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love hurts alotCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 December 2006
01:47:45 PM (GMT)
Forget his name
Forget his face
Forget his kiss
His warm embrace
Forget the love you once knew
Remember he has someone new
Forget him when they played your song
Remember when you cried all night long
Forget how close you once were
Remember he has chosen her
Forget how you memorized his walk
Forget the way he use to talk
Forget the things he used to say
Remember he has gone away
Forget his laugh forget his grin
Forget the dimlpes on his chin
Forget the way he held you tight
Remember he's with her tonight
Forget the time that went so fast
Forget the love that moved , it past
Forget he said he'd leave you never
Remember he's gone forever

katgirl123 says:   22 December 2006   469839  
thats so butiful!
Winry22 says:   22 December 2006   811821  
love does hurt
KaThRyN2o2 says:   22 December 2006   232293  
yeah love sucks until u find the right guy
MrHello says:   22 December 2006   126817  
I love it
CherryBlossom says:   22 December 2006   438782  
AWWW do not be sad,my friend!=) things happen
CrazieBoo says:   22 December 2006   638956  
that was awesome gurl!! so pretty!
oh and i love the icons on ur page the yare deff true!
babygirl323 says:   23 December 2006   921697  
Imurteadybear says:   23 December 2006   119634  
I found my one ture love he says Im the only girl for him! Hes never
cheated on me and hill do n e think for me even stop his plans just to
chat or makeout with me!
Rock_on_Grim_6666 says:   23 December 2006   378913  
WELL SISTER..........
Cheerleader says:   23 December 2006   663629  
U talk about love alot how come do u love it LOL i do
kennchris says:   24 December 2006   871146  
kennchris says:   24 December 2006   166187  
nice poetry....
bellee10 says:   24 December 2006   728517  
Love is powerful. Though also dangerous your loved ones will get hurt
or die sooner or later and your heart either does not sew together
again or it is sewed the wrong way. These were in the book the tale of
Kiko_Kitty says:   24 December 2006   251889  
I agree with bellee10.
Snugglepants10 says:   24 December 2006   969151  
sweetangelgal says:   24 December 2006   875961  
Love sucks. It's a beautiful poem.
Snugglepants10 says:   24 December 2006   958738  
U can say that again!!!
coolguy222 says:   27 December 2006   684357  
that is a very good poem love hurts sometimes but u have to move
along like my bro says there are other fish in the sea but u suddenly
stop movin and drift away with your sadness when all u need to is get
your groove back that was beautiful BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO ENCORE ENCORE
*sniff sniff* just move on and get your groove back
drandy says:   30 December 2006   921891  
love hurts!!!! *sniff*   that happened to me!!!  *snifff*
superhotty says:   30 December 2006   383857  
me too i told him he can tack my heart with him and his girl friend
he cheeted on me with!!!
buttongal cries:   31 December 2006   391546  
that poem is strong
PunkGirl123 says:   2 January 2007   728783  
i luv your poem but it reminds me when my heart got broken by my bf
he cheated on me with my mom!
kutiepieme123 says:   3 January 2007   519447  
lovesucks my perfect man loved me and then i caught him kissing
another girl
kittykittenmeo says:   3 January 2007   961665  
did that happen to u
gabriellaheartsroses2 says:   6 January 2007   237961  
This poem is so, it's very touching and true. Very
inspiring words, Jenny.
meme9104 says:   6 January 2007   465915  
did u write this. this is good.
strawberrycat_mew cries:   9 January 2007   769777  
wow thats really wonderful
Missy123za says:   20 January 2007   439859  
Wow pretty amazing
emogirl12 says :   21 January 2007   794147  
ive never felt love....wat is love?


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