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I'm 76% nerd :DCategory: quiz
Wednesday, 28 November 2007
05:00:47 PM (GMT)
[x] you own/owned a pair of glasses
[x] you've played some sort of video game 5 hours straight [clash of ninja 2 :D]
[x]you have GI Joes or toy dinosaurs [DINOS FOREVAAA]
[ ] you pack your lunch to school [used to, not I go to the library during lunch]
[x] reading books is fun

[x] you go to the library to hang out  [YEAH!!!! xD]
[x] you correct people's grammar [my family hates me for it xD]
[x] math class is fun [only cause my math teacher's cool XD]
[x] told someone a joke and nobody laughed [sometimes I wonder if people can hear
[x] took high school courses in middle school

[x] you like eating chinese/japanese food with chopsticks [chopsticks are fun x3]
[ ] you've won a spelling bee [can't speak in public...I pwn at written spelling
tests though! XD]
[ ] girls/boys have cooties!
[x] you've watched TV for 4 hours straight
[x] sports are just not your thing

[x] you've had a pet tarantula snake and/or lizard [2 anoles, when I was little XD]
[x] you cried because you got a bad grade on something  [*whistles*]
[x] your homework is ALWAYS turned in on time 
[x] you're never late for class [unless it's not my fault T__T]
[ ] Spiderman is the coolest superhero ever

[x] you've corrected the teacher [in elementary school, about a dinosaur XD]
[ ] you want to be a lawyer or surgeon/doctor when you grow up [D: ew science]
[ ] you have a napoleon dynamite t-shirt 
[x] you almost always have a pen or pencil for class [forget almost. always.]
[x] you're an honour student

Ok, now multiply by x4 and repost this[in a diary entry] as "I'm __% nerd!"

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