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Monday, 13 August 2007
03:03:42 AM (GMT)

Long ago, a beautiful mother and handsome father gave birth to 3 smiling girls, each
3 years apart from each other. 
The eldest, Celsius Shikami, was named after their lord savior, the Ice Princess,
The middle child was left unnamed. She was never remembered what her name was, until
she started to call herself “Jamie”, so the name stuck. 
The youngest was named Chihiro Shikami, after a character in a book, which the mother
took a great liking to.
All of them grew in peace and happiness. Until, one day, the father was sent off to
fight in the war. The daughters waited and waited, living with unease to their daily
lifestyle, and awkwardness towards their mother. The days grew long and the nights
grew cold as they waited and waited for a signal that their father would come home
soon. Then, suddenly, their mother stopped waiting. She confessed to them that only a
week after being shipped out, she got a notice, which claimed that her husband had
died in a surprise ambush.
The children stopped waiting, and began mourning.
Seasons passed as their mother wept and wept. The daughters would try their best to
uphold the family, but the eldest was only 12, and at such a young and fragile age,
she had no means of controlling an entire household. Jamie and Chihiro would try to
help out, but as their ages were 9 and 6, they were of no good.
Soon, the bond between Celsius and her sisters began to break. With so much pressure
and no way to get out, Celsius ran far away. Her mother told her sisters to think of
her as dead.
Months passed by as the mother grew weaker and weaker. She would refuse to eat. Her
daughters tried everything, but in a cold rainy day in November, the mother had
passed away.
After that, Jamie grew as the head of the household. At the tender age of 10, she
began working, trying to support her sister. Chihiro, 7, did as much as she could;
cooking, cleaning, and running errands. Soon, they could not afford their own living
costs, and became homeless.
Jamie swore to her sister that she would find her again. She told her that even if
her kin forgot about her, she would find her again, and they would start a new life,
one the Shikami family never knew.
Chihiro told her sister that she would try to start a new life, a better life, a life
that, when her sisters met her again, would be enough to support an entire family.
She would try to create a foundation as her elder sister tried to get the living
Shikami clan together.
After they swore and cried, they left. Neither of them knew if they would ever see
the other.

All written and dreamed up by me. More shall NOT be coming.
>< I should stop reading books published in the 1900's.

‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   13 August 2007   839982  
horselovr12 says :   16 August 2007   885176  
cool story


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