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Saturday, 28 July 2007
10:36:39 PM (GMT)
Lilly: So what class do we take first?
Me: I'm going to Care of Magical Creatures. (I promised to show Proffeser Hagrid my
Hypogriff, Bananas ^_^)
Lilly: EEk..Me gotta go to...Potions class..then Tranfiguration...Then Care of
Me scared of potions class becoz...SNAPES THERE!!
Me: AAAWWW i wish I was in there with you to... Oh wait... D'oh!!! my schedule is
backwords!! XD
...*read read read* HOOWAY!!! OFF TO POTIONS!!!
Lilly: *walks to potions with Lizzie*
Me scared Lizzie...Snapes there...HE HITS PPL WHEN THEY DONT PAY ATTENTION!!!
Me: Don't worry. He lands one finger on you for being a naughty naughty girl (XD)
I'll hex him... or prank hex... YEAH!! Him so badly, all his ancestors will feel
it!! including the future generation ones... which will likely never happen XD
Lily: WOOT~! Go Lizzie!
Lilly (talking in third person XD)...WANNA PRANK TOO!
Me: Hooway!! You help in chicken prank with Fred and George then!!
..Except this is being saed for after lunch in the grand hall :3
Lilly: OKAY! :3
ZOMG! LILLY AND LIZZIE MADE IT TO...*dun dun dun duunnn* Snapes class...O_o
Me: ....eerrr...
Oh nose!! Only seat left is next to... Dorko Malfoy O.O''
Lilly: Wheres meh seat?
oh there it is!
*runs over to seat*
*someone taps me*
*me turn around*
Hermione: I'm sorry but would you stop humming?
Lilly: O-okay...Y-your Hermoine right?
Hermione: Yup 
Lilly: ZOMG *whisper* Lizzie...Pssssttt...LIIIZZZIIIEE
Me: yea?
Lilly: Lilly sitting next next to...Hermione
Me: Lucky...  rrrr me sitting next to...*shivers*
Lilly: I know what'cha mean...
Me: Yeah...
Dorko: Why you sitting next to ME? Mudblood..
Me: Yesh I am a mudblood and proud of it too!! SO 
Dorko: Why would you be proud to be a mudblood???
Me: Well, DORKO (hey!) I think it's an honor being the only magical person in my
family. It makes me feel special thinking that I get this honor without the help of
both magical parents
Dorko:... HMMPH *turns around all p.o.ed*
me: *put hand by you for high five so snape can't see it*
Lilly: *high 5s*
*whispers* Dorko's sooooooooo stupid
Me: *really loud* Ya think? *claps hand over mouth while everyone looks at me*
Snape: *enters*
Lilly: *quietly* Zomg...*scared*
Me: *whispers* me too...
Draco (i'll start announcing him as his real name ;_; ): You two are idiot
mudbloods. How did you two get in Potions with the Slytherins and Griffindorks?
Me: HUH?!
Lilly: FYI we ROCK at these things (even though we tend to mess up)!
Draco: annoying
Lilly: Look in a mirror Mr.Perfecto!
Draco: *has no comeback*
Snape: *interupting* As many of you can all already tell, we have two Hufflepuffs in
here. This a very rare occasion for HufflePuffs being in with the advanced so
over to both of us* I have already kept a close I on you two. 20points taken away
from HufflePuff.
Me: Sorry sir *cough as he walks away* COUGH Meanyjackbutt COUGH
Snape: Miss Langer, would you like to go to Hostpital wing or detention???
me: I'm fine without both sir ^^
Lilly: *so scared of Snape, on BEST behavior*
Snape: *glares at you, then walks to the front of class, starting the speech he said
in 1st movie*
Me: *sends you a flying swan note (XD)* *inside has an animation of snape dressing
up in a tutu*
Lilly: hehe *sends it back to you*
*goes past me and lands on Draco's desk*
Draco: *opens it* O.O
Snape: Mr. Malfoy, are you sending notes? *picks up and looks at it*
Me *thinkiing: This could be fun *blows alittle magic dust on the note making it go
where ever my eyes averted* eyes: put it on the overhead
Lilly:*casts spell to make it cover Snape's face*
Me: HEY! No!!! *everyone looks* It'll be funnier with his face showing!!! ....d'oh!
Snape: So your responsible for this nonsense?
Me: ...Uh... um... No! Of course not!!! *shifty eyes*
Snape: *turns to you* and I take it you had something to do with this too?
Lilly: Uhhh..Nuh-uh *Scared to death*
Snape: YOu-- *bell rings*
Me: BYE!!! *runs outta classroom*
Lilly: AWAAH! *runs too, catches up to Lizzie*
Gawd that was horrible!
Me: Tell me about it. If he were to figure out it was me---
Snape: *appears behind us and puts hand on shoulder* Miss Langer. You didn't think
you'd get away that easily, did you?
Me: .....uh... CHILD MELESTER!!! *grabs your hand and runs like mad to next class*
Me: ZOMG! Don't say stuffz like dat aloud Lizzie!
*Snape is trying to catch up*
Lilly: ZOMG! He knows its me too! *runs faster*
ZOMG! I SEE OUR CLASS! *runs inside*
Me: *slam door behind us, putting a snape free spell on it* Learned that from George
^^ *looks around* Are you sure this was our next classs?
Lilly: Oh noez...I got lost where do we go???
AWA! This is the..dun dun dun dunnnn........*shivers*
Voice: Hey!
*turn around to see the golden trio*
me: What are you three doing in here?
Mrs. Norris: Merow!
Hermione: No time! It's Filch's cat!
Harry: Run!
*run along with them into the locked door*
Lilly: AWAAAHHH! *runs*
Ron: *Turning to hermione* I thought it was locked!
Hermione: It WAS Locked!
Harry and me: and for a good reason *turn to see fluffy creature XD*
Fluffy: GROWL
Ron: Too bad my wand is broken...again...
Hermione: Well, Harry, Me, Lilly and Lizzie's aren't!
Ron: Auuggghh!
Me: Actually... my wand broke after one of my pranks with the twins. I'm sorry, Ron
but you bros are HOT!
Hermione: Is this really the time for this??? There's a huge three headed dog!!!!
Me: Oh... oh yeah.. :/ Hmm...
*all stare at me like I'm crazy*
*run out door and try to lock it once everyone is out
Lilly:*casts spell to make a flute*
*plays flute*
Fluffy: *falls asleep*
Lilly: *quietly* Yesss...
*runs out with you guys*
Ron: Phew! That was a close one!
Harry: Yeah... Well we better go to the common room.
Me: Yeah us too *looking at you*
*we start walking in our seperate paths*
*once at hufflepuff enterance*
Me: Gample Yip! *walk inside* How'd you know that'd do the trick???
Lilly: ....know what?
Me: How to put Fluffy to sleep!? I thought I was the only one, being a fortune
and all!
Lilly: Well, I dunno...I guess O_O
Me:You guessed?
Lilly: Yea....I did...
Me: I woulda told you but you did it before I had my vision of Hagrid telling Harry
Lilly: Well, I dunno...I am part--KYAAA!
I can't tell anyone my secrets!
Me: ...I understand. >>
Right now we best be gettin' some sleep because it is pretty late and if Mrs. Sprout
were to figure out we're still awake, that's alot of points taken away ._. 
Lilly: Yea we should go...
*runs to our room*
Me: *follows you up*
Nighty night!!!
Lilly: Nighty night!
*waits till your asleep and pulls out a diary and unlocks it*
*starts writing in it*
I wish I could tell Lizzie everything...but I cant
Me: *Morning arrives... I guess... I mean I can't do much in my sleep xD*
RISE AND SHINE LILY!!! C'mon! I just got back from my morning jog and your still
asleep? It's 6:45am!!! You were supposed to be up at 6! HOw can you sleep through
the alarm!? Breakfast is in 15 minutes and after that, they don't let anyone in! You
should know that by now >(
Lilly:*gets up*
*runs into a closet, gets dressed*
*runs out*
*brushes hair*
*sees diary on the floor beside my bed*
Me: *walks over to diary* What's this? *Picks up and reads open page* Oh hooooo...
this guy? *looks at you suspiciously*>>
Lilly: CRAP! Thats-thats *looks at page* OMG NYUUUU!
Why do I leave these out! AWAAAAAAAAA!
Me: AAAAAWWW SO you like him? No worries. Since you have a perso you like I'll tell
mine ^^
Lilly: O_O *mutters* Maybe..I should...tell...becoz...Um...should I?
*has a mind war*
Me: ...Are you there??? 
Lilly: O_O! Yes Yes sorry *anime sweatdrop*
*mutters* I wonder if shes still reading it O_O
Me: *looks up at you from diary* ....uh.. *closes book with finger in space*
*looks down at finger* ...Uh heh heh... My bad. *takes fingers outta space* ^^;;
So.... Really? Is this the guy you like?
Lilly: WHAT DID I WRITE!?!?!
Who is it Lizzie! 
Me: I don't know.. It's kinda hard to make out... >>
Oh, it is...
Me: Oh snap!!! Hurry!! It's 6:55!!! and the main hall is pretty far!!*start for the
Hey but seriously, what did you diary say???
Lilly: I-i-it said...what I really am.....I'll tell you later! 
Me: Okay...? *turn the corner to see Filch closing the doors*
*do the famous Indianna Jones Slide*
Lilly: *does same as Lizzie*
*talking in 3rd person*
Lilly thinks the is dangerous! O_O
Me: The what is dangerous? Never mind... We should just get a good seat before we
to sit by *turn around to see all seats taken in Hufflepuff section and only spot is
by...* Shawn Chumbucket... Meanest HufflePuff ever...
Lilly: awwwww...Crap...*sits down*
Me: Good Mornin'... Shawn... *stares at him*
*whispers to you* He may be cute but he has no manners
Shawn: You know, I can hear you.... *death glare*
Me: How'd you ever get in Hufflepuff? Don't you belong in Slytherin?
Shawn: Me? Slytherin? Pfft...
Lilly: *scared*
Me: Well you're not exactly the most huffleypuff there is...
Shawn: "HuffleyPuff"???
Me: Never mind... All I'm saying is that your sly and cunning...
Shawn: Thanks
Me: In a bad way...
*before SHawn can say anything, turn back and cut him off*
SO, Lilly. Whose this guy?
Lilly: Who...What are you taling about??? *red*
Me: The thing inb your diary ^^ I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
Shawn: How'd I love to hear whose your's is, Lizzie. Probably me, huh?
Me: *you know the thing in Lion King where Rafiki (the monkey) punches the hiena
that came up behind him? That what I did xD* Don't flatter yourself, pretty boy. Now
can it and eat your food.
Lilly: I'll tell you later! NOT NOW!
Me: Gotcha....
Dumbledore(sp?): Now everyone. Breakfast is served. *claps and food appears*
*hums while filling up my plate* Food Glorious food... we're anxious to try it ^^
Lilly: YUMMEH! *eats food*
Me: What shall I eat first? *look down the table* *o*
Shawn: What's with that face? O.o
Me: BA~GELS!!!!!! *jump on the table towards a plate of bagels and picks one up*
Bagel! I have found you! (I'm still on the table ^^;; ) I thought I was lost! *takes
a bite and makes a face* Oh... It's a donut... *throws it behind me which just
happens to be Slytherin's table*
Lilly: *picks up donut* favorite
Fletchy (Not sure if that's his name but he's that scary guy with the teeth in the
first movie ._.): *Stands up right in front of you* So your the one who threw it at
my head? *cracks knuckles*
Me: Uh oh... *gets down off table and runs over to you two* No. It was me. Now sit
you little behind down and eat. You'll need it for our Quiditch match today, bub.
*takes your shoulder to turn you around and make you walk back to our seats*
It's okay. I'll take care of him at Quiditch. He's going down! *do that little Rock
Lee punch down thingy*
Fletchy: Doubt it!
Me: I said eat! *gets back to our table*
SHawn: and your saying I belong in Slytherin...
Lilly: tehehehehe
me: what are you laughing about? (I'm always grumpy after a fight
Lilly: *shuts up*
Me: Im sorry... you know how I get...
Lilly: Yeah... I know *sniff*
Shawn: Where's that sorting hat?
Me: Why?
Shawn: I wanna get a recheck on yu...
Me: *knocks him the side of the head*
Susan: You two are pretty friendly with each other... No wonder people are tlaking
about you and shawn
ME and shawn: About WHAT?
Lilly: *Almost faints*
Me: *picks you back up* WHAT? Me and SHawn??
Shawn: How do the rumors go?
Suzy: ....weeeeell... It goes that you two are... *whisper* dating.
Draco: *walks over here with that famous trademark smirk*
Me: What do want, Dorko? I'm not in the best of moods 
Lilly: Me: *wakes up* *pulls out wand*
Lizzie (talking in 3rd person again) Should Lilly do a...mind-blank to them?
ME: First, I wanna know why he has that grin of his... >(
Dorko: If she lowers her wand I'll tell you >D
Lilly: *lowers wand* Fine dorko..
Dorko: Well, I know who spread the rumor...
Me: O.O WHO!!!???
Dorko: *trademark smirk*
Me:    I shoulda seen this coming.... STUPEFY!!! *hit Drako with spell*
Dorko: *fly*
Lilly: Hehe
*casts spell* ROLLAROLL! 
Draco: *rolls aroung while flying*
Me: Ooooo... Nice *high five*
Suzy: *runs over here* Well if it's just a rumor, then who do you really like?
Me: Well that's obvious! It's George! *slaps hand over mouth turning bright red*
uh.... *runs out*
Lilly: *runs after* Lizzie! WAIT!
*casts spell* FREEZEAFROZE!
*lizzie freezes*
Me: *is frozen*
Lilly: *runs over*
O_O Are you okay?
Me: Why'd you do that?? *sniffle and nose is red* ACHUU!!!!
Flint (I figured out Fletchy's real name. BWAHAHA): Soooo I have a blackmail. Either
lose the quiditch match or this info gets spread
over the entire school >
Me: O.O
Lilly:*whispers to lizzie* Mind-blank? *pulls out wand*
Me: *whispers* You really want to do that don't you?
Lilly: Yesh I do...can I?
Me: *whispers* Right after I say this.
So you think your so tough? If you were, you wouldn't need us to lose on purpose and
instead be confident in you abilties!
Flint: I--
Me: *hold up hand in talk to the hand pose* Lilly. You may now use it but only on
this. He'll need all the other memories he has to pass his classes (which he already
has trouble with)
Lilly: okay lizzie *casts spell*
Flint: what am I doing ever here? And who are these two pretty ladies?
me: I think you accidently did another memory xD
Everyone: *burst out laughing*
McGonagal: What is happening over here??
Me: O_O *whispers* lizzie...smooth talk is needed now more than ever!
Me: *whispers* I'm not exactly the smoothest talker ever! I tend to get
Miccy (I don't feel like typing out Mcgonical(sp?) each time): a-HEM!
Me: *looks at Miccy* <=D helloo... How are you today Professor? You lost weight?
Miccy: Detention and 50 points taken away from HugglePuff.
Me: I prefer the term D-hall and HugglePoof   
Suzy and Shawn: *slaps their head*
Miccy: another detention for you and 10 more points
Me: Added or-- *sees Miccy's face* Yes Professor ._.
Lilly: am i in trouble? O_O"
Miccy: Well Miss Lynnson you did put a Mind Blank on Mr. Flint
here and don't think all of our professors didn't see the Roll spell put on Mr.
Malfoy, who now is serving a week in the hospital wing (I put my hand down here for
a high five). Don't you think crime deserves punishmet?
Me: Not if the crime isn't her's!
lilly: *too scared to speak*
Miccy: What do you mean, "Crime isn't her's?"
Me: *looks over at you* She was GOING to put a roll on spell while Dorko- I mean
Drako was in the air but as she lifted her wand I actually did the spell. Same goes
for the Mind Blank.
Miccy: Is this true, Miss (LAST NAME!! ARGG!!!!)?
Me: *before you can speak I put mind transfer spell on you* Yes it is
Me: Yes, It is!
Miccy: Okay. Well then Miss Langer, you will be serving two days of detention for
this behavior.
Me: Yes Professor.
Miccy: Now go sit back down and eat.
Lilly: *goes back to table with lizzie* Saankyyuuu so much spechless
Me: Well obviously not since you talking =)
Fred and George: *walking past* ZING!
Lilly: eheheheh...ZOMG! *waves* Hi guys!
 Me: Yeah Hi! *waves* *see George* Uh... *blush like mad* About what I said...
George: Huh? You mean you got a new prank?
Me: Uh... yeah?
George: GREAT! Tell us after lunch!
F & G: Later mates!
*both walk off*
Me: Why didn't he know?
Lilly: Ehehehe...*cough cough* 
Me: You hit him too didn't you?
Lilly: *cough cough, shy glance**cough
Me: PHEW!!! Thanks alot *pat you an the back*
Lilly: Yup yup! *cough cough*
Me: Do you have a cold?
Lilly:*shifty eyes*
*Breakfast over*
Me: That was one of the longest breakfasts I've evr had... *stands up* So what's the
shifty eyes for?
Lilly: I'll tell you EVERYTHING later!
*grabs your hand and rushes to class*
Me: So.... we're back to potions now are we?
*walk in class*
Snape: Hello, Miss Langer, Miss Lynnson. (right?)
Me: *burst out laughing*
Snape: Detention for both of you
Me: Why? I'm not the one who turned your hair... PINK! HAHAHAHAHA
Snape: Yesterday's encounterment, Miss Langer. Now take a seat and 50 points taken
away. EACH
*take my seat from yesterday still giggling*
Lilly: *takes seat but is giggling quietly*
*whispers* Oh well, detention desmention! Pink..tehehe!
Me: *whispered back* Now I got 3 detentions O.O
Lilly: *whispers* Yikes!
Snape: *coming behind us (we are at two seperate desks but right next to each
other)* Are you two ladies done with your conversation or do I have to stop the
class once again?
Me: I'm almost do-- *looks up to see it's him*   Hello. I'm done *turn around in
my seat correctly*
Snape: 10 points taken away from HufflePuff... *walks back to the front of the
Lilly: *shuts up*
~Class is over~
Lilly: *quiet scared squeel as soon as we get out of the classroom*
That was SCAREH! you couldve gotten another detention!
Me: I didn't realize it was him at first!! His face was scary. I'm surprised he
didn't give me one anyways!!! I'd like to think I'm softening him up with my charms
*bat eyelashes*
Draco: Charms? You? Yea right! He heard about your behaviour in the Great Hall and
isn't going to let this slip by. You ALMOST injured two Slytherins.
Me: Almost? You were both sent to the hostipal wing! Flint's lucky Lilly here didn't
erase his whole mind!
Lilly: *sticks out tounge* Yea Dorko! And..Oh i dont know *innocent face* maybe a
little mind-wiping wouldnt hurt you...Oh wait! No need for that to be done coz you
have no brain to wipe! *smarty grin and little laugh*
Me: Nice one *high five* 
Draco: You'll pay for that, filthy little mud-blood! *takes out wand*
Me: I honestly *puts wands to neck* don't think you wanna do that.
Draco: *wimpers*
Me: *puts my hand in my robe and takes out a bottle*
Crabbe and Goyle (I didn't notice they were there =/): What's that? O.O *thinks:
Me: ...*sprays all of Draco's hair purple and run off, grabbing your hand*
LILLY: WOOT! Good one! *running high five*
Me: *high five* look! There's our Next class!! *run inbto Devinantion (sp?)* 'Ello
Professor Trewlawny ^^
Lilly: *first time being in this class O_O"*
Me: Don't worry. This lady is such a fraud. And I heard she isn't big on discipline 
Lilly: Whewf!
Prof. Trewlawny (Trewy for short): Welcome to the Art of Devination! *goes on with
*involvuntarily looks up at the ceiling and pupils dilate* *stops and 
Me: Hey, Harry!
Harry: *turns around*
Me: Werewolfs... Watch out...
Harry: ...okay..? Thanks... *turns back around*
Lilly: W-warewolves na-no? O_O
Me: ...Just what I saw in a vision on the train...
Lilly: how do you do that?
Me: Well... It naturally comes to me. It's a gift... and a curse. 
Lilly: Oh...
Me: Yeah. So if this Professor says I don't have the gift, WOP! Right upside the
Lilly: Tehehehehe...Well, I wonder what I can do....
Me: I dunno... Haven't you been saying you were.. something?
Lilly: Do you think now is the time to tell you?
Me: Well with Miss Trewwy over there distracted, then yes.
Lillly: Okay, I know how to enter dream-worlds...And I can talk to people
Last edited: 9 September 2007

mewmewichigo says:   10 September 2007   129912  
*dies 52 time*
mewmewichigo says:   10 September 2007   132259  
i remember those!!!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   5 October 2007   847314  
I know xD


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