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Sunday, 11 March 2007
02:20:34 PM (GMT)
Name Translation: "歩 bu" - step "鈴 líng" - bell, "黄 Huang"-
Name Pronunciation: 
Japanese Name: Purin Fon 
Japanese name Pronunciation: Pu-reen Fon 
Alias: Mew Pudding (ミュウ・プリン Myuu
Signature Color: Yellow 
Age: 8-9 as she ages during the series (14 in Mew Mew Power) 
Birthday: August 7 
Grade: 3rd grade by American standards, 3rd year of elementary school by Japanese
standards (8th in Mew Mew Power) 
Zodiac Sign: Leo 
Hair Color: Blonde, yellow in Mew form 
Eye Color: Dark brown, same color in Mew form 
Height: 4 feet 6 inches 
Weight: 71 pounds 
BMI: 17.8 
Likes: Playing 
Favorite Food: pudding, chou a la creme 
Least Favorite Food: Rakkyu, a Japanese food pickled in light vinegar 
Blood Type: O 
Mew Mark: Two monkey tails on her forehead that form a heart, similar to Ichigo's
mark, colored yellow (pink in the anime) 
Transformation saying: "Mew Mew Pudding Metamorphosis!" in Tokyo Mew Mew, "Power
Pendant, Activate!" in the "premiere" episode of Mew Mew Power ("Power Pendant,
Mewtamorphosis!" in a later episode), "Mew Paddy, metamorfosi!" (Mew Paddy,
metamorphosis!) in Mew Mew: Amiche Vincenti
Animal: Golden Lion Tamarin (Called "Lion Tamarin Monkey" in Mew Mew Power) 
Love interest: Pudding considers the alien Tart as a 'buddy' and is determined to
establish a friendship with him. It is assumed that Tart likes her as well, though
he'll deny it. Several times in the manga and anime, Tart turns bright red when
Pudding hugs him and calls him her friend. 
In one episode, Pudding and Tart are trapped underground, when Tart realizes that
Pudding is running out of air, and will die if he doesn't do anything, he hastily
teleports her above ground. When Pudding regains consciousness, she tacklehugs Tart,
going on about how he saved her, and how he's a good guy. He turns bright red again,
pushes her away, and claims that he only saved her life because he hasn't made her
cry yet.

hope you got informed or something

CuteDream says:   11 March 2007   578189  
cool!!!!! i like this pudding is really adorable!!!!!! i love
tokyo_mew_mew says:   11 March 2007   435724  
cool i'm glad you do
mewmewichigo says :   16 July 2007   544747  


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