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September 21, 2002Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 March 2007
02:49:26 AM (GMT)
Everyone dreams of being a rock-star....

I wish I could tell you what I was dreaming when I was awakened at 5:41 that Saturday
morning by the furious pounding on the hotel door. It was Felix and he was crying and
upset. I barely understood him as he spurted out that something was wrong with Luke.
I don't think I even got dressed as I raced with him downstairs to Luke's room. By
the time we got to the floor below us where Luke's room was the whole corridor was
blocked off by police and hotel security. They fucking wouldn't even let us see him! 
We didn't get to see his body until the following day, except for when they finally
rolled it out three hours later.

At first, standing there, trying to get them to let us in to the room, we were all in
shock, the girls and the rest of the crew were there by then. Everyone was kind of
looking at me for what to do but I was as stunned as they were. Then something
clicked and I just went into command mode. David hadn't come back to the hotel after
the gig so my main priority was to try and reach him. I tried calling him on his cell
but he didn't pick up. While I waited for him to show up, I called the office back in
L.A. and got a hold of the number for Luke's parents.

That was maybe the hardest phone call I ever had to make. All I remember is Luke's
mom crying, I don't even remember what I said to them, I just remember her sobbing.
We didn't talk long because I didn't know much of what happened yet. I promised to
call them when we got some more info.

The next thing I did was call Liz at her New York apartment. I wanted to be the first
one to tell her but she answered the phone and I could tell she had already gotten
the news. (Her publicist had already seen the flash on the web and called her about
it.)  She was sad but distant. I dunno I guess I expected her to be a little bit more
upset but maybe because of all of the other stuff between us she couldn't express
whatever she felt. Or maybe she was numb like the rest of us. I guess I should give
her the benefit of the doubt. 

We chatted for a awhile and then she said she had to go. I told her I loved her like
usual but the call just ended with no reply from her. It was about then that someone
said David had just come into the hotel so I told them to pull him aside downstairs.
The floors where we were at were already getting filled with paparazzi-scum and nosey
hotel guests and policemen. I got down to him via a service elevator and was able to
pull him into one of he hotel conference rooms. David was like:

"What the fuck is going on?" And I was just..

"Luke's dead." 

That's all I could say, I mean what else could I say?

"What!!!?" he asked. And I just shook my head. "He's dead. We think its a suicide but
they wouldn't let us in the fucking room so we don't know shit right now."

I dunno I guess he was in shock too. We just sat down and David curled up his legs
under him like he does sometimes in a chair and just did his rocking thing holding
his little blue rag. I think we must have just sat there for an hour. Finally someone
came in and said they were moving him. So we stood around in the lobby like everyone
else and watched them roll him into an ambulance and take him away.

I dunno how they did that shit but that very afternoon, the Amsterdam papers all
carried the story: "Luke Rothenberg, drummer, Tom o' Bedlam, Dead at Age 26"

For me the rest of day was a blur. The rest of the tour was cancelled of course, we
checked out and flew home to Los Angeles.  When we got here there was a bunch of fans
that greeted us in the baggage area. That was very touching. I am sure that Luke
would have gotten a real kick out of that!   He was such a ham with the fans,
definitely one our best ambassadors...and for all you guys and girls that were there
that Friday night concert on September 20, 2002, you saw one of the greatest drummers
fucking ever!!!!

September 21, 2002. Its a day I will never forget.  

Some days the life a rockstar is a dream...and somedays its a nightmare.

concertpianist says:   22 March 2007   938377  
Nice story.
Pye_Luva says :   28 March 2007   725222  
WOW thats interesting...

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