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Friends from Forever ago.Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 October 2015
07:47:35 PM (GMT)
Please leave a comment or something so I can get in touch with you. I didn't realize
messages were deleted after 14 days. My apologies.

(untitled)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
12:11:59 AM (GMT)
hey guys and gals been awhile and ive been busy. id really like to talk to all my
friends and fans of my poetry :P so if you get a chance can you send me a message or
letter and if im not 2 busy ill get back to you till then. 

peopleCategory: (general)
Saturday, 3 January 2009
02:35:11 AM (GMT)
they lie when in trouble which always makes it double they eat when their mad which can make them sad they cry when their upset and when theirs things they dont get they hug when their relieved and when their believed
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poem for jelly123Category: poem
Tuesday, 5 August 2008
05:06:18 AM (GMT)
she lives so far but she feels so near when i think shes in my head i wanna be there with her i dont lie i wont cheat
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cell phon tricksCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 January 2008
06:44:39 PM (GMT)
> > > > > > > > > > > >
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zomgCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 January 2008
06:36:42 PM (GMT)
I wrote an awesome  poem and my teacher sent it in to this company and the put it in
a book. its awesome they spelt my name and my teachers name wrong.
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backmaskingCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
05:50:48 PM (GMT)
backmasking is a phenomana that results of subliminal message in sentances or songs

in the song "another one bites the dust"
when the title of the song is played backwards it turns out "its fun to smoke
marijuana" coincidence maybe but maybe not.

 go to you tube and type in a song by the beatles then add the word backmasking after
the title. a good example is revolution #9 many clear and unruly messages that seems
to be put in there on purpose because of the use of the word beatle.

if you want to hear more and aren';t creep out by this listen to marilyn manson back
masking which is said to have been put there on purpose (or so many believe)
Last edited: 5 January 2009

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