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why hast thou forsaken meCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 2 June 2015
12:50:39 PM (GMT)
so i've been SO busy with all this moving shit and now i'm homeless lmao i'm staying down south rn but hopefully it's only two weeks or something until we can actually move in to the new house and i'm kind of excited for that?? redecorating and chucking stuff out gives ME LIFE plus we went to see it on the journey down and it's not that bad tbh just very 80s and it has 500% too much pine idk right now it's a weird sort of lull like i was so busy with the deli and moving and seeing everyone before i left but there is bugger all to do down here and in a fortnight it'll be all GO GO GO and that thought is kind of stressful tbh
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huuueehhCategory: (general)
Monday, 18 May 2015
04:09:55 PM (GMT)
so i have 9 days until moving and as i haven't been well today i have done nothing & i'm working full time for 3 days and part time for 2 meaning i only have about 5 actual days left it still hasn't sunk in that i'm going yet and i still have a fuckload of packing to do and i want to see everyone before i go and wow i don't know how i would have coped with the stress of staying if this is the easier option having said that i am glad that i'm leaving to a certain extent because of everything i don't have to worry about immediately like the whole flat/job thing and all the bills and i'm looking forward to settling into the lakes
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so uh yeah about thatCategory: (general)
Friday, 15 May 2015
01:47:31 PM (GMT)
so after all that i am not staying here over the summer i mean i'm glad i got the job hunting thing down now i've applied for nearly 30 things and i've done interviews and application forms and i've even got a temporary part time job out of it but it was so much stress working the flat thing out and i didn't want to do the job at the shortbread factory which was pretty much the only thing able to pay my way [[also avoided working with LBG there which is another plus]] and it's really hard thinking i'm going to have to move, especially since my friend
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SO FUCKING CLOSECategory: (general)
Monday, 11 May 2015
09:49:47 AM (GMT)
ok so this morning i got a call from the shortbread factory asking me if i could go down and see them at 2 which i was totally buzzing about because i'm finally getting somewhere with a full time job in the place i want to be & after a lot of packing and thunder this morning i went down and [even though i got lost finding the right door i was supposed to go in] i sat down and talked to the guy and it was really just explaining the job a bit more and stuff and he wants me to start on monday and this is great because i will finally have the money for the flat and a lot to
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L B G :ECategory: (general)
Sunday, 10 May 2015
01:56:03 PM (GMT)
ok so this morning i got an short notice interview of about 10 minutes and there found out the job was part time (ew) so not right for me but the people were really nice and as it was raining so much they let me stay until i was to go for my shift at the deli which was great and we talked about alcohol and drugs and dancing old ladies with dogs and they were really rad so i'm kind of sad it wasn't full time but they told me about a few other full time jobs i wasn't aware of which was fab and then when i'm leaving the shop this fucking bitch LBG andrew comes waltzing in as his interview was next like ok i was civil and i said good luck and stuff i didn't hang around to talk to him [[DISLIKE]]
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ok maybe i overreacted slightlyCategory: (general)
Thursday, 7 May 2015
09:30:59 AM (GMT)
so after my mini breakdown and lots of calming down and writing lists i felt slightly better i met up with my friend yesterday and out of the blue she was all 'lmao i'm going to go to the shortbread factory and ask for a job' so we went to the offices and it turns out they were hiring but hadn't put out the job advertisements yet [which is why i hadn't seen anything about that in the many hours i have spent wading through s1jobs and indeed and gumtree] and from other people who worked there it seems like a pretty good pay and it's full time like 40 hours a week which means more £££ so it's like almost 3 times my rent
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shit shit ughCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 6 May 2015
05:41:33 AM (GMT)
so right why does everything suck so much like seriously for the past month i've been trying my best to find a job and a flat here so i can stay over the summer because i'm a little bitch and i can't let go of the past and i've found the perfect job and the perfect flat in the PERFECT AREA but noooo the job is only part time and won't cover my accommodation so i have to either get another part time job here [which is really hard considering nobody is hiring and those who are don't check their fucking email] or get a full time job elsewhere and a flat elsewhere but AGAIN nobody replies to anything and i'm left with everything up in the air and all i can do is sit and wait for a phone call or an
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