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Sunday, 21 January 2007
08:57:30 PM (GMT)
Issue #1        
This is my mag that you on kupika can read weekly, if for some reason it is not out
in a week don't worry it'll be out a.s.a.p!!

So on with the mag..........................................

 Match maker is a page where you can meet your

 All you have to do is write me a MESSAGE and fill in the
name-              (kupika name)
alittle about yourself-
what you want you match to be like ( you can say like whether you want them to play
netball or football or they can like anything as long as they like me.

i will have all the ppl wanting ssomeone posted

oh and by the way you pick who you want i don't pick them for you 

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll

2ca2 12 usa i like anime, im good at singing and drawing that last one
Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll
my kupika name is oreo_channy im 11 (soon to be 12) i like music singing and dancing
My name is Nicole My kupika name is Rayanica I am eleven. I like to pretend that I am older.I use to follow what my brother does. I want a guy who is a sensiteve , cheery and isen't afread to hold hands with a girl.
im ashley im 15!!!!
angel_puzz 9 nerly 10 Austalia,Vic i like cats i can sing and i make up songs all the time and i love to dance.
mysis 11 tennesse,lebanon,usa i like to have some1 around but not all the time.i like to do artsie projects i would like to have a bf or ppl that would like me 4 who i am.
my name is little_miss_cutie I'm 14 a like to chat and i'm online quite a bit, I love aninmals I want some one fun to talk to funny and exciting
i am RACHELLE,11 usa i like horses and soccer...i want guy that is afraid to tell me things when somethin is worng and a caring guy that doesnt care about sex
ok i'ma guy my name is nick user name rockerdude55 country canada age 13 i'm a guy that likes to hang out with buds and i wanna skate baord chick oh yeah i'm sweet and funny and yeah
my real name is thea my kupika name is coolchic77 im almost/turning 12 i live in the philippines im a gurl well kind of rebel and brainy and classy at the same time but im just your simple girl next door and i want a trustworthy guy and someone to lean on when your in hurt
well Yo I'm looking for a bf aged 11-12 cuz I'm 11:P and I want him to be nice,sweet,honest,caring, I want him to be active, like skater I guess.:P and I promise you love all the way, along with honesty, I wont talk back, I'll be on your side all the way. check my profile for whoevers interested.
im katie my kupika name is klarsen50588 im 15 USA im emo i luv emo, skater, punk kinda guys
kupika name: sweetangelgal Real name: Adrianna age: 14 Country: Egypt About me: Random, crazy, insane, active, hyper. My match: I want a friend, not a bf. A girl penpal friend, preferably one who is random and crazy!!
overstreetkid wat up. wat i look n a guy is gaster. like to hang out with me and friends and family. like to party a lot
DONT EXPECT ME TO PICK WHO YOU GO WITH YOU PICK SOMEONE YOU LIKE I WILL SUGGEST BUT NOT PICK THE MATCHES! MUSIC ________________________ Here are some music videos for you to watch PCD P!NK KELLY CLARKSON RICKI-LEE THE YOUNG DIVAS COMPS I am having a contest for the best oekaki all you have to do is send me a message or a comment saying the name of your oekaki and I’ll do the rest!! The winner will receive a blue spiral lolliepop! Real kool stuff here is some kool/funny stuff for you to watch ENJOY!! Sports _________________ Soccer= soccer is a sport where you don’t have as much contact as in football (the Australian football) you also don’t use your hands unless you’re the goal keeper. I play soccer and know many of people that also play soccer I play in a girls league and play against boys, as I know some girls that play in the mixed leagues and play against boys. (I may be doing that this season) Netball= netball is kind of like basket ball but if you have the ball you can’t move or something like that. I don’t play netball and I’m not a big fan of it I think it’s abit girlie for me.(but I am not a tomboy I just don’t really like netball) but I have friends who play netball and I am still their friends cos every1 is different. Attention Here is where I will post adds like if you want your kupipage to be noticed of if you want some friends or anything just contact me and I’ll post it!! Written by jaynegirl on the 22nd of jan. Hey all soccer fans go to http://kupika.com/sporty_gal92/SoccerInsiders or http://kupika.com/sporty_gal92/SoccerInsiders2 both created by sporty_gal92 HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THE 1ST ISSUE OF KUPIKA UPDATED AND I HOPE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO IT!! C YA NEXT TIME!!

babygirl7795 says:   22 January 2007   272831  
i want just a bff cuz i hav a b-f they hav 2 tlk alot 2 me but not a
hole lt
Danielle10 says :   28 April 2007   832884  


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