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Saturday, 25 August 2007
11:49:44 PM (GMT)
Leslie Haruno
Amanda Uzamaki
Mandy Hyuuga (Neji’s Sister and three months older than Brandy)
Brandy Hyuuga (Hinata’s sister)
Enemy: Heather Hyuuga (The Hyuuga’s most hated cousin)
			Age 8:
	The old man Hokage was sitting at his desk, when four girls from three different
families walked inside. One girl had brown hair, glasses, and behind those sparkling
glasses, held the sweetest brown eyes. Her name was Leslie Haruno. She had a cousin
named Sakura Haruno. She was wearing a demin jumper with a black undershirt. 
	Another girl stood beside her. She had curly brown hair that went up to her
shoulders, hazel eyes, and the rockiness body in the academy. Her name was Amanda
Uzamaki. She was wearing a blue tank top and a miniskirt.
	Next to her held two Hyuugas. One Hyuuga, the closest, had short, black hair, and
lavender eyes. She wore a pair of demin shorts, a purple tank, a demin jacket, and a
beret on her head. She had the most fashion sense in the eight year old class. She
had the shyest sister ever, Hinata Hyuuga. Her name was Brandy Hyuuga.
	      Besides Brandy, another Hyuuga stood by her side. Her name was Mandy and she
was Brandy’s cousin. Neji’s younger sister or the cadet branch’s worst
talented. Neji and her always trained and that was about to change. She was wearing a
fishnet gloves, a black tank, and a white skirt. 
	Why were they summoned? Their family had to choose the most talented girls to go on
a deadly mission. Of course, Mandy didn’t understand why she had to go. Neji was
the most talented in her clan.
	“Girls, you will need this.” Third Hokage said holding out a kunai. “You want
us…to…” Amanda stuttered as she struck her headband with the kunai. A thin
crack across her headband then appeared. “What did you do, Amanda?” Mandy asked
her. “Well, I found a scroll in my house and it was for my mother before she died.
It read, ‘Lord Hokage, I would like you to allow my daughter, Amanda Lee Uzamaki,
to be part of the death mission. I hope she and her friends will defeat the
Akatsuki.’ I realized that I was to join Konoha’s death mission.” Amanda
replied smiling. Leslie then followed Amanda’s example and struck her headband.
Knowing it was for a good cause, Brandy did it to make her father proud of her. Mandy
asked Lord Hokage, “Lord Hokage, why was I chosen for this mission?!” she
	Everyone stopped and looked at Mandy. “Mandy you were chosen because… I am very
sorry to tell you. Your mother, before she died was favorite Kunochi in the village. 
She sent me a note and she wanted you to be happy and glad. When you were two, when
she died, you used to never smile and laugh. So she wanted you to be happy.
Nevertheless, your uncle chose you because you were the most talented. Not in the
Hyuuga Arts, but in strength and Genjustu.” Lord Hokage replied. With those words
of goodbyes, they were casted out of the village.
				Age 13
	Standing in there Akatsuki robes, they were so sad. Not only had Leslie and Amanda
been put to the team that killed their friend’s family, but Mandy and Brandy were
gone from them. 
	Brandy and Mandy were standing next to Sasori, who was working on his puppets. They
were painting their nails blackish red, like they always did. Pretty normal for a
group of girls, right? WRONG! They were, pretty much, the only girls in the Akatsuki.

	Now Mandy had become really good with her cousin. She and Brandy always sent their
secret messages to Konoha by sound. Mandy had taught her younger cousin how to play
the flute. They had also taught Hinata and Sakura how to play before they left. Now
only Hinata and Sakura could understand what they said.          
			A Few Months Later…
	The Hokage had died and Naruto was on his way to get Lady Tsunade.  On their way
back, they ran into some trouble. Two girls jumped out of the trees. They were
wearing Akatsuki cloaks. They removed their masks to show the sweetest faces ever.
“Are your names Leslie and Amanda?” Jiraya asked eyeing them. “Hai!” they
said smiling. 
	Just then Naruto’s face loosened and he took out a kunai. He ran to Amanda. Just
like Sasuke would have done, she easily dodged his attack. “Naruto! What are you
doing?!” Shizune yelled. “Nothing! He’s trying to beat me like always, right
Naruto?” Amanda replied dodging for the sixth time in a row. Tsunade grabbed
Naruto’s shoulders and shook him. 
	He stopped and Amanda jumped back to Leslie. “You no good lousy traitor Amanda!”
he yelled. “Huh?” Amanda asked confused. “You left the village and you ran to
the Akatsuki!” Naruto replied. “Oh, Amanda-chan. Did Lord Hokage tell that about
us? Please tell me he didn’t.” Leslie said turning towards her partner.
“Naruto, these girls and two others are helping Konoha.” Jiraya replied. “With
Death?” Naruto replied. 
	“Oh yeah, they are going after Shukaku next. Here,” Amanda replied tossing him a
scroll. “This says top secret. Jiraiya what have you been up to?” Tsunade asked. 
 “Nothing much Tsunade why do you ask?” Jiraiya replied. “Just who are u and
what do you want?!?!” Lady Tsunade asked. 
	“Oh, my bad. I’m Amanda Uzamaki. This is my partner and best friend, Leslie
Haruno. We have been spies since we were able to hit a target with sebon a 100/100
which was age 8.” Amanda said. 
	Amanda saw, from the corner of her eye, that Naruto was getting his Rassegan ready
for battle. Apparently, Leslie did too and she pulled Amanda out of the rushing
justus’s way. Leslie then pulled out her scrolls. “We didn’t come to fight
Leslie.” Amanda said putting Leslie’s scrolls down.
	“We have to go, oh yeah Naruto, here.” Amanda said tossing him a scroll. She and
Leslie disappeared with sad looks.

That was the last time Naruto ever saw Amanda again. Well, until he and she were
Last edited: 25 August 2007

HinataHyuuga1056 says :   25 August 2007   935724  
Tell mer wut you guys think.


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