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Tuesday, 21 August 2007
03:22:29 AM (GMT)
[A is for age:] 14

[B is for beer of choice:]  i dont drink

[C is for career:]dunno

[D is for favorite Drink:] Cordial

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] Legs

[F is for favorite song at the moment:] Miss Murder, Afi

[G is for favorite games:] dunno

[H is for hometown:] nun ya

[I is for instruments you play:]  piano

[J is for favorite juice?] Orange

[K is for kids?:]  none

[L is for last kiss(when)] meh

[M is for marriage:] L8r in life

[N is for nickname:] none

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] dunno

[P is for phobias:] Heights

[Q is for quote:] high 5 to that

[R is for biggest regret:] lots

[S is for self confidence:] none

[T is for time you wake up:] about 10am, on school days about 7am

[U is for color underwear:] blue

[V is for vegetable you love:] potato

[W is for worst habit:] dunno

[X is for x-rays you've had:] yeh a few

[Y is for yummy food you make:] nothing realy

[Z is for zodiac sign:] saggitarious

What is your name? Amy
Righty or Lefty: lefty

*********YOUR LOOKS********* 
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Height: short
Do you wear contacts or glasses? neither
Do you have any piercings? yes
If so what do you have peirced? ears
Do you have a tattoo? no
If so what and where? .....
Do you wear any rings? nope

**********JUST LATELY*********** 
How are you today? bored
What shirt are you wearing right now: school shirt
What does your hair look like at the moment? done up in a bun
What song are you listening to right now? nothing right now
What was the last thing you ate? Crazy Babie lollies
How is the weather right now? hot
Last person you talked to on the phone?Amy
Last dream you can remember? meh dunno
Who are you talking to right now? no one
What time is it? 4:15

**********MORE ABOUT YOU************* 
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? rainbow
Have you ever almost died? nearly drowned in mah old pool
Do you like the person that sent you this? no one
How do you eat an Oreo:Twist, Lick, Dip, Eat
What makes you happy? talking
What's the next CD you are going to buy? Panic @ the disco
What's the best advice ever given to you? hmmm
Have you ever won any special awards? Yeh one in year 5
Do you like to dance? Nope
Worst sickness you ever had?Asthma
What's the dumbest thing you've ever done? meh... lotsa things
What's your favorite memory? dunno
How many kids do you want to have? 2 or so
Son's name? James
Daughter's name? Lana
Do you do drugs? nope i am drug free
Do you drink a bit of wine? nope
What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? head and shoulders shampoo, pantene
What sport do you hate the most? cricket
What are you most scared of? heights
How many TV's do you have in your house? 2
Do you have your own? no
Do you have your own phone line? no 
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yesh TABBY!!
Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone:sprained mah thumb once
Who do you dream about:heaps of things
Who do you tell your dreams to?no one
Who's the loudest friend you have: Theresa
Who's the quietest friend?:Amy

***********THIS OR THAT********** 
Lights on/off? on 
Sun or rain? Rain
McDonalds or Burger King? neither
Scary or happy movies better? More like Gruesome
On the phone or in person? phone
Paper or plastic? plastic
Sausage or pepperoni? Pepperoni
Summer or winter? Winter
Chocolate or white milk? chocolate
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? neither
Glass half full or half empty? Half fullish
Tape or DVD? DVD
Cats or Dog? both
Vanilla or Chocolate?chocolate
Skiing or Boarding? neither
Day or night? Night
Cake or pie? neither
Sunset or sunrise? sunset

***********YOUR FAVES*************** 
Food: Mash potato
Fast food: Kfc sometimes
Candy: Crazy babies
Number: 40
Radio Station:River 9.49
Band(s):Panic @ The Disco
Actor or actress? Natalia Portman
Day of the year: 16th Dec 
TV show?How i met you mother
Store: dunno
Teacher: I dunno

**********HAVE YOU EVER********** 
Broken the law? nope
Ran from the cops? nope
Stole something? nope
Tried to kill yourself? nop
Made yourself throw up?nope
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Meh soma times

NINE last things you did;; 

9. last place you were: Lounge
7. last beverage: Deep spring mineral water
6. last movie watched: Shrek 3
5. last phone call: Amy
4. last cd played: My chem
3. last bubble bath: last week somtime
2. last time you cried: last night
1. last alcoholic drink: years ago

THREE favorite colors;; 

2. purple

So Far in 2007 I have;; 

Been to school - yeah
Made a new friend - yeah
Laughed until you cried - yeah.
Went behind your parents back - nope
Cried over an ex - nope
Disappointed someone close - Probaly
Pretended to be happy - meh probaly
Met someone who changed your life - not really
Lost someone close to you - Misty
Gotten close to someone - yes
Given up something important to you - nope
Found out who your true friends were - spose so


1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?: No

2. Are you easily excited?: nope

3. What event is coming up that you're most excited about?: Yeh mah frend coming up
on holidays

4. Which of your friends gets you the most excited?: Amy

5. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought? Sucke in Fi Fi

6. If you could have anything right now: A LOLLY!!

7. Love or money?: love

1. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering?: dump it

2. What kind of mouse pad do you have?:none

3. Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?: brush

4. In your opinion, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?: Brendon Urie

5. You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?: Glue

6. Chicken or pork?: Chicken

7. By the time you get to school, is it still dark?: no

8. If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?: Mermaid

9. What color is your underwear? dunno

10. What time does the sun usually set?: 7pm

11. What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?: Mah Cat

12. fan or AC?:Air Con

13. Do you wear braces?: no

14. Can you do a hand stand?: probaly

15. If you were the opposite sex, how would you style your hair?: Emo Cut

16. What level English are you in?: Pratical i m dumb

17. Jessica Simpson or Alba?: dunno

18. Which subject is worse, English or Math?: math

19. What's one thing you really want to do this very moment?:sleep

20. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you've watched?: if wasn't embarassed i
would tell yah

21. CD player or iPOD?: iPOD

22. Would you rather spin upside down going 30 mph or drop 400 feet from a bungee
cord?: huh?

23. What’s your favorite shape?: square

24. What do you have planned for the weekend?: nothing

26. If you were put in a room with nothing except for a pencil and paper, what would
you do?:stab the paper to death with the pencil den draw on da walls =/

27. Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?: no

28. How was your day?: boring

29. Do you grow your nails, bite or cut?:Grow

30. Describe your handwriting: messy

31. Do you consider yourself a stalker?:At times, yesh

32. Do you bruise easily?: yes

33. There's nothing on TV except Barney and Japanese news what do you do?:not barney
i h8 purple dinosaurs so i pick Japenese crap

34. Do you know more then 3 myspace codes?: yeh

35. You got an essay due, you either can type or write in pen, which will it be?:

36. Do you wear jeans to relax at home?: nope

37. Describe yourself using three words: confusing, confused, Cordialaholic

38. Do you use deodorant?: who doesn't

39. Do you like ice in your drink?:sometimes

009. Food? Mashy potato
010. Drink? Corial
011. Movie? Shrek movies
012. Music Band? P!@TD
013. Animal? all animals
014. Sport? netball
015. Place to live? Home
016. Subject?Dunno

017. Best thing that happened to you in the last few years? Dunno
018. Do you want to get married? maybe l8r
019. Kids? agen maybe l8r
020. Best place to go on a date? beach
021. What is your dream? to fly
022. What do you want to do when you grow up? dunno
023. Play an instrument? Piano
024. List 5 things (inc. brand) you are wearing right now : none ya

025. Friend you have known the longest? Krystie
026. Best friend(s)? Krystie, Amy
027. Friend that makes you laugh the most? Amy
028. Friend who you can talk to anything about? Amy
029. Friend with the best personality?meh
030. Last friend to call you? Amy
031. Last friend to talk to you? Teasha
032. Last friend you hung out with? Teasha, Karla, Glen, Thomas and Letina
033. Last friend you went to a movie with? Letina And Teasha
034. Last friend to make you laugh? Teasha
035. Most memorable experience with a friend? going to the museum of trains with amy
036. Anything you plan to do with friends when you get older? Travel with Amy
037. Any trips planned with friends? Yesh

Other Questions... 
043. Ever traveled anywhere?  Road trips to places
044. What places do you want to visit? Little Qld towns
045. Where do you want to live when you're older? Dunno
046. How happy are you with where you are in life? happy enuf
047. What's your most embarrassing moment? ummmmmm
048. Do you have any art or pictures on your walls? nope
049. Do you remember your dreams? not much
050. Do you believe in love at first sight? not really
052. What was your favorite childhood toy? Noddy
1.How many letters are there in your name? 3
2. Do you have a nickname? NO
3. Does it have more or less letters than your name? .....
5. Do you like your name? cha
6. How about your middle name? to short other than that its fine
7.Do you know what your name means? Beloved
10. Does it match who you are? not realy
14. Have you donated to Gaia? nope
15. Do you like real money or gold better? real money
16. What's your favorite coin?The 2 Dollar coin
18. Do you have a job? no
19. What is it? i  DONT HAVE ONE
20. what's your dream job?Web Designer
25. Do you live close to water? no
26. What kind of water? bottled water
27. Do you live near mountains? not any more
28. Which ones? none
29. Do you live near a geographical thing my of any sort? Yesh
30. What is it? An old Uranium mine filled withe radioactive water
33. Are the the youngest, oldest, or middle child? Youngest
34. Which would you like to be? oldest
35. How many cousins do you have? 5 or so
36. Have you met all your cousins? nope
37. Do you get along with them? the ones that i know yesh
38. Do they live near you? nope
39. Do you have large family functions?nope
40. Would you like to have large family functions more often? no
41. Do you live with your parents? yuppi
42. If not, do you live with anyone? 
43. If yes, do you get along? most of the time
44. Who would you like to live with? Amy
45. If you had to share a house/condo/apartment with someone famous, who would it
be? Panic @ The Disco *drools*
46. Would you live in a camping van?for road tripping yah
48. Would you live in a castle? Yuppi
49. Would you live in a cottage? hmmmm
50. Which would you rather live in, out of those four? famous people
54. Are you a private person? ye
59. Are you a homebody? a what?
60. Do you have chores? ye
61. What are they? doing the dishes
62. Do you enjoy doing them? nope
63. What's your least favourite chore? washing up
64. Do you like dusting? no
65. Do you ever dust? if i have to
66. Are there dust bunnies in your house? nope
67. Do they have faces? nope
68. Names? if i had em it would be fluffy
69. Do you have pets? Maddi mah dog and a cat Kira..... and a dead kat dat i miss
72. If not, would you like to have pets?yup
73. Is there a reason that you don't have them?
74. Do you like animals? yeh
75. Do you prefer domestic or wild animals?domestic
78. Do you have an imaginary friend? nope
79. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? no
80. Was it male or female?------
81. Was was his/her/it's name? -------
82. Was it a better friend than your real friends? ------
83. Do you have real friends? ummmmm...... YESSH
84. Do you actually like your friends? some of them
85. Do you think they like you? probably not hehehe.... yesh
86. Do you fight ever? Not much
87. Is there lots of drama?sometimes
88. Do you have a best friend? Yes
89. If so, how long have you know them? 4yrs
90. Have you always been friends?Nope
91. Do all your friends know each other?nope
92. Where have you met your friends? school,through parents
93. Do you have enemies? YES!!!!
94. Are they real or imaginary enemies?REAL
95. Why are they your enemies? cos she is a short little wannabe punk dwarf loser hu
Annoys the crap outa me
96. Did you ever pretend to be a superhero when you were little? not that of i know
97. Do you still pretend to be a superhero? nope
98. Are you, in fact, a superhero? i wish 
99. If you were/are one, what's your name?  Super  Loser
100. Or is that secret?  no secret

101. Type a random word.WEEEEEE
102. Give it a name. Fred

103. What are you doing right now? typing
104. What should you be doing? ringing amy
105. Does food sound good? meh
107. What's the scariest household appliance? the slanda blenda
108. Have you ever used a saw? to cut my victims up
109. Have you ever used a shovel? yeh to bury my victims
110. Which would you rather receive as a birthday gift? a shovel and saw combo..so
make that a Shava
111. Who are you most likely to receive it from? Amy
112. Do you write thank you cards? Nope

117. Do you use spell check?Yesh
118. How do you feel about dictionaries? looong
119. Thesauruses? same as the answer above looong
120. Do you care if you mispell things? yesh sometimes
121. Do you make fun of people for spelling mistakes? Yesh
122. Do you judge people for them? nope
123. What do you judge people on? Rudeness
124. What do you judge yourself on? Stupidness
125. What's your best feature? my eyes
126. Which feature could use some work?mah toes
127. Are you happy with yourself? sometimes
128. Are you happy? just enuf
129. At this exact moment, how do you feel? bored
130. Do you know about "I" statements?HUH?
131. Do you hate "I" statements? huh?
132. Have you ever used one? HUH?
133. Did it work?huh
134. Have you ever been camping? ye
135. Have you ever been to camp? yeh
136. Which would you rather do? go to camp
137. Have you been a camp counselor? No
138. Would you like to be? probably
139. If you were, was there an initiation? huh
140. What was it? i dunno
141. Did it involve chocolate pudding? .......
142. Are you allergic to chocolate pudding? i hope not!!!
143. Do you like chocolate? YESH
144. Are you allergic to anything? yes
145. If so, what? Peanuts.... but that doesn't stop mah eat them
146. How do you get around it? walking
147. Do you eat healthy food or junk food? a mixture
148. Do you eat too much, too little, or just enough? enuf
149. Is your porridge too hot, too cold, or just right? ummmmm......
150. Do you even eat porridge? ye
151. How do you feel about fairy tales? happy endings are kool
152. What is your favorite fairy tale? Rumpilstiltskin
153. Do you only know fairy tales because of Disney? *no comment*
154. What's your favorite nursery rhyme? Little Miss Muffet
155. Post part of it. Little mis muffet sat on her  Tuffet
156. Do you know any? yeah
157. Do you keep a journal? yeah
158. Do you keep a journal on Gaia? no
159. How many journals do you have? 1
160. What do you usually write about? life
161. Do you write poetry? nope
162. Would you call yourself a poet?no
163. Do you consider your poetry to be good?   i dont write it
164. Do you like to read poetry? is lyrics considers Poetry
165. If so why? meh
166. If not, why not?meh
167. What's your favorite poem? i hav no idea
168. What's your least favorite poem?same one is my favourite
169. Have you visited all the forums? yeah sure.....
170. If you haven't, which ones haven't you been to?  Lock in B eddie
171. Do you think you'll ever visit them? Yeh i am lalalala
172. What's your favorite forum?

173. Why? 
174. Why are you on Gaia? 
175. Why are you on Gaia right now? 
176. Why are you taking this quiz? 
177. Why are trees green?because i spat on it
178. Are trees green? most of the time
179. If you had to eat the squirrel or save the cake, which would you do? 
180. What is the strangest thing you've ever been asked?i'm not sure
181. How did you respond? 
182. Which is the better word, no or yes?  WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
183. Have you ever been to the optometrist? nope
183. Which is clearer, number one number two? 2
184. Do you know the order of letters on the eyesight test thing?
185. Do you know what it's called? 
186. Do you wear glasses?no
187. Do you wear contacts?no
188. If you wear contacts, do you have colored contacts?  no
189. What color contacts would you like to have:  Black
190. Do you wish there was a way to permanently change your eye colour? nope
191. What color are your eyes? Blue
192. What color are your eyes on Gaia? 
193. Do you believe that eyes are the window to the soul?nope i have no windows just
knock on the doors
194. Do people ever look deeply into your eyes? on a staring contest sure
195. Does it make you uncomfortable?nope
196. How do you feel about mirrors? they are the biggest liars
197. How about standing between to mirrors? very scared
198. Are you superstitious? some times
199. What is your favorite superstition?  breaking windows
200. How many do you know? some

203. Do you like urban legends? nope
204. Do you believe them? nope
205. Has any of them ever happened to you?  no
206. Anyone you know? no
207. Are you afraid of the dark? used ta be
208. Do basements scare you? Probably
209. How about dark basements?  Probably even more
210. At night? Even more probably
211. Alone? Yesh *bursts into tears*
212. What scares you the most? myself
213. Does anyone know?not that i know of
214. Have you ever had to face up to it? nope
215. Why does it scare you? 
216. Do you have a psychologist? yes
217. Did I get the name right there? Probably not
218. Would you ever tell them your fear?nopes
219. Do psychologists scare you? sometimes
220. Do you want to be one? heck no
221. Are you one and just keeping it quiet?  yuppi
222. If you were one, and went through trauma, would go see another? no
224. What do you think of physiotherapists? dunno
225. Chiropractors? Woof
226. Pediatrics? Woof
227. Paleontologists? your starting to creep me out
228. What is a paleontologist? dunnoo
229. Do you want to be one?nope
230. Have you ever studied dinosaurs? No
231. Why do you think they died out? cos they're stupee heds
232. Do you wish they were still around? no
233. Have you ever been to a museum and seen dinosaur bones? nopes
234. Have you ever found a dinosaur bone?NOPe

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