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Randomness 15.... Am I up to 15???Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2007
01:10:11 PM (GMT)
750. Do you think history should be taught in school? Yeah
751. Why? Cause sometimes it's interesting
752. Have you heard about the six degrees of separation? Yeah 
753. Can you trace your connection to the President of the United States that way?
754. How about the queen of England? Yesh :D
755. The Sri Lanken ambassador to Italy? Nopej
756. Is there one? Dunno
766. Do you know where Sri Lanka is? I think so 
767. How about Germany? I'm not sure
768. What's a country next to Germany? Don't have a clue =D
769. What's the first line of your favorite song? At the moment I don't have one
770. What's so great about that song? Dunnah :D
771. What song can you not stand? Anything too pop :D
772. Does music have a big part in your life? Yeah
773. Can you make music? Kinda
774. How? I can sing :D
775. Do you have a five year plan? No
776. Do you want a five year plan? No
777. Is there anyone that thinks you should have a five year plan? My dad 
778. Do you talk to yourself? Sometimes
779. Out loud? Only sometimes
780. Where people can hear you? No 
781. Have you met anyone who talks out loud? Yes 
782. Do they know? I'm not sure
783. Do you talk in your sleep? Yeah :D
784. Do you sleep walk? No
785. Do you know what sleep paralysis is? Yeah
786. Is that the right term? I think so
787. Have you ever experienced it? Nope
788. What's one thing you want to do before you die? No 
789. Why is it important to you? ...
790. How long do you want to live? To about 70 
791. Does eternity scare you? No
792. What is one place you want to visit sometime? Japan 
793. What do think happens when you die? You meet all the people you wanna meet, who
have died
794. What do you want to happen when you die? That
795. Do you like philosophy? What is it??
796. Would you ever attach an apple to your head and let someone try to shoot it with
a bow and arrow? No 
797. Or a gun? NO!
798. What's your theme song? Errr, don't have one
799. If you don't have one, who would you want to write it? I'm not sure
800. When would you use a theme song? At the beginning of they day

801. State a fact. I am is 16
802. State a lie. I have purple feet

Write a word that is five letters or longer that starts with the letter... 
803. A ~ Alphabet
804. B ~ Bringing
805. C ~ Catching
806. D ~ Doorknob
807. E ~ Elephant
808. F ~ Frying
809. G ~ Gatepost
810. H ~ Happily
811. I ~ Igloo
812. J ~ Jumper
813. K ~ Kangaroo
814. L ~ Lizard
815. M ~ Makeshift
816. N ~ Nicely
817. O ~ Octagon
818. P ~ Postman
819. Q ~ Quake
820. R ~ Rabbits
821. S ~ Snowstorm
822. T ~ Tablets
823. U ~ Unicycle
824. V ~ Violet
825. W ~ Waterwash
826. X ~ Xylophone
827. Y ~ Yacht
828. Z ~ Zebra

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