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Lestat The Musical Angst . . . It's ClaudiA not ClaudiOCategory: (general)
Thursday, 20 March 2008
03:50:28 PM (GMT)
Angst. Aaaangst.

Lestat Angst is the worst Angst in the world. I use Claudia's songs for auditions,
and my dream is to appear as Claudia in a production of Lestat in the West End. Yes,
I do know that that is super super unlikely. I was just suddenly struck by the
thought that I'll never have that chance. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee. There it is, my Lestat
reference for today.

My best friend Medythia is a High School Musical fan. She doesn't understand my
interest in Lestat, and I quote her saying 'it's not a love story, it's boring.' My
father argues that Lestat is in love with himself. And Nicholas. And Louis. Squeee.
Squee is my favourite word. I use it to express all the Lestat love.

You know which characters don't get enough love? Claudia (Notice the a) and Nicholas.
Nobody moans about him, but he just seems to be neglected. I feel sorry for Nicholas.
And he doesn't get any songs in the musical, unless you count the Broadway's Bugs And
The Bears (Which, by the way, I don't.)

 Poor Nicky. First he flees to Paris away from his father with his best friend, then
his best friend becomes a big hit and loves his life whereas Nicky is sad, then
Lestat becomes a vampire and hardly sees him. And then he gets kidnapped by Armand,
and finds out that Lestat made a vampire of Gabrielle. Then, when he does get to be a
vampire, he is insane and only able to play the violin, and finally he goes into the
flames. I only typed that because I wanted to type Nicky lots. xD

I won an Easter egg for a card I made of an easter bunny jumping out of a basket. Not
much use for me because I don't celebrate Easter. Can you believe that my ACE group
put me up for the Easter quiz when I've missed loads of RE and I'm Pagan, so I don't
celebrate Easter to begin with? And I have lots of Easter Eggs. The good thing? I
don't have to wait until Easter to eat them. I didn't get a choice when we chose our
representative for the quiz. I just got told to stand up and that I was doing it. 

We've been out of lessons today, doing our photography project on Children's Rights.
Well, more accurately, half of today. I finished mine fairly quickly, and got told I
could do whatever I wanted. So I made a slideshow on powerpoint about Lestat, because
Medythia does not understand it. Lestat is not bring ; it is an awesome musical and
it is better then High School Musical.

We get to put music on our slide shows, and we got to choose as long as it had
something to do with Children's Rights. A lot of them wanted to put Cascada on (Don't
ask me why) except Medythia, who wanted John Lennon. Me? I chose Claudia's song I
Want More from Lestat The Musical, obviously. After all, Claudia is a woman trapped
in a child's body who should have had the right to grow up. And she wants more.
Should have had the right to grow up ; I should have used I'll Never Have That

There we go. A whole episode without Torchwood (And believe me I wanted to mention
the Jack and Ianto-ness). . . Be proud of me. xD
Last edited: 21 March 2008

Doctor_ says:   21 March 2008   291753  
Wow! You like to ramble on! xD

Oh I spotted a mistake!

A(nd believe me I wanted to mention the Jack and Ianto-ness). 

ZeClaudiaDoomThing says :   21 March 2008   572739  
It's not rambling! It's proper, well done ranting about my Lestat
angst. So :P


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