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A girl named Yuki Chapter 2 part 2: Sisters?Category: A girl named Yuki
Sunday, 11 May 2008
01:45:01 PM (GMT)
Wow so we left when Raina and Yuki found out that they were
sisters........interesting. i dont know what to write..idk if i lost the bug to write
or if i just cant think.....idk.

Raina: so this means Yuki and I are...
Yuki: sisters?

Neko uncovers his ears

Raina and Yuki: *scream*

Neko falls to the ground...

Lunatrice: we didnt wanna like, stress you out.
Juro: So, this is us. Sorry we werent there for each of you.
Yuki: are we supposed to just say "It's okay"?
Raina: Well, its NOT okay. you guys are lying.
Yuki: i dont think they are lying Rae...
Neko: Ow. i think i am permanently deaf now....THANKS!
Raina: your welcome.
Yuki: And you...*punches Neko's arm*....knew about this!
Neko: hey, ouch. i just found out just randomly two hours ago!!!
Lunatrice: Yes, please dont blame your friend for this. Say you are sorry, Hon.
Yuki: Hon? Oh, no....no you didnt just call me Hon. I'm not your Hon.
Raina: chill son...just chill....
Yuki: i am chilled!!! I AM ICE COLD CHILLED!!!!!!
Juro: Please calm down, my daughter.
Raina: Gee, i wonder WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO!
Yuki: and you tell ME to chill...

Neko: wow...uhh..i think the phone is...uhh...ringing. Bye!

Yuki: I dont understand why we couldnt know earlier.
Raina: OR ya know like, why we couldnt just grow up together
Yuki: or never see each other at all
Raina and Yuki: ....ever.
Lunatrice: It's too complicated right now. Just pack your bags because we are going
Yuki: moving? Ms. Blue, i dont want to move
Lunatrice: Call me mom.
Yuki: Yeah..no, thanks.
Raina: Mom! I dont want to move! I actually have a LIFE here.
Juro: we are not leaving here. We are going on a family Vacation.
Lunatrice: there, we can tell you whats been going on.
Yuki: as long as we dont move....
Raina: we're fine....

Neko: Did i hear someone say move? Sir, Ma'aam, i dont want my best friends to leave
here. It's too fun.
Juro: they arent going-
Neko: Cuz they are like the coolest girlfriends i have ever had.
Yuki: Neko...
Neko: If you move i want to go to.
Raina: Neko..
Neko: but please for god's sake, dont move!
Lunatrice: Neko! Dear!
Neko: Dear?
Lunatrice: yes. Honey, we aren't moving. we are going on vacation so i can tell the
girls what is going on.....
Neko: okay. Just dont like it there more than you like it here.
Lunatrice: girls, go pack please? and Yuki and Juro, we are going to see you
tommorow. okay?

Stay tuned to see whats happening next later!

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