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Tuesday, 15 May 2007
08:51:06 AM (GMT)
Chapter One

Azar sat on her rock listening too the stream next too her run over the multiple
rocks. She was at peace for once in her seventeen years. No one seemed too look for
her. She was right on the border of her village if you could call it that. She’s
been a captive serving the “blood eaters”. They kidnapped her when she was three
and now that she was old enough she will be able too do the work of the girls that
came before her…..the ones who passed on because they were not granted the gift of
immortality. She watched as they aged and how the vampires never did.
	A bird sang its song making the day even more depressing. How she loathed the beings
that had taken her away from the humans so many years ago….how she despised having
too clean up the vampires kill and how she hated the smell of the rusty blood that
was spilt from each meal.
	Azar got too her feet and knew she had too return too the “village.” As long as
no one noticed her leave or come back in she should be safe. She picked her way
through the roots of the trees and the foliage that covered the forest floor. The
deer that were in the distance looked up as she left. One fawn even dared too follow
	“Shoo……they’ll eat you go…” she whispered too the fawn. It stared at her
wide eyed and turned and ran. She was slightly worried about why the fawn all of a
sudden acquired such cowardice. She spun on her heels only too be stopped by some one
standing in front of her. Before she even looked up at the intruders face she knelt
down and bowed her head.
	“No need Azar its only me.” A playful voice chuckled she looked up and saw
Chariton. He was the only nice vampire in the “village”, but he lost his temper
from time to time.
	“You had too sneak up on me like that?” Azar hissed.
	“Sorry its hard too make noise.” He complained. She got off the ground and
walked off. “Did I scare you that much?”
	“Yes I thought you were Akakios….you know he doesn’t like me wandering around
out here.” She growled. “Couldn’t you have snapped a twig or something?
Seriously, why must you sneak up on me?”
	“I forget you can’t hear like we do. I am sorry.” He bowed, smiling.
	“Stop that! Gosh such a noble vampire bowing too a human! What next are you going
too whisper too ghosts too?”
	“No that is your job and I see the were-wolves refuse too come near camp.”
	“That’s only because you vampires smell horrible.’’
	“I am offended, and humans smell any better or a were-wolf for that matter?”
	“The were-wolves bathe before they speak with me!”
	“Loathsome creatures!” he hissed. 
“ They don’t throw me against a wall and break four ribs!”
	“I apologized for that! When will you ever get over it?”
	“When you return me too the humans or let me free! Chariton, do you think I like
being here and constantly have the others look at me like I’m their next meal?”
by now Azar was furious with Chariton. Weeks ago he grew furious at his elder Theron
and threw Azar into a wall because she was the closest thing. 
The were-wolf Auberon cared for her within the “village” boundaries. Auberon was
the same age as Azar. Were-wolves age as humans but heel a lot quicker. She walked
off into a dense part of the forest. She hit a tree with her fist, and it bled.
	“Are you okay?” Auberon asked appearing out of the bushes. His black hair
reflecting the suns rays.
	“Yes.” Azar replied rubbing her knuckles on her pants leg. Blood smeared down
and faded into the fabric.
	“What happened?” he asked.
	“Chariton was being a dork…..he still refuses too acknowledge that I will never
get over him breaking four of my ribs.” She said. They sat together on an old
rotten log.
	“Vampires are careless…..” he sighed shake his head from side to side in
disbelief. “We never treat others mean…or throw them against walls!”
	“I know that’s why I fell safe with you.” She replied rubbing her foot in the
	“Azar! Please come back too camp!” Chariton called. 
	“He’s coming…I’ll see you tonight again tonight?” Auberon asked standing
and holding his hand out for her. She grasped his monstrous sized hands and stood.
	“Yes….you still have the bracelets?” she replied. He took one of his bracelets
off of himself and slipped it over her wrist. These two bracelets allowed the two to
meet each other in their dreams.
	“See you tonight and keep away from the elders.” He warned and ran into the
woods shifting into the wolf as he ran. She turned too walk back towards Chariton.
Azar hoped she didn’t smell of were-wolf….Chariton might hit her again.
	“You smell.” Chariton growled. She flinched, she was standing about ten feet
away and he could smell Auberon on her.
	“So do you.” She dared, her eyes glaring at him.
	“You were with that Auberon? He is the worst from the bunch….stay away from
him!” he roared.
	“Kill me ‘cause that’s the only way I’ll stay away from him!” she replied
trying too match his tone. Chariton raised his hand too hit her then lowered it.
	“No……..Theron would have my head if I hit you again. He’s taken a liking too
you Azar.”
	“Shut up! You know you’re a duffus!” 
	“I’m just speaking the truth here.”
	“He’s like how much older then me…..uhm over seven centuries!”
	“Aw but he’s a little kid at heart!”
	“He sent you didn’t he?”
	“Eww never!”
	“What you’d never love a vampire?”
	“But you’d love a were-wolf?”
	“Very gross. Very repulsive!”
	“Shut up!” she growled. “You’re a pest.”
	“Oh? I’m a pest? Wow!”
	“Well you are!”

‹Music_Lover_121091_<3› says:   15 May 2007   768469  
i like this one eden.
pleaz write more...
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   15 May 2007   843161  
i am jenn god!~
abc_ says:   15 May 2007   133637  
Good story. I like fiction.
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says :   16 May 2007   977531  
fiction rox
and jenn,
dont lose my red folder!!!


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