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How Taylor ( GlitterKelly ) became my BFFA. ( True Story )Category: (general)
Saturday, 29 March 2008
05:09:00 PM (GMT)
Taylor walked thehalls of Sancy Highschool. It was a perfectly normal day, in a
perfectly normal school. Taylor had brown hair, blue eyes, and her skin was white.
She loved reading, wrighting, and most of the classas in Sancy high. The bad parts
were that she was a goodie goodie, and count really stand up for herself. She had
maney friends and was very outgoing! But like I said before, it was a perfectly
normal day... for now.

Hey Taylor whats up? Zoey sked runny up behind Taylor.

Nothing. Taylor said. Taylor always had this blank look on her face when nothing was

Well, I've got something so freakish that your head will blow off!! Zoey annonced.

Really? Lets hear it then. Taylor giggled. Zoey paused. Taylor hated this, she never
likes to wait for exighting news. 

Well, come on spit it out! Taylor said, annoyed.

I've gotten an A in algibra!!! Zoey cried for the world to hear.

Yea... I've got to go to class now, cetch ya later Zoe! Taylor hesitated.

     After school wile Zoey was walking home Taylor started her black stare again. 

Would you cut that out, it looks like your dead or something! Zoey exclaimed. 

Maybe I wouldn't look dead if you would actully talk about something I wanted to talk
about. Taylor said. Just then as Thay walked on they say the river. The river use to
not be there, before it was a 50 feet deep dich. So the edges around the river were
steep and far above the water. But the water was still 30 feet deep.There was no
shallow end, it was all the same depth. If you would slip and fall into the river, it
would pull you downstreem underwater, to get to the point you would be dead. 

Anyways, Zoey and Taylor walked passed the river. While Zoey was talking to Taylor,
she sliped at the ground around the river. Zoey screamed but Taylor grabbed her leg
and pulled her up before she could fall in! But Zoeys necklace was dangling from a
branch stuck onto the side of the rivers high walls!

Taylor I have to get my necklace! Zoey cried. 

Are you crazy?! Taylor yelled over the roar of the river.

Just  grab my hands and-. All of the suddon the ground started to shake! Taylor and
Zoey were often use to this, but the ground knocked Taylor and Zoey off there feet,
and were falling down twards the raging river! Water was even more dangerous when
earthquakes when on!

Taylor seized a branck handing from the ground wall and grabbed Zoeys hand as she
dropped past her.

Are you okay?!! She cried.

I think so! Zoey cried to.

Don't let go of y hand okay?! Taylor yelled.

Okay! Zoey responded.

Taylor sarted to move her foot around the wall and balenced her feet on a large rock
sticking out of it. Now it the hand she was holding Zoey she moved Zoeys hand to
around her waist. She quickly took her free hand and grabbed a branch higher then the
once she was holding. Taylor heaved her feet up to a new rock. 

Taylor repeted this for a while longer untill she finally reached the flat ground.
She climbed up onto it and pulled Zoey up with her.  Taylor lay there gasping for
breath, while Zoey stared at the ground in ashtonishment.

Taylor looked at Zoeys hand with was holding the Necklace. 

You got it... back anong.. the way...up? Taylor gasped.

Yes. Zoey whisperd. 

30 Minets later they were both heading home. They would not tell anyone about this.
Not there parents, know one!

So thats our secret that Taylor agreed for me to put this here. This is a true story,
and happend recently. Taylor is now my Best Friend Forever Always ( BFFA ) and is
known on here as GlitterKelly. Viset here once in a while. ( By the way our ages are
wrong, we both are actully 14 years old lol ;-) )  Cetch Ya later!

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