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I've returned!...And.Uh.Other random stuff here!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 31 July 2007
02:43:28 PM (GMT)
I got home from my grandparents yesterday,after riding in the car for ten
hours.(delightfully fun!..).Did you all miss me?I hope so,hahaa.
Well,being with my grandparents was okay,albeit a bit boring.There wasnt really much
to do,so i mostly spent time with my sister and sleeping xD my sleeping rhytm is all
messed up now,I sleep 'til one o' clock,and go to bed at three in the
..And that's about it about my journey.Hah.There aren't much interesting stuff to
write about it.'Cept I bought a few things.And got money.Yeah!

But anyway.
I recently got told I should write a profile about me on my..y'know,profile.I don't
really know what to write though.Tell me what to write,anything from my height to ten
things that annoys me.8D;;

Augh.My shoulder just started hurting.Stupid.;; And I'm hungry.And
tired.AUUGH.*sleepy annoyed noise*V: <
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oresama whispers:   31 July 2007   498123  
Welcome back!  :D
Getting lots of sleep is good!  ^-^
I could never stay in a car for ten hours!  o_O
It would be so...tiring.   ='_=;;
Your grandparents' place sounds nice, though.  :3

Hmm...if you don't know what to write, you could always write random
things, or do a survey/quiz and put it in your profile.  :3

I wonder why your shoulder's hurting.  o_o;
Hopefully, it'll stop hurting soon.  ^__^

...I just added you right now.  >_>;
I have a very weird screen name.  >__<;;;
My MSN is baka.alchemist@hotmail.com.  o_o;; 
Shiina_kun says:   31 July 2007   413867  
Hey there!  Welcome baaaack.  O:

lolol.  On weekends, I'm always going to bed at 6 am and waking up at
2 pm.  XD  I have no sleeping rhythm... or if I do, it's reeeally
weird.  <.<;

As for what to write in your profile... sadly I cannot help you with
that...... especially considering my profile isn't very full with
information about me either.  <.<;
Kamino says:   31 July 2007   289222  
I missed yous...  XD

Grandparents... so thats why you wash gone. o.0

I wash bored not talking with you. *Sob*

And as the others said welcome back... *Smirks*

Ten flippen hours eh...? God that would be so boring... -.-

Write your opinion about yourself then. From your point of view. I
dunno. It makes it easier for me...
kiwily says :   31 July 2007   712879  
welcome back....


are your grandparents.. from..... korea...?

no fun! all of my friends are overseas!!!

but i had fun in china when some of my friends were there too!!

andddd! ima feel really wierd when you say somethin' like, 
"uh.. tehy live in colorado...."


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