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DAY 7-MAY 23Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 May 2007
11:56:03 PM (GMT)
well where i live its
MAY 28:::8:35pm

well i know i havent wroten you guys in about 5 days.I have kinda been busy
lately.Well im still grounded until may 28.Lets see i got rpc'd on tuesday may
22nd-All because that bitch summer.Lets see so at lunch i was sitting with lychene
and summer yes im friends with lychene now because she asked me so i decided to put
all the drama behind so i decided to be her friend.Lets see so while we were sitting
at lunch this girl paradise came up to summer and was like so i heard that you said
dawn and JALEN fucked each other.Then as soon as paradise said that i flipped out
cause i LOVE jalen.I was like hell no bitch lets fuck her shit up right now paradise
everyone came over my are table and was holding me and paradise back.Then why we were
in the lunch line i heard summer say ill beat any bitches ass so i went to tell
paradise so now me and dawn and paradise wanted to fight her.Then SUMMERS bald headed
ass had came up to me and confonted me she was like i heard you talkin shit about me
i said look dumb ass bitch get yo facts straight homie before yo shit seriously get
fucked up.I was like matter of fact let me go get paradise right now.THEN summer
grabbed my arm then pushed me wooooh let me tell you all i wanted to turn around and
push her fuckin face right out but i was a good i didnt.I didnt
wanna get suspended for her ass.Then paradise came over by summer and was like
paradise you know if i got somethin to say ill say it to your face.Then everyone was
lke punch her paradise you cant go to the dance anyways fuck her shit up.I mean the
whole mutha fuckin school was there.Then the deans broke it up and only summer and
paradise had to go to the office.Then MIKE her ex boyfriend and one of my old
boyfriends said sarah u wasnt gonna do shit i was like look ill bring a gun to school
and kill yo fat ass.Then eveyone was like oooo get him sarah.Then summer came in the
classroom and i was sittin next to lychene and lychene was like summer did u get
rpc'd and she was like no then she looked at me and she was like but i almost did
because of you(with her lil attitude).So befor the bell rang she was like are u gonna
go to the office i was like hell yea bitch imah let them hear my side of the story
imah get yo ass rpc'd.(rpc'd means that your parent have to come for a conference
with like one of the deans and deans are like principals).Then she was like well we
told the deans that me and paradise werent gonna fight so dont tell them so i said
ight.Then i just started yellin at her i was like eww yo ass just judeged me i was
like hell no i was like so mad so i went into the deans opffice cause the deaned
called me in anyways.Then he was like you rpc'd for sayin and starting stuff about
summer.I was like wooh.Then i stayed in the office for like 3 hours then all of
assuden gorilla ass lookin summer came in then they was like u rpc'd for pushing
sarah.I was like whatever then today-may 23rd i got admitted back into school because
my ma came for the conference.But mike is still tryin to be my friend even though i
told him i wanna kill him i dunno if he likes me.Well lets see today i was sittin
with marquise joseph lychene and jevar.(yeah they all black).Joseph was like tellin
everyone in the lunch room i go out with jevar and he ight i mean he aint a boy dime
piece he like a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10.Then everyone todays was like u go out with
jevar i was like damn.Then JALEN found out about the rumor i think he was kinda mad
but i told him it wasnt true and i finally told him i liked him today.LETS SEE OH 



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