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Thursday, 30 November 2006
05:42:24 PM (GMT)
Sitting in science class I thought this is the life. We were watching a video on
sperm whales we were supposed to be taking notes but most of us were asleep. Ms.
Heyden with her terrible eyesight couldn't see a thing. Trust me though we liked it
that way. Sometimes it was hilarious the mistakes she made the other day she started
petting Hailey and saying aww kitty kitty how soft you are. As I sat wondering what
on earth makes sperm whales different than other whales  I felt it. A shiver went
through my body it was as though someone had dumped frigid water on me. I looked
around to see if a window had been opened after all it was a cloudy, rainy and cold
day, and if a window had been opened it would have made sense that I was shivering.
However that was not the case. The firwest thought that popped into my mind was
ghost. How weird you are probably thinking. If this happened to me I'd just ingore
it. Now normally I am a pretty sensible girl myself 2+2 will always equal 2 and a
square will always have four sides. Ghosts don't fit into the little box of
regularity and normality that everyone categorizes their lives by. But, I had been
turned on. There were these girls in my class named Therease and Caroline, Thereasa
was the ring leader of the two. She was considered the girl to stay away from, she
still sucked her thumb and was trying to prove an insane theory that rectangles have
six sides or some such nonsense. Caroline read alot and was quiet no body really
talked to her so I guess she was kind of floating in space. It was this dynamic duo
that about a week before had mad a claim that the math room was haunted, that they
spoke to the ghost.

cutiepie_3164 shouts:   3 December 2006   321111  
That is awsome
cutiepie_3164 sings:   27 December 2006   949432  
oliviaann says :   3 January 2007   915197  
lol thanks cutiepie u have real active vocal cords


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