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Monday, 30 April 2007
10:04:53 PM (GMT)
Saria (Sä'rē-ä) is a beautiful, talented, and admired Kokiri girl who
befriended Link while he was growing up in Kokiri Forest. Like all Kokiri, she is
unable to physically leave the boundaries of the forest, so she gives Link the Fairy
Ocarina when he leaves for Hyrule Castle. She later teaches him Saria's Song, the
magical powers of which enable Link to communicate with her from afar. When Link
returns as an adult, he contacts Saria via ocarina. She explained that the forest
spirits were calling out to her from the Forest Temple. When she went to investigate,
evil spirits and monsters imprisoned her. Link rescues her after defeating the four
Poe Sisters and Phantom Ganon. Saria is awakened as the Forest Sage and gives Link
the Forest Medallion.

In the game, Saria is one of only three Kokiri to enter the Lost Woods (the other two
being Mido and Fado). It is suggested that if the Kokiri wander too deep into the
forest and remain there for too long, they will eventually become Skull Kids. If
wandering Hylians do so, they will become Stalfos. The Kokiri children admired Saria
for her kindness and for being the only one of her people to thoroughly navigate the
Lost Woods. The Kokiri did not know she was a Sage, which may have guarded her from
danger while traveling alone in the woods. Saria's favorite place in the entire
forest was the Sacred Forest Meadow.

Because of her close relationship with Link, Saria is sometimes considered to be a
mother or sister figure to him, possibly having raised him after his biological
mother died in Kokiri Forest when he was just an infant. There is no evidence for or
against the idea. Some believe Saria might have a love interest in Link because of
two events in the game.

The moment they had on the bridge out of Kokiri Village where Saria gives Link her
In the Kokiri Forest, Mido begins to comment that Saria likes Link, though he does
not finish his thought. 

Some argue that because Kokiri do not age, they cannot fall in love. Others counter
that even if that's true, it cannot be denied that there is an underlying implication
of love towards Link from Saria. The idea is commonly being debated among fans and is
used often in fan fiction. (Although it must be noted that a lack of aging does not
mean one can not fall in love)

...Saria was also the name of the water town Saria in Zelda II: The Adventure of
Link. Ocarina of Time takes place before Zelda II, however Zelda II was released
first, making it difficult to know which was named after which. ...

The famed Saria's Song (albeit remixed) is played in the background on the way to the
former Temple of Time (The Sacred Grove) in Faron Woods in The Legend of Zelda:
Twilight Princess, as well as a mysterious Skull Kid who is also playing Saria's Song
on his Flute-Pipe-like instrument, the sound of which strongly resembles Link's Deku
Pipes in Majora's Mask. When the Skull Kid plays a wrong note, it summons several
puppets to attack the player.
Last edited: 8 May 2007

‹Destined for Disaster♥› says :   21 June 2009   242871  
i freakin ♥ that game 


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