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RANTRANTRANT.Category: (general)
Saturday, 17 April 2010
02:00:00 AM (GMT)
I'm seriously sick of all the PEDOS that roam Kupika >.< Like I had an old account like, 3 years ago. It was SOSOSO much easier to make friends, I mean, you could click on a competely random person you saw on FT, and they'd end up being someone cool. Nowadays if you do that, u might come across a profile where all it says is "I love to cyber, any gender. I have a (INSERT BODY PARTS HERE)... yeah so message me. ;D" Thats just plain GROSS. Seriously?!?! GET A LIFE. U wanna know why there's so many pervz on Kupika? Probably cause they too ugly to try to get a girl in public, or to stupid or something. Why else would you go on a ANONYMOUS (supposedly) site and then lie about yourself to get girls??? I dont see how cybering helps anyways. Got nothing better to do then to masturbate in front of a
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I'm Worth 680 Dollars! 8DDCategory: RaNdOmStUfF(:
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
07:26:02 PM (GMT)
HAIR COLOR: [] Blonde $5 [] Highlighted Blonde $40 [] Brunette $45 [x] Black $50 [] Reddish brown $30 [] Other $15 TOTAL SO FAR: $50 EYE COLOR:
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Last edited: 14 April 2010

IM SCARED OF 8 THINGS! (:Category: RaNdOmStUfF(:
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
06:24:58 PM (GMT)
I fear ... [] black people [] the dark [] staying single forever [x] being a parent [] being myself in front of others. [] open spaces [] closed spaces [] heights [] dogs [] birds [] fish
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Last edited: 13 April 2010

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