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I Wonder...Category: (general)
Sunday, 9 September 2007
05:39:32 PM (GMT)
I was looking a Starwarschick's diary entry entitled "Kupika members... what
rung of the social ladder are you on?" and I was wondering which catagory I fit. Here
are the catagories Starwarschick came up with:

The Oekakiers: These members are mostly on the top rung at the Kupika social
ladder. Known for their beautiful and wonderful oekakis, these people often are on
the top because they are artistic and friendly at the same time. 
The Intellectuals: These older members are mostly very smart-looking and
hardly use chatspeak. They are mostly considered as geeks, but very popular ones, as
they find other like-minded intellectuals.
The Wannabe or Lower Intellectuals: These people consider themselves smart
and do write stories, draw and talk about world issues. As mature as the
Intellectuals, although they seem younger and use a lot of chatspeak.
The Desperate Ones: These members are common, too common in fact. Usually
crave for love of the opposite sex and have atrocious grammar and use chatspeak.
The Floaters: These members are the most common and usually float with the
tide. Most of them are very nice and love to talk to people.
The Cyberers: Usually looking for someone to make love with. Generally
despised by the public but they are happy when they find others to cyber with.

Please comment telling me what catagory you think I fit and be fully truthful.

The original diary entry can be found here:

Oroborus21 says:   9 September 2007   753826  
hah i think i fit in all of them   

Interestingly, its just like it was when i was in high school...namely
i wasnt a member of any one group but shared aspects of many so-called
cliques and divided my association between the: Jocks, Soshs (preps
today), Geeks-Gifted-Acadamics, Stomps or Shit-kickers (aka Cowboys or
Country-folk), Mexicans (all latinos) and such...and I was considered
a bit of a individual Rogue/Loner/Weirdo (so that probably would have
made me in with the emos-goths, etc. types today).......
a7xluver09 says:   9 September 2007   997837  
i think you may be a floater!
DarkFaerie writes:   9 September 2007   782427  
I read the diary entry. I'm either a floater or a lower intellectual.
Lyncheh says:   11 September 2007   496147  
But..why do the intellectuals have to be older? I hardly use
chatspeak, but I'm younger. Just because I don't bastardise my English
doesn't mean I have to be old..
Bernie says :   11 September 2007   566343  
I barely use chat speak either. It makes me feel stupid.

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