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Would you....Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 December 2008
03:49:06 PM (GMT)
Would you kiss me? [] In an instant [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] Already did Am I attractive? [] Yes, very [] Yes [] No [] No way
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Sweetest things a guy can do for his girlCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 29 July 2008
07:14:08 PM (GMT)
1 will hold your hand
2 when a guy gives u his hat to wear
3 kiss you in the pouring rain
4 tell u look beautiful even when u have bed hair
5 listens
6 comes up behind u and wraps his arms around you
7 will stay on the phone even when no one is saying anything
thats all i can think of but ill put somemore later on

"Not Paradise Without You"-another poem by meCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
03:00:37 PM (GMT)
Hearing the salty oceans waves crashing into the shore, Letting the soft sand go between your toes, Wearing the bathing suit, youve been dying to wear all winter, Feeling the hot sun rays against your soon to be tan skin, This all may sound like paradise, but its not without you, I cant enjoy the waves crashing up against me, Without you there to catch me when i stumble, Seeing your adorable smile when our eyes meet, The sunny beach days can never be paradise without you by my side, Holding your hand and walking down the beach, When the sun is setting and the sharks are about, Dont worry im not askin you to save my life,
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"Nights"-a poem i wroteCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
02:59:29 PM (GMT)
Your heart is beating faster than a horse race, You at the gate waiting to be set free, When no one is looking and everyone is asleep, You creep out the backdoor quiet as a mouse, You pull your hoodie tighter feeling the warmth, The air is crisp and the night is dark, Not a soul is stirring because most are fast asleep in their beds, You open the side gate of your house and close it genttly as possible, Now moving onto the lonely streets, Where only street lighs are your source of light, You look back at the place called home, Making sure all the lights are out,
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