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VentingCategory: Things i am depressed/worried/angry/happy about
Saturday, 25 August 2007
10:39:36 PM (GMT)
Well i talked to my ex today. She seemed very calm. unlike me who can barly stop
thinking about her. She talked about Joey and everything and that made me feel like i
had been forgotten. Out of her life forever. Which remined me i wanted a time machine
to go back a year and stop myself from saying anything stupid to her. I felt really
stupid while on the phone with her. I told her that i wouldn't hate JOey; just
dislike him, and be jealous of him. She had told me that Joey thought they were
together. That made me cry. She knew how much i love her ut she went on not knowing
about the tears i was shedding. I was about to try to forget her but i remembered my
quote. "A man who trys to forget about a woman never loved her" I wanted to forget
about her so badly' but i want to be with her again. Whenever i talk to her. or when
im near her; my heart starts to beat fast. I said i'd help her ask Joey out.
But..But... i don't want to. The thoughts if her with another guy? To painful. She
hasn't been with anyone scince we broke up but she only likes me as a friend. I have
to except that. I want to be near her but she has to live hundreds of miles away. I
need her in my life. After college (which is in about 10 years or so) Our friends and
us are going to Hawii. Hope she doesn't bring Joey.  I said if i didn't go to Hawaii
it was either 1 of two things. A. COuldn't afford it. B. Died b4 colleg or C. Just
didn't want to go. If B really happened i told her that she probably wouldn't come to
my funeral. If she did she'd probably bring JOey. JOey, Joey, Joey. So sick of his
name. My friends say to get on with my life but i can't. SHe can easily. She could
probably forget about me in a heartbeat. Trade all of those memories of me for Joey.
She'll probalby read this but i don't care. She should know how i feel.

ilikeydepoopey says:   25 August 2007   724369  
aw.... :,( reminds me of a song.... but u dont wanna think about
that! think happy thoughts! lol. think of this song:

its called "Move On" by the Jonas Brothers.
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ilikeydepoopey says:   25 August 2007   998572  
dangit. here:
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‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   25 August 2007   681118  
the video didn't work. And u actually read all that?
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   25 August 2007   238392  
Hikati says:   25 August 2007   425891  
that is soooo not longer then mine!
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   25 August 2007   322385  
Well i had nothing else to say! didn't say it had to be bigger than
JazzyJazmine96 says:   26 August 2007   159565  
jordan, jordan, jordan...remember the song pain by three days grace

it said I"ll be there to save you and that is what I said I was going
to do.

and don't you EVER say that you will die before that I swear jordan if
you don't get over it I will MAKE you get over it I hate seeing you in
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says :   26 August 2007   558936  
OK Jazmine im sorry. To many memories that i can't leave behind. But
i guess you shoild save me....


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