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A little more about "Jim"Category: about me
Saturday, 15 March 2008
08:14:52 PM (GMT)
Name: Well my real name, I believe it's on my birth certificate, is Scotty. But it got changed to Lora when I came out as a girl ._. Nickname: FishFinger, Jim, Jim-chan, Jimmy, The Jim, Great Mystic Bananer of Cows that will doom you all to HECK!, Jim Aboo, Shi, Chi, Lora Patsy Poodle, Patsy Poodle, Lora Pat, or just HEY YOU! Eye colour: Hazel, most of the time green Hair colour: A darker blonde Favourite colour: Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, and all the colors of the rainbow except pink :D Favourite music: I have a wide variety ;D Current Favourite band: ...Probably Evanescence ._. Current Favourite Film: Humtytumtum... Probably Music Man :D Favourite show: The Simpsons, as always :D Birthday: May 24 Birth Town: Albany, New York Present Town: Neverland :D Screenname: JimPi -_-;; .:Do you :. Own your house: I believe my parents do :D Have any pets: 3 dogs and two cats. [Dottie's here in spirit still v_v] Have any siblings: 2; Houston and Kelly Have a Boyfriend: ...Y'all make me feel lonely v_v Have a crush: +giggle fit+ Yes :3 Have a Best Friend: Duh. Syd rocks! Own a TV: Yes :D Have Boobs: Pssshhh, I wish v_v I'm so flat chested D: Sleep naked: o_e Noooo Sleep walk/talk: I have tons of stories of this :D A.] I giggle snort in my sleep. B.] I once said "No mommy, I don't want a torilla!" C.] I'm not sure if it's true or not, but my friends told me I did this in my sleep: I got out of bed and went in their kitchen. I got out a bananer, ate it, and threw it on them (they were following me). Then I went and pooped in their sink v///////v;; .: Have you ever :. Sat in gum: Nope Been kissed in the rain: ...Again, LONELY. Danced in public: Pshyaw :D Smiled for no reason: Of course <3 Laughed so hard you cried: Hee hee :D Pee'd your pants: ...Last night, okay??!! We had a major food fight, and I was giggling too hard and got sprayed with water. I really had to go >:| Written a song: Nope Sung in the shower: Ohyeah. Performed on stage: Yes :D Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours: Never. I'm not a phone person Gone out of your way to make a new friend: Not really v_v;; Made out in a Theatre: What do you not understand about LONELY??? Gone rollerskating since Year 8: I haven't been rollerblading in FOREVER o_o Been in love: What is Love dangit? Looked in the mirror every time you passed it: It can't be helped v_v;; Kissed your mum in public: Of course :D I'll be like "I love you mommy!" Held your dad's hand when you were scared: Yes :D Tripped someone right after you helped them off of the floor: ...Surprisingly no o_o;; I've got planning to do >:] .: Who was the last person who :. Said hi to you: Cory :D Kissed you: Georgia probably o_O I love that little girl xD Hugged you: Mamabugs :3 Told you they loved you: MamaBugs :D Said +F word+ You, +B word+: I am appalled you think I'd say that. Shame. Wrote you a note: Probably... Nicole. Took your picture: Georgia xD You called: Shaina's grandma on accident :D Called you: Shaina Went to the cinema with you: ...Shaina and Lileeya Sang to you: my mom. We were singing together <3 IMed you: my IM ain't workin' -_-;; You wrote a poem to: Probably my english teacher for a project :D .: What's the last... :. Time you cried: A few hours ago... My sister was telling my grandma where we buried Dottie and I walked in on their conversation... Time you laughed: Just now :D Book you read: Harry Potter 3, again. Food you ate: Speghettios Flavour of gum you chewed: Lemon-Lime...? Shoes your wore: My brand new Converses with polkadotted kitties! Store you went in: Krogers Thing you said: Krogers xD Time you looked at the time: I'm trying really hard not to look at the time right now... But probably a few minutes ago :D Film you watched: Aristocats <3 Joke you told: O_o How should I remember? I am always joking around :D Song you sang: Miss Baltimore Crab .: Can you :. Write with both hands: I wish ._. Whistle: ...Sucking in yes :D Blow a bubble with gum: Maaayybe :D(yes) Cross your eyes: >:D +crosses eyes+ Touch your tongue to your nose: I can do more than that with my tongue :D Dance: Oh, crap no xD Stay up all night without any sleep: Yes, but I'm delirious the next day xD Speak a different language: ...I'm learning spanish? Impersonate someone: Yes; Jim Carrey's The Grinch >:3 Prank call people: xD Yes. Make a card house: I can balance myself... on two feet. What make you think I can balance CARDS on top of eachother? Cook: French Toast :D Sing: Lileeya thinks so >> Love: v_v I may never know... +stares dramtically in the sky+ Say your ABC's backwards: ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIhgfedcba :D Hop on one foot & keep your balance:Amazingly, that's easier for me than standing on two feet on flat ground o_O .: Finish the line :. If I were a/n: bananer -- I'd: probably eat myself :D My Best Friend is: apples and milk So many people don't know that: I'm in love with peoples' lips. My Boyfriend is: Steve, Paul, Paul, Fred xD Stolen from: MewMewIchigo~

‹Kiwily<3› says:   15 March 2008   893425  
+still laughing from the scotty thing+
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   15 March 2008   231293  
I was wondering how y'all would take it xD
mewmewichigo says:   15 March 2008   662237  

Scotty? xDD
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   15 March 2008   516845  

Your birthday is a day before mine.
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   15 March 2008   537821  
Dangit, ZOey!
mewmewichigo says:   15 March 2008   746349  
NO MORE 'Y'!!!
My stupid teacher spelled my name that way on my Report Card T___T
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   15 March 2008   682466  
Are you serious?
I think teacher's are mental these days :D
‹Puppeh.› says:   15 March 2008   819382  
Thats awesome.

My birth certificate came out wrong too.

And yes teachers are mental these days.
Emalynn_W says:   15 March 2008   231457  
> I just filled out this whole thing and then kupika logged me out
and I can't find it!!!! UUUUUUURGH it took me like an hour >___<      
 *gets all mad*
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   15 March 2008   961733  
I'm sorry to hear that, Emmy xD

Scotty's a sexy name ;D
angelstar847 says:   16 March 2008   627127  
Jim Jim Jim!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   16 March 2008   858517  
It's Scotty xD
‹HyperStrawberries!› says :   16 March 2008   824685  
*laughs so hard that falls out of chair*

Sorry, i am easy to make laugh!

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