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Have You Been Naughty or NiceCategory: Quiz
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
07:05:30 PM (GMT)
Have You Been Naughty or Nice?
Year's almost up... what's your score? Have you done your best to do the right thing?
Have you lived up to your potential? Have you cheated on someone who loves you?
Judgment is at hand. (Actually it's just a personality quiz. No biggie.) 
 While backing out of a parking lot, you scrape another car's bumper, and the plastic
cracks a little. What do you do?  
   Drive away and forget about it. That's what bumpers are for, right?  
   Tuck an apologetic note under the windshield wiper, including my contact
   Go into the nearest store and have the driver paged.  
Remember that CD you borrowed from you-know-who? Did you give it back?  
    Yes, but scratched.  
When's the last time you told your parents you love them?  
 When I wanted money.  
   Very recently.  
   If I call them right now does that count?  
   Hmmm. I don't really remember.  
   I haven't said it out loud, but I think they know by my actions and respect.  
Would you ever log in to someone else's email account?  
   Maybe, if I had a really good reason.  
   Sure. If someone has a password that's easy to guess, I might pretend to be them
just to mess with people.  
If you call in sick, it usually means:  
  My friend has an extra ticket to an amusement park, and that sounds like more fun
than working.  
   I'm a germy, coughing, sneezy mess.  
   I have a school project that's due tomorrow and I need a little extra time to
finish it.  
Do you floss?  
   Yes, Mom.  
You go out to dinner with a big group of friends. When the bill comes, you:  
   Put down exactly what I owe.  
   Put in a little extra, in case anyone forgets to tip.  
   Chip in a little less than I owe. Nobody will notice.  
 Did you covet your neighbor's bf/gf?  
   Come on. A person can LOOK, can't they?  
   Covet? Baby, I took.  
Have you been good to your body this year?  
   Well, my body likes to party, and I partied a lot. Does that count?  
   I went through healthy phases and not-so-healthy phases.  
   Yes, I ate right, did my yoga, and got plenty of sleep.  
When your parents or roommate point out that it's your turn to vacuum, you say:  
   "K, just a second!" and do it.  
   "Ugh, I hate cleaning," but do it anyway.  
   "Oh, come on! The rug isn't that dirty."  
Have you cheated on any tests this year?  
   Nope. I believe in a little thing called "studying."  
   One, but I felt really guilty.  
   A few, but it's fine, because I got away with it.  
Did you do any volunteering or give your own time or money to any charities?  
   Not really.  
Do you recycle?  
   When it's convenient.  
   When it's mandatory.  
This year, have you told anyone how a movie ends?  
   Of course! Sometimes I even describe the ending loudly as I'm leaving the theater.
   Never. I wouldn't want to risk ruining it for someone else.  
   Once or twice, but I only do it if I'm positive the person doesn't want to see
that movie.  
Which movie title best describes your life this year?  
   Little Miss (or Mr.) Sunshine  
   A Series of Unfortunate Events  
   Sin City  
Curse much?  
   %$&@!, you caught me.  
How often have you lied since last December?  
   I can name the lies and tell you why I told them. And they were "white" lies.  
   I never ever ever ever ever lie.  
   I've lied a few times.  
   I smell burning. Perhaps it's my pants, which may or may not be on fire.  
Have you betrayed anyone's secrets this year?  
   I did but I apologized.  
Do you remember the name of every person you made out with this year?  
   Of course!  
   All but one.  
   Hey, that question implies I knew their names in the first place. 

Okay, this isn't a quiz where you put in A's or B's, its just to tell if you've been
naughty or nice.

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