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View on the Oroborus21 conspiracyCategory: Current views and evidence
Sunday, 20 May 2007
08:04:09 AM (GMT)
Having observed the whole 'Oroborus21 is a perv!!!' incident over the last few days
that it has been public (ever since the personal ads against him appeared; not that
long, I know) I wanted to talk about it. Where better than here?

So, let us look at this like a debate about religion or history.

Oroborus21 is a pervert; and has at some point sent two pics of his nether-regions to
young female Kupika users.

Stated by
Not going into the copycats echo-ers and others involved more indirectly, the
main staters of this are: XcharmaineX, XkiahX AND Megan1997.

Argument for the statement
Well, he's 32...and has apparently sent pics of himself in a 'compromising position'
to others.

The rationality behind the argument
I'll give them their dues, it does seem suspicious that a 32 year old man is using a
chat-site aimed at kids and teenagers. I even thought so when I read Megan_1997's ad
(more on this later). His profile, when read with the idea that it is wrong for a man
of 32 to be on here, can seem suspicious; again, this was one of my initial thoughts
when reading his profile.

Argument against the statement
Here's a list:
--NOBODY has seen the pictures EXCEPT THE ACCUSERS! Surely if they wanted to convince
people that Oroborus21 really was a pervert, they'd ensure the original message plus
the pics were sent around.
--The accusers are sisters, except for Megan 1997. As I mentioned under the 'stated
by' section, there has been a number of 'echo-ers' who have been telling the rest of
the community about Oroborus21; there is no reason not to believe that XkiahX is the
predominant echo-er of them all.
--Megan_1997 appears to be a dummy user*. There has little to no activity aside from
accusing posts in various forms around the site. Regardless of whether she is
an actual user or is under the control of another existing member, the fact that one
of the accusors has no other ties to the site except for accusing Oroborus21 is
etremely suspicious.

Miscallaneous points
These are a bunch of my views which I wanted to include. I have kept them logical and
tried to maintain a sense of fairness/keep a lack of bias to them but I'm sure
they'll seem biased none the less...
--If Oroborus21 was a pervert, why hasn't the heads of the site been alerted to him
by now? The sisters have evidence so surely they'd be able to get him kicked off the
site once the heads see the pics for themselves.
--Linked to that, why haven't the authorities been involved yet? The girls that the
pictures have been sent to are under-age, so the police would have to listen
as it potentially shows that Oroborus21 is a paedophile of some form. Even though he
is in California and the accusers in England, the police would work together against
him if there was a case (it has been done; I'll dig up the newspaper reports on such
police collaberation if asked for them).
--Parents? They should know if their child has been sent a picture of such nature.
I'm 16 and if I was personally sent such a picture, the first to know would be a
member of my family or potentially I'd go to the police directly if I felt the
picture threatening enough. I can deal with most things, but such a picture is beyond
even the most web-savvy person's limits; it falls to the police.
--Oroborus21's evidence. This should actually go into the 'arguments against the
statement' section but to do so would cause the whole thing to become biased beyond
control. I've read his recent .pdf file and he has pulled together more points in his
defence than the accusers have collectively gathered in their attacks.
--Oroborus21 included personal history in his .pdf file. By personal history, I mean
messages and other private content that would be restricted to his account alone
unless he released them (as he has done). The phrase 'go ahead officer, I have
nothing to hide' springs to mind. That said, there's nothing stopping him with
holding evidence that proves the statement. If he did that, we'd be none the wiser.
However, the fact he has already given up personal messages doesn't exactly support
this theory. It doesn't stop said theory from being a possibility though.
--The accusers have done nothing to prove their point except post about how much of
an 'evil man' he is. This could be that they're too young to pull together the
points, but it doesn't take a genius to do so. I know kids in year 7 (that roughly
equates to 11-12 years old) who could manage to produce a more effective attack. This
isn't bias nor theory, as I've seen it happen both online and in school first hand (I
have a friend who has suffered because they did use their heads to make their
attacks more effective).

Final assessment

As with debates in history and religion, all I have to use for my decision is the
presented evidence and the strength of the evidence that has been shown. Which means,
unsurprisingly, my final assessment is that this whole thing is a malicious rumour
caused to damage Oroborus21's reputation and character that has managed to get out of
control in some regards, as net rumours tend to do. If I were you, reader, I'd take
the age old stance of 'innocent until proven guilty'. Maybe Oroborus21 is a perv,
maybe I'm wrong to doubt XcharmaineX, XkiahX and Megan_1997 but for now, and whilst
the evidence still holds for him, I'll believe that he is just a regular guy out to

One last point...I'm involved in a number of other communities, including livejournal
and several close-knit message boards, and they don't jump on someone's back just for
being older. On one board, I'm one of the youngest users and the eldest is in his
thirties. He chats to the rest of us without issue, and even offers advice when I get
stuck with my music! The rest, I indulge my interests and (I'll regret saying this at
some point, I'm sure) crushes with people at least twice my age. Want to know why
that is possible?
The secret is....
Keeping an open mind!!

There are perverts on the net, and I've spoken to a few (and as such stayed clear of
numerous websites) but the majority of people are regular people like you and me. So
to those still on terms with Oroborus21, ignore the accusations for now; from what I
can tell, he's the sort you stay talking to, one of the better 'adults' you'll
encounter online (the rest are generally rude!).

*Dummy user: A 'user' who has been created for the sole purpose of serving a
function for an existing user, commonly used to accumulate points or items on a given
website. The practice is extremely frowned upon and is specifically banned by most
sites with the potential for abuse. Also known as: puppet user, false user.
Linked to: Dummy accounts, puppet accounts, false accounts, multiple accounts

‹shii-chan♥› says:   20 May 2007   892243  
omg!! waht was that about??
btw, you can be a really good detective someday!! 
LunaSakura says:   20 May 2007   376996  
Some girls have been saying Oroborus21 is a pervert and have been
making some veerry bad accusations about him. This is my view on the
whole thing.
And thanks for saying I'd make a good detective. It would be an
interesting job...:D
AMYxNiCOLE says:   20 May 2007   613381  
i totally believe you. and i agree with darkangell176 about the whole
detective thing..or maybe a lawyer. :]]
AceCheerGurl says:   20 May 2007   532935  
wow.. yeah it is a little weird that a 34 year old guy is on this
site but that is no reason to say that stuff about him and yeah u
would make a good detective or a lawyer one day! 
neoeno says:   17 June 2007   696187  
I don't think the site is aimed at kids and teens. I'm pretty sure
it's aimed at anyone, it just so happened that a bunch of mid-low
teens came along. I'd know, since I was here before they turned up :p

Just figured I'd let you know.
Oroborus21 says:   21 November 2007   425157  
i guess there wasnt any point in posting a "follow-up" to anyone who
might read this such as that Charmaine and coming, and Megan, if she
did exist all made the whole thing up...

then oddly charmaine became friendly, her "sister" alicia asked me to
go out wiht her..and then as it turened out both her, Kiah, if she
exists, etc. and the whole lot were positng fake photos, and all sort
of lies the whole time....

a real bummer actually.......

but thanks for your objective approach, too bad i didnt know about it
until now.
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   612678  
dude, dont defend him. if i was u (and im glad im not) id go away.
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   135784  
cause your not very nice cause the thing you said. and a lawyer blah
you'd be a horriuble 1!
LunaSakura says:   16 December 2008   731538  
Indeed? Why would you say such a thing? Because I actually put a
structured argument together, unlike your typical manic finger
Lyncheh says:   16 December 2008   198961  
This only works from an unbiased perspective. No court case has a
judge that likes one of the parties beforehand.
LunaSakura says:   16 December 2008   863637  
I actually hadn't come into contact with Oroborus prior to writing
this, which is why I can say it was unbiased at the time of writing.
Since then I've spoken to him once or twice, but nothing major.
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   425923  
ditto. all u can do is take the side of a jerk. and not look at both.
so get life and don't forget it at the train stop.
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   787455  
oh and i see no ''open-mind'' here.
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   16 December 2008   194961  
Why are you guys being so weird? This journal is over a year and a
half old. This was what she felt a long time ago. Also, if you want to
prove to her otherwise, give evidence.
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   16 December 2008   615313  
okay u know what, KyKyle?? I dont like him either. but others should
be able to post their opinions on something without being critiscized
by someone with a different opinion! and luna, she seems to be a
person who could grow up to be a lawyer or a detective! so even if u
have a different opinion u dont have to be mean about it.
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   376166  
skybluedudett.......if she felt that way i wish she would stare in my
face and tell me w/o blah
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   161468  
and since she can't/wouldn't do it then i won't believe her.
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   16 December 2008   425241  
She would do that. Cause she's awesome. 
‹Izi› says:   16 December 2008   551671  
na cause i would so spit on her. then should would probably freak
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   16 December 2008   341283  
only a snobbygirlwhothinksshesallthatandeverybodylovesher would freak
out if somebody spit on her. and do u really think she's somebody like
LunaSakura says:   16 December 2008   199965  
I'd freak out if you spat on me - pretty sure most people would,
nobody enjoys being spat on! KyKyle, I have a life sweet heart,
believe me - I'd give you proof, but unfortunately, you'd still
squabble about me, so there's no point. Also, you won't believe me as
I can't talk to you face to face? Riiight.... Really open-minded.... I
don't think I'm all that (I've got a terrible self-opinion of myself),
but I can apprechiate what I've got, which is something...
Skybluechic - I got respect for you, I really do. You may not agree
with me, and that's fine; I respect you for standing up for the fact
that everyone has the right to say what they want.

Bella - Well...thanks as ever!
‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   16 December 2008   338428  
If Oroborus21 was a pervert, why hasn't the heads of the site been
alerted to him
by now? The sisters have evidence so surely they'd be able to get him
kicked off the
site once the heads see the pics for themselves.
You mean, Hina? The ONLY person running this site? He has said over
and over not to report people to him. Even if the reporter has a true

and about the police, do you really think that would happen? ARE YOU
FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you really think that people would do something
like that, especially little girls? They're probably too scared to do
that! What if he comes after them or something? And, no, I'm not
saying that I know this or that it can't be something else, but you
know what? I have a pretty good bet. And, I bet they're too scared to
show their parents this also! 

People can be pretty stupid, but come on. Use your brain!
LunaSakura says :   16 December 2008   225664  
Fair enough over Hina, but I'm seriously surprised at that. Hina
seems like the kinda person to ensure that there was some system in
place for people to deal with such issues...

Police would listen to you. They HAVE to! They are always acting
against paedophiles, how come there are countless of operations
running worldwide that aim to catch paedophiles/shut down paedophile
rings down - most of these run on anonymous tip-offs and website
analysis. A word to the right person would have police (anonymously)
swarming the site. I can respect that some would be afraid, but
clearly you guys aren't. Also, I'd believe most kids are net-savvy
enough to know that any threat made online carries an extremely low
rate of being carried out (okay, that's putting it too heavy - they
know threats can't be carried out normally). Afraid of showing their
parents? True, they could be - but the thing is, online they have a
large social network, even the newer ones. A network that will act out
on their behalf, no judgement. Like you.

There are many factors to this, I'll grant you, but for every argument
a counter-argument. That is what makes these allegations (not just
Oroborus, but in general) such a pain the butt - too much grey, no
clear black or white, if you get what I mean. I should know, I'm
studying such matters at the minute in psychology...


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