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newer game systems vs older onesCategory: (general)
Friday, 26 March 2010
04:12:41 PM (GMT)
Many of you don't get what im about to talk about. but that's okay, it gives you something to research when you are bored at school. Atari was THE game system to have back in the 80's. its 8 bit graphics were amazing at the time hypnotizing anyone with a controller. in my opinion it would have been i lovely time to be a child, growing up with the atari, staying up really late listening to the beeping sounds it emitted. sadly though the atari was on of many that suffered from the video game crash of 86 (*see below) after that atari retired from console making and starting just making games for other counsels such as the sega dream cast, the snes, and the fresh new playstion that was on its way in the 90's.
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Breed of kupikans by TontogravewolfCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 March 2010
08:00:00 PM (GMT)
Kupikans are native to the site of kupika.com a drawing/penpal/whatever site. like all men and wemon then NEED to be in clicks i disited to catrigorize these clicks some of which can become crossbreeds so do think your "unique" because none of these apply to you. because this is it, the real deal! these are the breeds of kupika! enjoy! The Artist wanting a place to share their art basically. the population has experienced a sharp
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Friday, 19 March 2010
11:37:34 PM (GMT)
Does anyone watch the angry video game nerd?

hes awesome ^.^

Tonto -STATS-Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 March 2010
07:39:38 PM (GMT)
Name- Tonto Eugine Gravewolf
Class- Neutral (but mostly good) 
Age- 500
Gender- Male
Powers- Able to kinetically connect, contact, talk, and control spiders, fly,
extremely flexible.

:U this is my voiceCategory: (general)
Sunday, 7 March 2010
05:03:05 PM (GMT)

Bet half of you DIDN'T know i was a girl! NEVER TRUST THE INTERNET!!!!
Last edited: 7 March 2010

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