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My Poems, read or die.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 17 April 2007
08:48:34 PM (GMT)
Here are a few of my poems. I don't want anyone telling me "Ewwwwww, this is sick!
Are you like a devil worshiper or somthin?" Be mature, don't like it don't comment!

Here I sit
So absent of mind
So lost in a world unknown
So distant

I weep
Crying my soul out for you 
Bleeding my heart out for you
And what do you do?
You cut me up
You push me down
You spit on me
You make me bleed

What wrongs have I done?
What did I do to offend you?
I am just myself and you don't like me that way
You smile but inside you are hating me
You want me to be a different me
A person I cannot be

I sit in the waiting 
Listening to the wind
My hair loose and blowing in the wind
And you approach
And you are concealing something
A weapon of some sort

I am fearful
I am afraid
I am the girl you want me to be
Afraid, worried, scared for her life
You need me to be weak
So you can feel strong

You touch my face and I pull back
You put your arms behind you
And the sounds of hatred whisper through the breeze
And you smile
I hear you groping the trigger

Before me you stand 
A revolver in hand
MY revolver in hand
You smile and mutter how pretty I look

Your voice is now gripped with hatred for me
And I only want to fight
I only want to live and to get my gun
Because that gun
That shiny silver revolver is my fight
It is my courage, my strength, my everything
My revolver is me

I rise quickly and demand he shoot me
He looks at me like I am physco
He laughs and says that neither of us will get out alive
"Best way to be a coward!" I scream at him 
He jumps back 

Afraid to speak
He thought I was helpless without my gun
He thought I was dead weight
He thought I was useless

I grab MY gun back
And aim it at his head
He takes four steps back
He knows I will shoot

"Deliliah, please, don't do this!"
"And why should I not? you were going to kill me 
And kill you as well. Cute, ex-lovers in a homicide/suicide. 
The cops will find it dashing, don't you think?"
"Deliliah, put the gun down!"
"Darling, this is only your death,
I only want my life back."
"Deliliah! Put the bloody gun down!"


~The Walls~ 
She cocks the gun
She knows it loaded
It always is
She aims 
He goes into panic
Afraid he will meet his doom at the hands of his ex.

She remembers a photograph she had seen days before
It was a suicider
A gun to it's head 
And where blown out brains should have been
It was butterflies 

The suicider was at peace
She believed it was a girl
She was free from her wretched hell
Her chains broken and her soul free
She was finally free

And as she pictured this
She pulled the trigger
And he collapsed
Blood gushed and brains spewed

What happened that night is not talked about
Only cried about
Hidden throughout
And scattered about


Check the floor boards
Check the walls
Check the ceiling
Check the halls
Whisper because the walls can hear
The walls truely do have ears
Careful what you say
Because these walls CAN talk
These walls can scream
These walls know things 
That we can only dream
These walls have talked once before
And might just talk again
But beware of the spare house
Don't go near the spare house
For it's secrets are screaming
It's secrets are bleeding
And so are the walls as we sing 


Give me a reason to stay
In a place unseen
A girl slowly fades away
In the compounds of herself
She slowly loses herself

A rusted out drain
Sees new pains
As blood & tears drip down it
And screaming shakes the floors on which she stands

Timeless pain
Timeless hurt
Timeless sorrow
Timeless death

A sound so painful
It hurts even the gods
Hades shakes in terror
And the dead turn their heads

Without her love
She is but a shell
A worthless nothingness to the world
A fragile piece of the suicide history

Laden in pain
And stripped to the bone
Lies a young man's body
And a young girl's soul

Torn to pieces 
Stripped to bits
Lifeless nothingness
In the abyss 

Times changing
And spirits slaying
Demons and vampires
Immortals and Gods
Turn their eyes to a sweet demise
Dead rising
Death no longer applied to her
She could bleed her heart out
And still be here tomorrow 

Decaying souls
In the immortal hell
The palace of tears
And those who emulate the immortals
Weep in fear 

The doom so close
I could have reached out and touched it
Screaming and weeping
A body covered in blood on the bathroom floor

And so the world wept
Leaving lies to be exposed 
And fears to be told
And lives to be taken by the pain 

Romeo & Juilet: Revenge

The guillotine still dripping with blood
Rain pouring down on the small village
Where a mother mourns her son
The dreadful scream she let out
As her son whispered good bye for the last time

Visions of hell race through her dreams
Haunting spirits lurk around every corner
Demons waiting for a time to strike

A conspiracy theory and pain
A young man's life was taken in a second
False accusations and screaming denial
The young man's fate was set in stone
Stained with the blood of a man no one knows

Scream to the heavens "God PLEASE!"
Like anybody gives a damn
Tears are shed to the deepest degree
It was not justice
It was a old man's act of revenge

The boy is dead and so is her heart
Her soul mourns her lover's death
Her father had no right!
His life was not to be taken!
It was not his fate!

In the dim moon light
A girl took her life 
Holding onto a rosary 
And her lover's grave


Saving Gabriel
I fail to understand....
How much I lost.
I love him.
I miss him.
I want to love him.

I wish we could be together.
Never to be apart.
But the fact is Gabriel
I love another.

As if to put more dirt on your grave....
As if to put more....
Hearts to the death.
Death to our love.

Never to be known...
Never to be thought.
I found him in the guiter...
And left him in the sink....

I still love you
But only in my sleep.

Sorry to leave you hanging...
But your death left me speechless.
You are forever mine.
But I will live on for you.
And love because you can't.

And hunny
While you ask me why
I cry every night
I sit and wonder
Where did I go right?


‹HANNER› says:   17 April 2007   155797  
I only read because I didn't want to die.
‹shii-chan♥› says:   18 April 2007   481423  
0.o awsum poems.... I liked "Romeo & Juilet: Revenge" more than the
MrHello says:   18 April 2007   572724  
You are talented
Lexi11223 says:   30 April 2007   328739  
wow thats sooooo amazing. I like wanna cry but i know i shouldnt.....
UR SOOOOOOO Good at this.!!!!!!!!!
‹SunLitMoon.› says:   9 May 2007   414894  
I like 'em,read some of mine if ya want.
starwarschick says:   2 August 2007   613378  
That is incredibly beautiful! Write more please!
freestyle13 says :   3 October 2007   832713  
I love these espcally how they illiastrate my thoghts XD youre good


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