listen to me at all but she would do
whatever my brother or dad wanted
Movie you watched: Star Wars #4
Joke you told: A man walked out of the doctors office. His friends asked him what the
doctor said. The man sighed. " Looks like all those years of phone sex have caught up
to me. I have hearing aids!"
Song you've sang: I write Sins! Not tragites by Panic! At the disco
Drink you've had: sprite
Number you've dialed: I have no Idea how long it's been
Book you've read: The Phantom Isles
Food you've eaten: burger
Flavor of gum chewed: colbolt 
Shoes you've worn: arctic brand sneakers
Store you've been in: wal mart
Thing you've said:wal mart

- Can You...
Write with both hands: no
Whistle: duh
Blow a bubble: yep
Roll your tounge in a circle: not really
Cross your eyes: nope
Touch your tounge to your nose: never tried
Dance: DUH!!!!!
Gleek: yes I can gleek that's just totally a word
Stay up a whole night without sleep: not aloud to and never tried it
Speak a different language: bit of French Filipino, and Japanese
Impersonate someone: don't think so
Prank call people: oh ya!
Make a card pyramid: sorta
Cook anything: nope not yet
Burp anything never tried never will

- Finish The Line
I wish... I was famuse
So many people don't know that ... I want to take ballroom dancing
I am... really overly bored and want to role play
My heart is...made of glass almost anything can break it so be careful

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