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NAHHHHHCategory: (general)
Monday, 18 March 2013
05:44:37 PM (GMT)
he said 
I'm sorry for what i did i feel like a complete ass for what i said and i dont know
if its the 96 hours of no sleep and non-stop working and rage against myself because
now i see it from your point of view from everyone wanting us to break up im sorry
i-i-i dont know why i did it but if you can ever forgive me please just call me back
idk if my life can be fixed now because you where the best thing in it an now i have
nothing but work and thats not the best thing right now im sorry i cant realy say
anything that you can believe if you even believe me now so i guess ill go"

i don't think so. you the one who left me.

Avril Lavigne, i love you<<<< the songCategory: (general)
Monday, 28 January 2013
07:09:26 PM (GMT)
"I Love You" La la La la la la La la La la la I like your smile I like your vibe I like your style But that's not why I love you And I, I like the way
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ughhhCategory: school colliding with my family
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
07:21:45 PM (GMT)
my family doesn't trust me.. it's not like i am a bad kid.
imma virgin. don't smoke, don't drink... no tattoo's  and yet they think i'm a bad
they think i cut school
>.< ughhh

GratitudeCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 October 2012
07:51:38 PM (GMT)
Give thanks for what you have today and for what is to come. Reach out in gratitude to an organization that resonates with you. Abundance is influenced by your grateful thoughts. Thank you are two words you should use frequently. Inspire those you meet, through your actions, words and deeds, to live in gratitude. Thoughts are things: think gratitude and you’ll attract more of what you’re grateful for.
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Chris DrewCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
04:33:54 PM (GMT)
roses are red,
violets are blue,
christopher drew...,
i love you

FUCK "Y.O.L.O"Category: (general)
Monday, 20 August 2012
12:29:35 AM (GMT)
hearing my father tell me he loves me...
hearing my grandomther's laugh<3 
seeing my brother have fun. seeing my baby cousin some to me when he gets hurt and
he says "Mana kiss my booboo pwease"
seeing my aunt happy when i take care of my baby cousin ^
uhm seeing my family together. 
and having my friends around me.
i know those arn't phrases, but that is what i cherish most. 
what about you?

Weird conversationCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
09:25:21 PM (GMT)
A boy i just met told me, "Hey, Amanda! I think you should peirce your tounge, it would suit you" ME: "Uhm, excuse me, but i don't know you.... why would you say that though" HIM: "Well, I've notice that you frequently stick your tounge out when you are joking around, ... or being a tease, or ... when things don't go your way .... or when you are telling a story. And these seem to happen frequently." ME: "Ermmm.... Excuse me, but how do you know about me at all?" HIM: "You know Kevin, Raffy, David or Alex.....? " ME: "Yea i do... uhmmm?.. oh." HIM: They told me about you.... They said that they would hook us up!" *Cheese smile* ME: "That's weird 'cuz I know them since I was small, but they know not to bother me
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