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READ ALL MY FRIENDSCategory: (general)
Thursday, 11 June 2009
03:24:45 PM (GMT)
Yeah I decided to go on my other account and be more active on lil_l....

Oh and the reason I couldn't talk to my other friends because my parents
don't want me to talk to strangers and all....But we can talk alittle at least :D

Quiz resultsCategory: Vocaloid quiz results
Monday, 8 June 2009
08:47:59 PM (GMT)
These are vocaloid quizes Quizilla Quizes you are a parody of vocaloid hatsune miku, started when people where having negative conversations on nico. you are seen usually on your character item, a phone, rather than singing. neru is 17. Here's the link
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Last edited: 9 June 2009

Do you have a World of Warcraft Account?Category: (general)
Friday, 5 June 2009
05:09:33 PM (GMT)
If you do,then tell me so maybe we could do quests together and such! My list of People: Alliance- Lumono a priest Night elf I'm planning on making a person/thing on the Horde team, but I don't know who to pick :[
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May StatusCategory: (general)
Sunday, 31 May 2009
05:07:52 PM (GMT)
Your Oekakis have been kidnapped 16 times. You are on the Friends List of 34 people. You have been blacklisted by 0 people. Only one person has subscribed to your publications. Come on! You have invited 1 person to Kupika.
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Daily Rant:How do you feel about Middle school relationships?Category: (general)
Sunday, 17 May 2009
07:11:37 PM (GMT)
Idea from Animeangels123 She drew this picture to go along with it ‹ApocalypticJAZMINE_™›"> Anyway what do you think about middle school relationships? I think that they are a waste of time! You should have relationship when your in highschool where it's actually more stable.I personally think that kids are trying to grow up way to fast.You gotta enjoy your kid life instead of thinking about guys/girls all day long! It's best that you wait...I think it's okay if you have a
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The search for Prince Takun-Nanami's charactersCategory: IlyaNanami's Characters
Friday, 1 May 2009
03:25:52 PM (GMT)
First off,Erika/Trainer_Hitomi and I are borrowing IlyNanami's characters to write a story in English class... Viktor walked around in the underworld's graveyard tagged along by him quiet,shy 6 year old sister,Luise. Viktor stacked some junk on top of eachother then at the top he put a foldable chair. " This is one wicked throne!" He said acting as though it was so great and admiring it. "Viktor,It's just a pile of junk...." Luise said in her small timid voice. Viktor sighed. "I know I know can't you at least-Nevermind" He said irritated by the fact Luise didn't see it the way he did and he rolled his eyes and began to climb to the top to sit in the chair.
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My Poem page for Fiji_123's contest ;]Category: Poem for Fiji_123's contest
Sunday, 15 March 2009
07:38:46 PM (GMT)
Nature! The river streamed through the quiet forest Where the animals played and slept The river dam was tidied with no mess There was a beautiful waterfall was where they met And the trees were very gorgous with it's flowers The trunk of the tree was very stable The animals got the fruit off the trees which they quickly devoured The animals would climb the trees which will be able To let them look at the sky So high was the sky for them but not for the winged ones
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Last edited: 11 June 2009

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