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~Memeries~Chapter Four:Josh's ArrivalCategory: Roxas Love story
Saturday, 30 June 2007
03:50:55 PM (GMT)
  You screamed in pain."Go-go..."
  "'Go' what?"
  "Go to hell." You said.
  He grabed you by the neck and lifed you up."Wrong choice of words." He said.
  You were trying to kick at him but it didn'y work..He tight his grip untill you
finally passed out.
~Josh's Point Of View~
6:00 p.m
  You stepped through the portal and next thing you know you were surrounded by
darkness.You were wearing a Black jacket like Roxas is.
  "Where are we?" You asked
  "The World That Never Was.." He replied."Come on, Follow me to skyscraper tower."
He started running and so did you.
  You arrived at skyscraper tower to see Aya knocked out while someone was holding
her by the wrist."Aya!!" You and Roxas screamed.
  "Hey Roxas, your girlfriend isn't that strong.." The silver hair person
said.Girlfriend!? you thought
  "That's because she doesn't have her full power yet!" Roxas exclaimed
  "What's going ON!?" You shouted.
  "I'll tell you,Josh." He threw Aya to a side of the building.
  "AYA!" Roxas and you screamed.Roxas ran to her and picked her up bridal style.
  "You and Roxas where never sppose to be here...well..living." He said while a thing
appered at his side."And now when Aya wakes up..she's gunna think that your her
  Roxas stared at aya in his arms wide-eyed.
  "But i wonder who she'll think of as a enemy...Roxas or Josh?"
  Getting mad, You ran to him and sucessfully punched him in the face."Roxas Get aya
outta here!
  "Too late!" The person shouted as a barrier appered to black all exits."And you
cant ues your powers either! only i can!"
  "Dang it riku!" Roxas screamed still holging aya in his arms.
  "Ah ah ah!You wouldn't want to wake her up..." He started. "DO YOU????" He shouted
~Aya's point of View~
  You opened your eyes a little to see Roxas holding you."R-roxas?"
  "Aya!" He looked down on you. "Are you alrite?" He asked.
  "Yeah i'm ok.It's just that my head hurts alot...."
  "Riku!" Some yelled. You looked over and saw a boy with black wearing a jacet like
roxas is.
  "Whose that?" You asked roxas,still in his arms.
  Roxas looked down at you surprisingly "You..you don't know him?"
  "No..but i remember fight him...and i lost.He's my enemy."

sand_ninja says:   1 July 2007   469151  
omfg....hurry up and write a new chapter already!
i wanna see what happens
SoraTomoshibi says :   1 July 2007   838435  
i barly wrote this yesterday! but ill try!


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