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The note no one wantsCategory: Love
Sunday, 4 February 2007
01:58:44 PM (GMT)
This is a ntoe i wrote that Im going to give to my girlfriend, Its a break up note.
Tell me what you think of it please...

Hey. I've got alot to say so i guess this will be pretty long. I'll start by saying i
love you, but rihgt now all the perfect words seem so wrong. In the beginning it was
perfect. Now we barely talk, hug or hold hands. I really dont feel the way i used to
and i think its time we go our seperate ways.  Its really hard for me to write this
right now becasue i cant imagine not being your frined. I really hope this wont
change much between us. Its like I've spent a lifetime with you. Ive seen you lauhg
and ive seen you smile. I know your fears and you know mine. Ive had my doubts and
cant wait anylonger. I love you and i swear tahts true But its just not ganna work
out. Ive given it all and dont want to give up. Ive waited too long and nothing
changed. Im sorry. As hard as it is for me to do this we cant be togetheranymore. IM
not ganna say 'lets just be friends' becasue thats basiclly puching you off a cliff
and hoping it doesnt hurt. But i really do hope this wont change our frinedship.

Yous forever friend


BlueBlondeBabes says:   4 February 2007   285259  
Aw Thats Really Gunna Hurt Her ... And Just An Option But When My
Boyfriend Said I Love You When We Broke Up Thats What Hurt The Most So
I Think You Should Cut That Out..
Leon says:   4 February 2007   419433  
okay thanks i will!!!!
Stephanie says:   4 February 2007   767963  
Hey, hun. I think its good, and I agree with blueboldebabe. what hurt
me the most when my boyfriend broke up with me was that he wanted to
give me a hug. I ahted that. It was sickening to me. So don't do that
Leon says:   4 February 2007   364822  
IM definatly not ganan hug her...ugh that was the problem we never
hugged. UGH! okay im over it anyways I'll remeber that!
KatyKins13 says:   4 February 2007   474614  
ya i agree dont say i luv ua dn ano hugging. adn dotn give her a
leter say it in person it hurts somebody hard that they didnt say it
in person so jsut say it is person kk
Leon says:   4 February 2007   474816  
Thats just it I CANT say it in person, It will hurt ME too much....I
just couldnt.
mecathepuppymaltese says:   4 February 2007   358524  
when my BF brok up wit me i waz so sad so take out the part when u
say i love u! ok
Raeshelle says:   4 February 2007   712848  
It's a really harsh way...
I hope you two can still be good friends. You seem like a sweet boy.
Savannah says:   4 February 2007   363566  
hurt who??
vampire_bloody says:   4 February 2007   516273  
awwww.... i feel really sorry can u be my penpal?
Leon says:   4 February 2007   423168  
yes I'll be your penpa; vampire_bloody mail me, and thanks raeshelle
and mecathepupymaltese...your a guy and your bf broke up with
you...0.o ANYHOODLES thanks guys!
loveislife8692 says:   4 February 2007   751775  
i know it was probably really hard for you to tell her that, but its
the right thing to do and the way you said it is perfect. i know how
those breakup letters are and this one is the best ive ever heard.
BLEACHBLONDETRAMP says:   5 February 2007   845119  
omg.. i woulda loved my ex to say all that to me but he just
dident... he jus said.. its over. like i just kinda did to my newest
ex..... omg ima bad peepole.... omg..* runz and cries*
brokenhearts says:   5 February 2007   285873  
c that is wat a guys sould really say to a girl wen they break  up
not tell the girl that she is a slut and its over i have had that said
to me all the time but that is guys stupid guys that all they want to
do is get in ya pants and if you tell them no they beak up with u your
a really sweet guy
Leon says:   5 February 2007   287963  
Its okay bleachblondetramp, its just that me and my gf have been
together for a pretty long time 9I gave it to her) and she understood.
I couldnt satnd it if i had said 'its over' then walked away.
desire90 says:   5 February 2007   655432  
ur cute
first of all its so good ur writng a note NOT txting her
that would hurt
second- if you cant tell her in person i think you should 
SO stay with her while she reads it Dont run off like a lil bitch!
so you can hear what she has to say bot it she prob fells da same way
and third- can i be ur penpal!!
Leon says:   6 February 2007   748928  
ya I'll be your penpal just mail me, and thanks but im afraid if I
stay there I'll get slapped (AHHHHHH!)
secsegirl says:   6 February 2007   698112  
pretty good but uh you might wanna do a spell check if you type it.
Leon says:   6 February 2007   189578  
Y would i type  her the note?
jenala22 says:   19 February 2007   363382  
wow that was beautifully amazing even though it's kinda harsh but
it's guys like you we need the most i mean most guys are real big
pains but u are one sweet guy and i think every  girl can say hell yea
to dat ma friend
jenala22 sings:   19 February 2007   399845  
also wanna be my pen pal
azngurl says:   19 February 2007   174874  
kool place here u got????? AM I SUPPOSE TO SAY DAT
azngurl says:   19 February 2007   684341  
choirgeek__1234 says:   25 May 2007   999965  
i guess i cant really comment since no guys ever liked me in my life
but its sweet
abdoulaye says:   31 May 2007   564334  
abdoulaye says:   31 May 2007   251182  
abdoulaye says:   31 May 2007   244768  
XxIwanttobeavampirexX says :   22 January 2008   482182  
Wow. this is really similar to the way my boyfriend broke up with me.
dont say we barely talk or hold hands or anything. that will make her
worse and more then likely guilty. uh,...I agree with every one that
said take
the, "I love you" part out. it will make her confused. and she will
ask questions
if she is confused.

I hope all goes well!

--Ellie the blue fruity pebble


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