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My school familyCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 18 May 2010
06:34:07 PM (GMT)
Mom: Origilma (7ie)
Dad: Unknown
Wifey: Briana (7ie)

Vampire Knight BF quizCategory: (general)
Thursday, 18 February 2010
06:23:59 AM (GMT)
Who's your Vampire Knight Boyfriend?
A Guardian and a vampire. Zero can be very aggressive and mean. But it's only because
he's had it rough, and still having it rough! He's very protective of those he cares
about and would do anything for them. He despises vampires and tends to focus his
hatred towards them…Since he is part of a vampire hunter family…But with Zero as
your VK boyfriend, he'll protect you no matter what. You just have to get past his
walls and love him for who he is. Help him understand that he's not all alone… 

Yay! If i would have gotten kaname.. i would have died... he's a creepy man..
Last edited: 18 February 2010

Ugh...Category: rant...
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
06:09:55 PM (GMT)
8th grade... drama drama drama. 
Everyone says 8th grade is the best year. I think otherwise. My friend, or EX-friend,
ignores me. I know why she does and i know it's all my fault and all that other crap.
But what i hate about her is if i make one remark to her she goes on about it for
days, arguing that she's right. She's so stuck up like that. i just asked her a
little bit ago why she does this. she called me a jealous bitch. does that make sense
to anyone, because it sure doesnt make any sense to me... She just loves to insult
me, i didn't menton that. Even when i was supposedly her best friend, she would
constantly insult me and I put up with it. When i finally stood my ground and
insulted her back, she got pissed. That's how we came to not being friends. It just
pisses me off that she throws a fit if things don't go her way.
sorry for anyone who reads this.... i REALLY needed to get that out.
Last edited: 19 January 2010

Christmas storyCategory: story i wrote
Thursday, 24 December 2009
06:32:02 PM (GMT)
BOLD: Dreika Italic: Thomas Regular: Narrator In Taiwakita, no one believes in Christmas! All the little boys and girls have to do chores on Christmas, isn't that cruel?? Well, one year, a little girl named Dreika knew this wasn't what this day was intended for! So Dreika saved up enough money and took a flight to America. When she got there on December 25th, Christmas, It was snowing! All the decorations were up, and everyone was spreading holiday cheer. Dreika didn't know what to think of this, since she has never really experienced christmas. She was all alone in front of the airport when a little boy named Thomas came up to her. "Merry Christmas!" "What?" "Merry christmas... you
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Last edited: 25 December 2009

Can'tCategory: songs i wrote
Thursday, 26 November 2009
03:32:52 AM (GMT)
[Spoken] Me: I can't do this DJ: Yes you can Me: I can't sing this DJ: I'll make you. 1, 2, 3 GO! [Sung] I can't say sorry for what I said, what I did I did it for a reason, and here it is, you need to hear it CHORUS You insulted me when we were younger
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Last edited: 27 November 2009

ProudCategory: songs i wrote
Thursday, 29 October 2009
05:02:42 PM (GMT)
I never thought it would come to this.... I thought it might be over soon. But you won't accept the fact that I, was, right. I guess now that you fell in love you'll forget about me and who I was, before this year.... CHORUS: And now I have new friends And pretty much ignore you You probably don't care but it sure helps me, alot This is my plan, to get in my own place in this Now that I'm, away from you.....
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Last edited: 27 November 2009

I'm sorryCategory: song i wrote
Sunday, 4 October 2009
04:44:49 AM (GMT)
I'm so sorry for making fun of you I didn't know how much you've been through But I cant go back and change time I guess this is my last lifeline CHORUS: And to write this little song Spills it all out, for me I wish I could show you, how much i'm sor-ry But you won't listen You won't accept my........ Apologies.
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Last edited: 4 October 2009

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