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Saturday, 22 December 2007
09:40:55 PM (GMT)
You want to know how nice girl like me became the madam of a New Orleans brothel. It all started in Savanna, Georgia. My father was from Ireland so he had no family in this country. My mother was an unexpected child of a woman in her forties. Her only living relative by the time I was born was a sister that was twenty years older than she was. The sister was gone when Mom was born. They had lost contact with her long before Mom was grown. My parents lived in the country in an old farmhouse. It had a horse barn with individual stalls out back. They had not had horses in them in years. Dad was always fixing old cars. He would have two or three old junkers in the stalls rebuilding them. He would fix one and sell it just to buy another. Mom was a housewife that was very religious woman that loved to go to religious revival meeting when they were in the area. So she raised me with Hellfire and Damnation. Not that it impressed me much. I realized very young that they were fornicating crooks that were just using the faith of people like my mother, to make themselves rich. I don't know when I found out about sex but I was very young. It is funny how as you get older you only remember parts of your childhood. What you remember is traumatic events or joyous events. My first sexual memory is the first time my mother caught me having sex with another girl. She was a neighbor girl about my age. I have long since forgotten the name of the girl. We were in the back seat on an old 1938 Oldsmobile four door sedan. The mohair seat covers were worn and smelled of dust. This neighbor girl and I were comparing the cracks between our legs. We had removed our cotton underwear and she was sitting on the back seat with her summer dress up around her waist and her legs spread open. I was kneeling on the floorboards and I was inspecting her crack. Mom opened the back door just as I was kissing her on the pussy. She grabbed me by my ponytail and drug me out of the car. She whipped my ass all the way to the house where she made me wash my face and mouth with soap and water. That burned it into my memory for life. A few days later I checked out the car and found her panties and hid them in my room so I could smell them when I masturbated. I lost count of the number of times she caught me masturbating and whipped me and made me confess my sins at revival meetings. What she didn't know was that a couple of women that taught the children at the meetings were thrilled to hear me confess my desire to play with myself and other girls. They convinced my mother that I needed special guidance to correct my wanton desires. They would pick me up a couple of nights a week. They would take me to the revival meeting location. They had a tent set up for the meetings and the staff had trailers and busses out back. These two women had their own trailer set aside from the rest. When we would enter the trailer they would tell me that the way to fight the devil in me was to get it out in the open. I could never tell my mother or father how they were treating me. They were close to me in this small trailer and I was getting a warm feeling between my legs. I wanted to put my finger in the hole right then. I didn't have to do it as it turned out. The two women said that I should inspect the thing that was holding me in the devil's grip. I asked, "How do I do that?" The woman named Sister Ruth said, "We will let you inspect our secret place until I was satisfied and could put the devil behind me." With that Sister Ruth and Sister Mary lifted their dresses and showed me their connective cotton underpants. They were thick white with a double layered crotch but their dark pubic shadow was visible above the reinforced crotch. They hooked their fingers in the waistbands of their panties and pushed them down and stepped out of them. They both sat on the couch facing the door and invited me to inspect them. I knelt in front of Sister Ruth and ran my finger through the course hair. It was warm and wet. I moved closer and smelled her warm cunt. I stuck out my tongue and licked her. She started praising the Lord. Sister Mary wanted me to check her out too. I moved over at her request and started licking her vagina. Mary started singing the parses of the Lord too. After they had both climaxed they wanted to see if I had an infection that was making me a vessel of the devil. They had me stand and take all my clothes off and they picked me up and sat me on the little dinning table. Ruth opened my legs and opened my vagina. Mary was feeling my flat chest. My little nipples were hard when she touched them. Ruth probed my vagina until she felt my hymen. It kind of hurt when her finger touched it. Ruth made the announcement that she did not see any infection. She said, "I better taste it to see if there is any infection. She put her mouth over my vagina and started licking. I did not know what happened to me. I started jerking and got light headed. That was my first climax. I felt so relaxed that I wanted to go to sleep. Mary said, "I better check it out too." She moved between my legs after Ruth got out of the way. When she started licking me I wrapped my legs around her head and humped her face like a wanton little slut. When they brought me home they told my mother that they felt I needed to study the bible under their tutelage for some time to come. To make sure that all my wanton desires were purged. My mother actually thanked them and assured them that I would be available for them to exercise the evil sprits from me. For several months, two or three time a week they would come by and pick me up. Mom never even noticed that every time they picked me up Ruth and Mary took turns driving. As soon as the car cleared town I would be between the legs of the passenger with my head under her skirt licking her until she would climax. The only thing that stopped this arrangement was that my parents died in a car wreck. From the accident filed by the State Troopers they were coming home from a shopping trip into town when apparently a tie rod broke on the old Oldsmobile and the car wrapped itself around a telephone pole. They were both dead before the ambulance even got to the crash sight. They were buried within three days. The day of the funeral my Aunt Martha arrived with court orders placing me in her custody. This was truly a traumatic experience for me; my parent die and I meet my mother's sister for the first time. The evangelist women were about to make me their foster child. The thought of having the two of them to sleep with every night had my panties wet. When Aunt showed up I was dishearten that I was being up rooted from the only home I had ever know. We didn't have much time to get to know each other. Martha was an attractive woman for her age. Her skin showed the care of a lot of pampering and her skin was creamy as if she never saw the sun. She dressed in a gray business suit with a lavender silk blouse. She has on tasteful black pearls for the funerals. Her gray hair was styled very nicely and framed her pleasant face with a full figure. After the funeral I packed what few belongings I wanted to take with me. Aunt Martha and I caught a plane to New Orleans after making arrangements to have my parents estate liquidated and put in trust for me. She assured me that when we got home anything I needed we would buy. On the plane ride Aunt Martha tried to prepare me for my new life. She told me that she owned a business and that her colored maid...named Cherie. She would look me after most of the time. She didn't say what her business was; other than to say that it was best left unsaid what it was. When our taxi arrived in the Latin Quarter we were on a back street. We entered through a rod-iron gate in a very tall red brick wall. Inside the gate was a small patio and a staircase to a second floor apartment. When she opened the door we were met by a very pretty black woman that looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had a very sweet sounding thick Cajun accent. She was dressed in a very erotic maid's uniform. Martha looked at her and said I think we are going to have to get you a more conservative uniform if you are going to look after my niece. I was given a room decorated appropriately for a girl my age on the third floor. Because of the humid heat all the windows were open to let air ventilate the rooms. The air was thick with the smell of whisky. I could hear jazz music and laughter coming from the other side of the building coming up from the ground floor. I was enrolled in a private school. I became aware that the other street behind the entrance of the apartment was where my Aunt Martha's business was. She would not tell me what the business was. All I knew was that she slept late and stayed up later. I started pumping the maid Cherie what the business was. She avoided telling me anything about what was going on. I happened to catch her in the bathroom one day by accident. I walked in on her sitting on the toilet masturbating. She begged me not to tell Ms. Martha. I told her I wouldn't, under two conditions. She was quick to agree to my terms. I told her first I want to know what Martha does for a living. She cried that, "She could not tell me because Ms. Martha would fire her. What is the second request?" I told her, "You and I will kiss and suck each other's pussies every day." Cherie was shocked to hear a child my age talk about sucking pussies. She wanted to know how I knew about such things. I told her I had been having sex with the two evangelists for months. She wanted all the details. As I stood there telling her about the two women she sat there and started masturbating again. By the time I had told her everything she was right on the edge of a climax. I stepped forward and knelt in front of her and opened her legs so I could kiss her on her black curly haired cunt. Her labia was much darker than her coffee and cream colored skin. When I opened her cunt it was red on the inside. I licked her until she climaxed. The inside of the canal was dripping wet. When Cherie recovered she removed my panties and sat me on the sink then she sucked me until I climaxed. That became our daily routine when I would get home from school we would go to her room and take turns sitting on each other's face. I pestered her every day to tell me what kind of business Martha was running. Cherie tried to avoid my request. But one day I found a paneled wall that had a hidden door in it. I was about to walk down the stairs when Cherie walked in and stopped me. I told her I wanted to see where the stairs led too. She told me I was to never go down the stairs. Before she could grab me I was down the stairs. Cherie came down the stairs after me. When I got to the ground level I found a lot of windows. The world I was looking into was something very exciting to me. The room was filled with women in very reveling clothes. Cherie caught up with me. Cherie told me they were one way mirrors. She told me, "Honey child you should not be looking in there." I asked. "What is going on in there? Cherie said, "Your Aunt runs a house of prostitution for women only. All the women in there work for your Aunt. I was fascinated to see the variety of women there. Some were a little hard looking like they were tired. Most of them were young and pretty good looking women. A few of them look very young. Cherie told me about the young looking ones they all had identification that said they were adults. She would not say that any of them were under aged. She said that my Aunt had sold their virginity several times apace. The girls had a way of cutting their vagina to convince the women customers that bid on them that they broke their hymen for the first time. Cherie led me on a tour of the hidden halls. We saw every room through the mirrors. They were all nice rooms in different themes. The rooms were set up differently: some were plush bedrooms, some were set up as nurseries, some were set up like stables and some were even set up for S&M. Cherie had to explain what S&M was. As we were looking in on what was going on in the rooms Cherie was standing behind me. She had one hand under my tank top feeling my little nipples. The other hand was shoved down the front of my shorts and her fingers were stroking my crotch while she was kissing my cheek. Cherie told me the halls were air-conditioned and soundproofed for the comfort of a select group of prominent women that liked to watch women making love. She told me that a lot of women were willing to pay big money to watch the girl's service the customers like we were doing now. The customers were acting their fantasies with the girls. Some were acting like misbehaving children and others were acting like the parent to the girls. After that day I would sneak down and watch them as I masturbated. As I grew older my Aunt Martha didn't know I knew what her business was. One night she was not feeling well and took a prescription drug that put her in a delusional euphoric state. I helped her to bed and got her dressed for bed. In the state she was in she was being playful and started playing with my baby fat breasts. I thought of stopping the play before it got out of hand but decided to see just how far it would go. After all Aunt Martha was old enough to be my grandmother. Martha reached between my legs and stroked me panties through my skirt. I started removing her nightgown and playing with her breasts. I could not resist taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking them one at a time. As her excitement increased she reached under my skirt and pulled my panties aside so she could fondle my hairless little vagina. She begged me to get on the bad so that she could taste my pussy. I slipped out of my clothes and got up on her bed and straddled her head at her request and lowered my crotch to her mouth. When she started licking me I leaned forward and kissed her vagina. I made her cum in my mouth before she tasted my cum. She dosed off after she climaxed. I curled up next to her and fell asleep myself. In the morning Aunt Martha woke up and remembered what we had done the night before and felt remorse. She tried to apologize to me. I stopped her by kissing her mouth to shut her up. Of course we were both in need of peeing. I climbed over her and headed for her bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet peeing when she entered the room. She brushed her teeth while I finished. When I finished wiping I got up so she could pee. When she was finished I wiped her dry and then I brushed my teeth. She followed me back to her bed and sat next to me. She wanted to know everything and I told her everything. She laughed when she found out that Cherie had been making love to me for months. She rang for Cherie and requested breakfast to be served in bed. Cherie returned in a half-hour with a serving cart with breakfast for two and a pot of coffee. Martha had Cherie join us for coffee. Then she asked, "Don't you feel over dressed? Cherie stood up and removed her clothes and joined us on the bed. We spent the day in a tangle of arms and legs. When night came and Martha had to check on the girls I slipped on a gown and joined her in the walk down the hidden stairs to the brothel. She introduced me to all the women. There was a lot of feeling and kissing going on. More than one of the women wanted to have a date with me. I was thrilled at the idea of all the different women I was going to get to play with, plus all the customers that would come through the front door. Martha sold my virginity at least a half-dozen times before I developed into a physical woman. By the time I had fully developed breasts and a growth of dark pubic hair between my legs I was a seasoned hooker. We lived together as mother and daughter until Aunt Martha died of old age. I was her sole heir. Now I own the lesbian brothel and Cherie is my maid. We run the place just as Martha did. Of course when we are alone Cherie's maid costume is nothing more than white linen apron that does not prohibit my seeing her dark labia or the chocolate areolas of her breasts. She is a full partner in the business now and only acts as my maid because it pleases her to do so.
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talkstoomuch says:   22 December 2007   384493  
This one is really good. I liked it
hellawaits says:   23 December 2007   385219  
like i was sayin, lots of blood movin' 
‹~A SuP3r Star & Princ3ss!!!~› says:   23 December 2007   131546  
that's a nice story
cheatagirl123 says:   27 December 2007   711264  
it needed more details on the sex part
tinkerbellfan says:   28 December 2007   412846  
wow is there more?
5_star_sex_stories says:   29 December 2007   978172  
cool Goldie like!!! ^^
‹***!BICURIOUS PURPLE!***› says:   5 January 2008   518173  
wow nice
leo_charlotte says:   7 January 2008   287895  
i luved tht
bre1030 says:   4 February 2008   744824  
that was the shit
i luved it
les_girl101 says:   24 February 2008   922969  
tht was so fuckin hot
sexsexlove says:   26 February 2008   783775  
I cummed when I read it!
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says:   9 March 2008   746846  
that was good
sealagoon2733 says:   6 April 2008   843378  
that was so awsome!
Writing_Love says:   24 April 2008   329173  
I nearly cummed when I read that
Oh god fantastic
koroko says:   15 May 2008   476837  
I think you should write more of these stories
rihanna25 says:   6 September 2008   865719  
i cummed so bad n read all ur stories bicth
clov555 says:   27 October 2008   247254  
you should write more stories!They rock!!!!!!!!
‹Simplicity♥› says:   1 February 2009   245379  
You should do more like these (:
‹Sex_me_Puppy_Dog› says:   22 April 2009   735581  
OMG , i cummed so bad :O
‹~WildBerri~› says :   8 February 2010   968870  
I loved this one the innocence on a little girl and some nuns was
awesome you should write more like this it turned me on so much!

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