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I now remember.Category: I Rant
Saturday, 29 May 2010
08:55:02 PM (GMT)
I now remember why I left this site. I swear it's just a weird community if you can call it that, and it's been that way for a while. With people like Uroborus21 who will seem to be a smart and genuinely nice person one second, and then the next he's a totally illiterate creep posting comments on yet another girl's photo. I mean, just look at his friends list. TONS of people on there, and all of them most likely girls. Alot who are probably 13 or under. I don't know what it is about this website, but I can't stay on here longer than a few minutes without feeling weird/sick anymore. I seriously can't explain it. I dunno if it's grief at how this website used to be so great back in the day, and now it's just filled with people who most likely don't even know the site's creator.

No You Girls Never KnowCategory: Music/Playlist/Videos
Thursday, 28 May 2009
07:15:26 PM (GMT)
[By Franz Ferdinand.] "Oh, you know, you know, you know that yes I love I mean I'd love to get to know you But do you never wonder? No, no no No you girls never know Oh no, you girls will never know No you girls never know How you make a boy feel"
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1 New Profile Playlist Song!Category: Music/Playlist/Videos
Saturday, 9 May 2009
07:20:52 PM (GMT)
1. Rock n' Roll Mcdonalds by Wesley Willis

This song is hilariously horrible.
If you've seen the movie Supersize Me, you've heard it before.
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8 New Profile Playlist Songs!Category: Music/Playlist/Videos
Friday, 17 April 2009
10:42:39 PM (GMT)
1. Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi
2. The Final by Dir en Grey
3. Dozing Green by Dir en Grey [Not really new, moved up]
4. Repetition of Hatred by Dir en Grey
5. Mr. Newsman by Dir en Grey
6. Obscure by Dir en Grey
7. Cage by Dir en Grey [Not really new, moved up]
8. Yadnus [Still Going To The Roadhouse Mix] by !!!
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PiswasserCategory: Music/Playlist/Videos
Thursday, 9 April 2009
05:11:18 PM (GMT)
This is a hilarious commercial for an in-game beer company on Grand Theft Auto IV. Last night I think I shit the bed, Got so drunk I gave a dude head, Life is just a merciful blur, When you pop a Piswasser. Piswasser don't drink it slow, 3 AM, buy some blow, Sleep in the bathroom on the floor,
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HairCategory: Quiz
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
05:37:46 PM (GMT)
how often do you wear your hair in a ponytail?: All the time, babez. ;D do you like your hair up or down?: IDFK. Down? does your hair frizz easy?: Kinda. is your hair short or long?: Short now. D; I fucking want my bangs back. is your hair naturally curly?: I don't think so. do you like your hair in a bun?: Lawl.
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1 New Profile Playlist Song! [And a little ETC.]Category: Music/Playlist/Videos
Monday, 16 February 2009
07:40:25 PM (GMT)
7. Undead by Hollywood Undead

I got my bottom braces off today!
No braces anymore!

Don't forget about the retainers.
Last edited: 28 May 2009

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